Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362 - Disturbing a Dream of Ten Thousand Generations

“I’m seeing fucking ghosts[1]!” At this moment, even Sacred Academy’s Daoist Qi Gu who was usually quiet couldn’t help but cry out.

“No, it’s actually seeing immortals!” Fatty Cao Yusheng corrected.

In the distance, rocks collapsed the clouds. One could see figures rising up one after another, giant without end, blood energy piercing through the sun and moon. That type of power was too frightening.

Even though they were far away, right now, they could still feel immortal dao weapons reviving one after another, intimidating one’s souls. One had to understand that it was hard to find many of these things in the present world!

However, now, four or five of them emerged at once. The power was overflowing, as if stellar streams burst through the dam, roaring over with unstoppable power!

Immortal graves were opened, immortal corpses rushing into the heavens. This type of irregular scene had never been seen before!

What kind of place was this? Why did they have to obey the skeleton woman’s orders? It was definitely the zither that was summoning them, calling them over to kill the enemies.

Together with the six figures whose heads touched the heavens, towering into the heavenly dome, shaking the great earth with every step, the situation was even more horrifying.

Six undying creatures, they were getting closer and closer, about to take action!

There were immortal corpses in the distance, undying corpses up close, how were they even supposed to fight back? This was completely a path of death with not the slightest chance of victory.

“We’re leaving!”

The best choice was to run. If they really were to fight here to the end, they would undoubtedly die, there wouldn’t be any other result.

Great Elder used the corpse wrapping cloth, surrounding everyone within, and then opened up a spatial passage, directly leaving this place.

The foreign side also moved. Even though they were aggressive, they still wouldn’t throw away their lives for no reason. In this type of situation of inevitable death, they decisively used the Immortal Smelting Pot to open up a path of escape.


Crazy winds roared, carrying a blood color. There was black-colored lightning that swept about. The scenery of this heaven and earth immediately became extremely strange and terrifying, interfering with the two weapons.

In the surroundings, waves of ancient symbols surged, immortal light pervading the air. An ancient great formation was reviving, cutting off their path of escape.

“Not good, there is no way to move through the void. We have been locked onto, this place is too strange!” An elder on the other side released a low roar.

“Try again!” Someone roared. At the crucial juncture, they had to stake it all, or else everyone would die here.

“In this world, the Immortal Smelting Pot is restricted, needing to resist the will of heaven and earth.” One of them said with an ugly expression. The Immortal Smelting Pot was an unmatched magical artifact, able to even suppress and kill immortals, yet when it entered this world, it had to constantly deal with the effects of this world.

On the other side, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was even more nervous than them. He was similarly obstructed. This great formation couldn’t directly harm them, but it still interfered with their path of retreat.

This world, this void, there were extremely complicated diagrams that were previously engraved on it. These diagrams remained inextinguishable throughout endless generations, displaying the greatest use.


The void released an exploding sound. A large claw, descended, covering the world, the claw covered in green scales. This was a foreign undying’s corpse, its body massive, able to tear down the sun and moon.

At this time, it directly smashed down on the people from both sides, wishing to kill all of them.

“You are a predecessor of my world, how could you do this?” An elder from the other side roared out, eyes completely widened, shocked and angered to the extreme.


The Immortal Smelting Pot shone, stopping this strike. However, it was also shaking.


Another giant beast opened up its bloody mouth, shattering the heavenly dome with a bite. It was going to swallow up all of them.

The sword core in Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s hands shone, releasing a streak of sharp radiance, hacking outwards. Moreover, the corpse wrapping cloth shone, producing a brilliant screen of light to resist this strike.

The situation was dire. The corpses of undying beings rushed over, attacking with their terrifying bodies, wishing to wipe them out. Meanwhile, in the distance, the immortal corpses quickly arrived as well. They turned into divine streaks of multicolored light, blasting apart heaven and earth, nothing able to stop them.

The zither sounds rang out, still sounding, summoning and controlling these corpses.

“Suppress it!”

Those from the other side roared out. The battle instincts of aggressive species were all powerful, instantly changing their minds. They no longer tried to run, instead attacking that the zither playing snow-white skeleton.

As long as they could subdue her, the danger would also end.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng also had similar thoughts. He was even more direct, rushing forward murderously, wishing to pass over the sparkling skeleton and leave through this place.

Both sides took action at the same time, attacking the woman. In the end, they were stopped by the Phoenix Parasol Immortal Guqin, and that giant phoenix corpse also spread its wings, diving over.

This was a bit horrifying. They could already vaguely see that even the undying phoenix cared a lot about the snow-white skeleton, protecting her.

“Stake it all! Even if we suffer great losses, we still have to slaughter our way over. Have the Immortal Smelting Pot completely revive!” The foreign side’s people roared.


At this moment, a group of elders from the other side activated the pot with full strength, their mouths chanting incantations that sounded like a type of prayer, even more so like some type of sacrificial ceremony.

The Immortal Smelting Pot shone, undying energy rushing into the heavens, as if a foreign ancient ancestor was reviving. A pair of eyes opened in the primal chaos, releasing incomparable killing intent.

“Kill immortal!”

In a daze, these two ancient words sounded, representing the Immortal Smelting Pot’s original meaning. The reason it was brought into this world was precisely to destroy all immortals.

Heaven and earth split apart, not even the great formations here able to stop this. The Immortal Smelting Pot erupted with extreme power, and the will of heaven and earth seemed to have been temporarily been overcome.

They could vaguely hear the chanting of countless foreign creatures, the accumulation of who knew how many generations, the worship of countless clans’ most powerful creatures.

The world exploded, chaotic energy surging.

Up ahead, the zither music was severed, because this type of power was too shocking. If the Immortal Smelting Pot truly revived, then the power would be incomparable.

Only, this type of price was too great, even a few people below the Immortal Smelting Pot immediately coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, to the extent where there were young kings that exploded on the spot, unable to hold on under these fluctuations.

It wasn’t the Immortal Smelting Pot wreaking havoc, attacking indiscriminately, but rather that this weapon wasn’t prepared for them. It belonged to the few most powerful ancient existences of the other side.

For those creatures, these fluctuations naturally weren’t much.


The zither music was stopped, the snow-white skeleton becoming perplexed, as if it lost its soul. Its head leaned to the side, as if trying hard to think about something.

A bird cry sounded. That phoenix corpse dove down, staking it all against the Immortal Smelting Pot.

In the distance, the only living creature, that Fallen Blood Phoenix that had yet to mature screamed endlessly, as if it was communicating with the snow-white skeleton.

“This is our opportunity! This skeleton doesn’t even have a soul flame inside of it, yet it is still thinking, really is fucking strange! Attack!” The foreign people roared.

At the same time, Great Elder also used all of his strength, rushing over. They had to escape from this place.

It was because there were six undying corpses right behind them, attacking again. Meanwhile, the immortal corpses also arrived, simply about to erase the world!


The mature phoenix corpse’s eyes flickered with scarlet light, carrying heaven overflowing flames, clashing head-on with the Immortal Smelting Pot. A great clash erupted. Even though it was previously unmatched in the world, it was still dead now. At this moment, its plume feathers withered, flying out in reverse.


The foreign creatures roared out, doing everything they could to activate the Immortal Smelting Pot. Even when the fluctuations made their bodies crack apart, mouths cough out blood, they still didn’t want to stop.

That snow-white and sparkling skeleton was still in a state of stupor, not moving. The young Blood Phoenix in the distance screamed out, trying to wake it up.


The Immortal Smelting Pot struck down on its body, that skeleton breaking apart with a hua la sound, turning into a pile of bones.

“Success!” The foreign side cheered.

However, their expressions became cold soon afterwards, because even though the white skeleton collapsed into a pile, not a single one of the bones was broken.

Moreover, at this time, they shone, quickly gathering together, forming a tall and slender figure, standing over there!

“What kind of monster is this? The Immortal Smelting Pot can kill immortals! Why is it incapable of breaking even a pile of white bones?” This group of people was horrified.

Fortunately, they still rushed over, not being stopped.

At the same time, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng and the others also rushed past, avoiding the attacks of inevitable death in the back.

“Should we bring away this coffin?” The foreign side said quietly, because that immortal wooden coffin was laying on the altar before them. The leaves on it were sparkling and green, releasing waves of immortal mist, resting right there.

“Don’t act recklessly!” Someone replied extremely seriously.

However, when the Immortal Smelting Pot rushed over, it still raised waves of strong winds, alarming this ancient coffin.

“That is…” The foreign people cried out in alarm.

The alarmed ancient coffin shone, the coffin lid becoming transparent, revealing the scene inside.

“Heavens, it’s her coffin?!” At this moment, the Nine Heavens’ people also came over, just in time to see this scene.

The wooden coffin was extremely special. Right now, it was sparkling and brilliant, revealing the true scene within. There was a beautiful woman laying there, perfect and flawless, covered in snow-white clothes, pure without faults.

It was precisely the appearance of that skeleton when it regrew flesh, the two the exact same.

“Something’s not right, it is only a layer of skin! Look, there is a hole in her body, the inside is empty, like a mortal envelope!”

“There is a sphere of light inside of her head, is she going to revive?”

This was extremely terrifying and strange. Did this individual not completely die yet? Or was it to say that this was an unimaginably terrifying heroic spirit? Maybe it was a type of transformation?

If it was a transformation, then this was too frightening. Normally, it was an old skin that was shed, and then a new set of skin that was produced, yet she gave up her bones, only leaving behind her exceptional appearance.

“Could it really be a ghost achieving immortality? This place has heaven reaching natural luck, she has been nurtured all this time. She has likely become a completely different type of creature, achieving immortality after death, already no longer the same person!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng said.


Heaven and earth trembled, the void also being imprisoned.

Regardless of whether it was the Immortal Smelting Pot or Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, they both trembled, locked down by a powerful domain. Then, they were forcefully pulled back, unable to leave this place.

Inside that coffin, that woman opened her eyes, the scene of the universe first opening appearing in her eyes, gods and devils killed. There were even more great stars that moved about, entering destruction.

“We really are seeing every blasted supernatural thing there is! Not only did we see immortal corpses and undying remains, there is even the rumored ghost achieving immortality!” Cao Yusheng cursed, feeling alarmed and scared.

The instant this woman opened her eyes, even the two unmatched magical artifacts were pulled back. This was too terrifying. Was she trying to keep all of them here?

At this moment, everyone felt a great pressure, as if there were great mountains weighing down on them.

“Who dares disturb my dream of ten thousand generations, disturb my tranquil heart?” A calm voice sounded from the ancient coffin, directly penetrating everyone’s innermost depths!

1. This means something similar to ‘to hell with it’

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