Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 - Immortal Change

That phoenix had a powerful hostility, carrying a fiendish aura, as if it wanted to devour everyone here!

This was originally an immortal bird, auspicious and sacred, but now, it was this bloodthirsty, even its five-colored divine feathers were dyed a blood red color, not quite the same as the immortal bird aura that it should have.

Ding ding dong dong...

The guqin music was melodious, extremely beautiful, actually making one feel as if they were about to comprehend the dao; just how shocking of a thing was this?

On the ridge of the house, that snow-white skeleton plucked a beautiful melody that was extremely moving. Its finger bones were fine, snow-white and sparkling, looking like those of a woman’s.

In a daze, everyone developed the misconception that this wasn’t a snow-white skeleton, but rather an exceptional beauty who was currently playing the instrument in a leisurely manner, plucking the most beautiful notes.

It was to the extent where everyone seemed to have seen her true appearance. She was a world toppling beauty whose beauty hid the moon and shamed the flowers, body as if sculpted from fine jade, white clothes purer than snow, holy and perfect.


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