Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 - Immortal Change

That phoenix had a powerful hostility, carrying a fiendish aura, as if it wanted to devour everyone here!

This was originally an immortal bird, auspicious and sacred, but now, it was this bloodthirsty, even its five-colored divine feathers were dyed a blood red color, not quite the same as the immortal bird aura that it should have.

Ding ding dong dong...

The guqin music was melodious, extremely beautiful, actually making one feel as if they were about to comprehend the dao; just how shocking of a thing was this?

On the ridge of the house, that snow-white skeleton plucked a beautiful melody that was extremely moving. Its finger bones were fine, snow-white and sparkling, looking like those of a woman’s.

In a daze, everyone developed the misconception that this wasn’t a snow-white skeleton, but rather an exceptional beauty who was currently playing the instrument in a leisurely manner, plucking the most beautiful notes.

It was to the extent where everyone seemed to have seen her true appearance. She was a world toppling beauty whose beauty hid the moon and shamed the flowers, body as if sculpted from fine jade, white clothes purer than snow, holy and perfect.

Everyone shook their heads, trying to remain clear-headed, but the more they did this, the more real it seemed. The snow-white skeleton’s flesh was reconstructed, producing an exceptional beauty.

She was extremely beautiful, no flaws to be found. She looked flawless, as if she was someone who walked straight out of a painting.

This was a fairy, a true immortal, not those beautiful women of the mortal world. She didn’t originally come from the secular realm.

What is going on? They clearly saw a snow-white skeleton just now, so why did it now truly produce flesh and blood, not even heavenly eyes able to see through it anymore?

“Wake up!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng shouted out, using dao sounds.

The group of youngsters trembled, and then they woke up. What kind of dao method was this? Why was it that they were confused the instant they met? Were even the so-called heavenly eyes ineffective?

Forget about them, even some of the foreign side’s elders felt ashamed. Just now, they were also confused, only after they were awakened by those around them did they wake, body drenched in cold sweat.

It was still that white skeleton, an exceptional beauty whose flesh and blood had disappeared. The music was extremely sinister, making everyone fall into a state of confusion, their senses failing.

Her bones were slender and fine, extremely long, indeed those belonging to a woman. Moreover, one could tell that she was definitely an exceptional beauty when she was alive, but now, she was already dead.

“Phoenix Parasol Immortal Guqin!”

Great Elder stared at that guqin, seeing that it had a portion broken, the strings also not complete, lacking two strands. It was extremely shocking.

This was definitely that immortal guqin recorded in ancient texts, refined from a Parasol Tree. Its material was the core of the Phoenix Clan ancestral land’s number one divine tree.

This guqin had been lost for too long, none of them expecting to see it here. It was already damaged to such a serious degree, one could see that it had experienced a miserable battle.

This was originally one of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ most well-known magical artifacts, one comparable to the Heaven and Earth Pouch and Ten Realms Diagram!

What origins did this woman have?

Suddenly, that Blood Phoenix cried out, as if it was communicating with the snow-white skeleton. As a result, with a ding sound, the Phoenix Parasol Immortal Guqin released a shocking noise. A broken string flew out, lashing at all those from the foreign side like a whip.


The Immortal Smelting Pot shone, taking the initiative to rush out. It blasted aside the string, but a loud noise was released on its own body, divine light surging. One could see just how terrifying this strike was.

The string that was blasted aside released a dragon cry. It turned into a Flood Dragon, quickly rushing at Shi Hao and the others, attacking indiscriminately.


The corpse wrapping cloth unfolded, erupting with brilliance like waves, stopping this zither string, blocking this Flood Dragon.

Draconic cries sounded in waves, the string withdrawing.

This was just a probing attack, yet it already made everyone’s expressions change. This snow-white skeleton was deep and immeasurable, able to attack with this immortal zither. Everyone’s expressions became grave.

Jiu jiu… The Fallen Blood Phoenix who hadn’t matured yet communicated with the skeleton, unknown what it was saying. It was because no one understood the phoenix clan’s language.

That snow-white skeleton’s body was long and slender, its skull clearly lacking a soul flame, not like something with a primordial spirit. However, it assumed a respectful listening posture, this situation quite strange.


A light noise sounded. Zither notes split the heavens!

The sound wasn’t that loud and resounding, but a streak of light flew out from that side, actually slicing open the heavenly dome, cleaving heaven and earth into two.

Then, notes shot out streak after streak, all of them silver-colored, smashing towards the foreign creatures, at the same time attacking Great Elder and the others as well.

“Remaining evil, those who were killed back then, do you truly think we are scared of you? Immortal Smelting Pot, please revive and kill it!” A foreign elder roared.


The Immortal Smelting Pot shone, activated together by all of them. It was as if an ancient war god stepped over the long river of time, currently walking over step by step, resisting the suppression of this world, continuously becoming strong, gradually reviving!

The Immortal Smelting Pot shone, the pot mouth releasing a streak of blazing radiance, attacking the skeleton and immortal zither.


It was as if heaven and earth were first opened, the first divine sound of the cosmos sounding. It was ear-splitting, one’s soul feeling like it was going to scatter. When the two artifacts clashed, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, all types of irregular scenes appearing.

Great Elder couldn’t help but activate the corpse wrapping cloth to protect this place, moreover using the Everlasting Sword Core to hack at the notes flying over.

It suffered from attacks at both sides, moreover both immortal dao treasures, so the pressure that skeleton felt naturally increased many fold.

Right at this time, a loud and clear bird cry sounded. A giant bird dove down from the heavens, flying out from the ancient buildings

This was a dried-up giant bird. It still had plume feathers, but they had long grown dim, its flesh shriveled, skin wrapping around bones. It was to the extent where half its body revealed dried-up bones.

However, everyone was shocked, because this was a phoenix, a matured immortal bird!

However, it had already died, now as if summoned, like some type of puppet weapon.

This gave everyone a headache, worthy of being an ancient realm sealed in primal chaos. It was too mysterious, even this type of immortal bird’s corpse existing here! This was just too terrifying.

However, this phoenix still wasn’t the one that was ranked within the Vicious Ten.

Despite this, it was definitely powerful when it was alive, but it unfortunately died here.

There were only a finite number of species like this, yet they saw two of them today, one old one young.

“Kill!” The foreign side erupted with ferocity. With the Immortal Smelting Pot in hand, they didn’t fear any enemies, fighting with everything they had.

Great Elder felt a headache. There was a phoenix corpse and that snow-white skeleton even attacked his side, so he had no choice but to fight back.


A world-shaking great explosion erupted. The phoenix corpse dove down, that type of power unimaginable. Together with the zither playing woman, the power was even more deep and immeasurable.

Both Great Elder and the other side had to make an all-out effort. They were originally enemies, yet right now, they both suffered attacks.

Even though the giant palaces here had formations and other things in place, they still couldn’t withstand the power of these unmatched weapons, a few of them immediately falling apart.

They fought intensely. The Everlasting Sword Core, corpse wrapping cloth, and Immortal Smelting Pot rose up, clashing with each other.

They were enemies after all, so even though they suffered the attacks of the phoenix corpse and zither music, the people of the other side still didn’t forget to fight Great Elder to the death, producing a chaotic battle.


Suddenly, a wave of austere energy engulfed the battlefield. An ancient bugle horn sounded, suppressing this place.

A great formation emerged, covering heaven and earth, engulfing everyone. This was a ruined formation, but it was similarly terrifying, enveloping everyone.

“Break for me!” The Immortal Smelting Pot trembled, erupting with heaven overflowing imperishable light. It shattered the sky, forcibly tearing apart a great crack.

“Kill!” Great Elder also shouted.

However, gray mist pervaded this place, time swirling about. It was as if it was bringing all of them into an ancient battlefield.

One could see that the scenery completely changed. Skeletons were everywhere, all of them the remains of the most powerful creatures!

En, slaughter our way out! We cannot stay here!” Someone from the other side released a muffled shout, feeling that something was strange, that they had fallen into an ancient formation.

It had to be said that the Immortal Smelting Pot was powerful. It tore apart heaven and earth, blasting through the formation’s obstructions, directly bringing them out.

On the other side, Great Elder was also going all out, using the corpse wrapping cloth and Everlasting Sword Core to open up a path, rushing out from this damaged immortal dao formation.

Outside, the scenery changed greatly. Large amounts of collapsed buildings surrounded them, exposing an altar on the central giant mountain. There was an ancient coffin there that was made of wood, moreover with leaves still growing from it.

“Immortal Wood!” They cried out in alarm.

It was because waves of immortal mist rose from the coffin. Even though it had been turned into a coffin, it still possessed life force. Branches grew out from it, shining green leaves on them.

There were many patterns on the altar, its surface covered in mysterious essence blood that nourished this coffin.

“What kind of strange coffin is this? After my world’s undying beings died in battle, the blood essence of their remains is actually all here, nourishing this coffin!” The foreign side’s people were alarmed and furious.

On the other side, the phoenix corpse and zither playing white skeleton were still there. The zither sound was long and drawn-out, as if summoning a soul.

Apart from the young phoenix, everything else was dead, lacking life force. However, why were there these types of arrangements?

Everyone was confused, staring at the immortal coffin that was full of vitality.

The long and drawn-out zither music was still sounding, carrying a wave of sadness, as if it was summoning a soul from a distant time and place.

Right at this moment, everyone broke out into a cold shiver under this sad music, all of their fine hairs standing on end, their scalps turning numb. It was because they sensed great danger.

The mountain region in the distance trembled. Six terrifying figures were closing in, towering between heaven and earth. They were the six undying beings’ corpses that were previously laying on the battlefield. They were actually summoned over.

Moreover, in the distance, rubble collapsed the clouds, immortal graves blasted apart. There were corpses that appeared, quickly approaching this place.

“Motherfucker, what is this damn place? What is going on now?!” Cao Yusheng cursed.

Was this to wipe them all out? How could so many immortal corpses be controlled? If they were surrounded like this, they would most likely all die here!

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