Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362 - Disturbing a Dream of Ten Thousand Generations

“I’m seeing fucking ghosts[1]!” At this moment, even Sacred Academy’s Daoist Qi Gu who was usually quiet couldn’t help but cry out.

“No, it’s actually seeing immortals!” Fatty Cao Yusheng corrected.

In the distance, rocks collapsed the clouds. One could see figures rising up one after another, giant without end, blood energy piercing through the sun and moon. That type of power was too frightening.

Even though they were far away, right now, they could still feel immortal dao weapons reviving one after another, intimidating one’s souls. One had to understand that it was hard to find many of these things in the present world!

However, now, four or five of them emerged at once. The power was overflowing, as if stellar streams burst through the dam, roaring over with unstoppable power!

Immortal graves were opened, immortal corpses rushing into the heavens. This type of irregular scene had never been seen before!

What kind of place was this? Why did they have to obey the skeleton woman’s orders? It was definitely the zither that was summoning them, calling them over to kill the enemies.

Together with the six figures whose heads touched the heavens, towering into the heavenly dome, shaking the great earth with every step, the situation was even more...

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