Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360 - Deciphering the Inscriptions

This monument had existed for at least a great era. The truth it revealed made everyone’s minds tremble, all of them couldn't help but feel shocked!

“Victory, there is still hope. However, the path of return has already been severed. All those heroic and worthy predecessors, their bones buried in desolation. My generation continues the path of old, our fates already sealed.”

This segment gave one a great headache, to the extent where they even felt a horrified feeling. The negative feeling the carved inscriptions gave off was clear, what it spoke about was extremely astonishing.

After they came to this realm, they couldn’t return anymore? Why was this? What were the secrets behind this? The most crucial issue was, where did he come from? There was a layer of dense fog surrounding this. 

From this, one could see that he wasn’t the first one to come, that there were predecessors. This also explained his fate, that in the end, he was still going to die.

However, did he fall in battle, or did he die in a seated posture here?

At that level, he should have already achieved immortality, he shouldn’t decline on his own. That was why the people here deduced that this person’s intention was that he was going to die in battle in the end!

This was a bit horrifying, history was far more terrifying than what they imagined. There were too many mysteries hidden within this, at the very least, not even Great Elder Meng Tianzheng knew anything.

There was even less of a need to talk about Shi Hao, Great Xu Tuo, Exiled Immortal, Daoist Qi Gu, and the others. That person’s point of view was extremely pessimistic, carrying a type of fatalistic feel.

And if nothing unexpected happened, the one who had to fight was Ancestor Luo Mo!

Just how powerful of an expert was this? There was a bit of primal chaos blood, yet in the end, he left behind this type of bleak message. It was as if a wave of chilly autumn wind blew past, all creatures killed, large amounts of yellow leaves withering away.

“A small slumber, and a hundred thousand years pass. When the eyes open once more, the blue sea has turned into mulberry fields. Is this a tragic death, or is it a meaningful price? I do not know. I am not an administrator, and as such I cannot see the chessboard. I can only break the player’s finger, but what about afterwards? What could I possibly do then?”

When it reached this point, the writer was clearly already somewhat at a loss. For the dao heart of someone at that level to waver, just how terrifying were things?

Perhaps his heart was already in chaos, suspecting whether or not what he persevered with even had any meaning, only then would there be these thoughts. For those of later generations, the impact of this was extremely great.

Shi Yi, Cao Yusheng, Lan Xian, and others all looked at each other in dismay, their expressions all serious. Even though they were young, they still came to their own conclusions. The truth had perhaps been buried under the dust of history this entire time.

“Why did the path of an immortal have to be severed here? Was there really a need to do this? To be so negative, so helpless, if things went on like this, was this a depravation, or is this a type of satisfaction with just being able to get through?”

“The day will come when you will discover, wake from a great dream, that all of time is nothing, what will come will come. Avoiding it only brings a momentary feeling of peace!”

What was the meaning of this? Great Elder frowned. He carefully analyzed everything he saw, discussing with the youngsters, not minding the difference in status between them.

“This should be a type of discontent targeted at the so-called land of beginning, at those administrators, a type of discontent with their passiveness.” In the end, they interpreted things like this.

When they carefully thought about this, this was extremely terrifying, as if it was a type of great disaster. In the end, it would all erupt.

What kind of people were there? What was the place they were from like? The feeling they gave off was that they were a power that could defeat the foreign side’s troops. However they also seemed to have some private worries. Why was this?

There was someone with a bit of primal chaos blood, this person definitely an unmatched expert. From his words, the fact that he dared to write breaking the administrators’ finger was definitely an expression of a type of confidence.

“Who dares cross the sea, who dares charge through?”

“When that day comes, people won’t be people, ghosts not ghosts, immortals not immortals, the heavens would all be overturned. Perhaps, only this is the true rebirth, the end of a reincarnation, as well as a type of origin.”

When he read up to this point, even Great Elder Meng Tianzheng felt a wave of nervousness, a stifling feeling inside. In the end, it was as if a black haze pervaded over.

Crossing the sea? Cross what sea?

How were they supposed to charge through? What place was this?

Everyone felt a wave of perplexity while staring at these words, not understanding what was happening.

Everyone’s understandings of this was different, but they all knew that the day would come when there would be great chaos. When they thought about the prophecy that history’s darkest of times were arriving, every single person’s mind was heavy.

They all looked down, however, they didn’t recognize the words. Those were like scribblings, ancient characters of a certain race. There was actually chaotic energy released from it.

Before this, the so-called characters were all written in Immortal Ancient language. Even though they didn’t belong to this great era, what kind of people were the ones here? They had mostly all studied Immortal Ancient methods somewhat, so they could naturally understand, learning these things before.

However, these words were too strange. They released chaotic energy, no one able to recognize them, even Great Elder helpless, unable to understand anything, even after studying them for a long time.

On the other side, the foreign side were also discussing things quietly. It had to be said that these people were extremely strong, with some who were proficient in Immortal Ancient language as well. They explained everything they understood.

Haha… what negative carvings, full of powerlessness and bleakness. My side’s dao fate is prosperous, our power fated to crush the heavens. All those who defy us are nothing more than chickens and dogs.” Someone laughed loudly.

However, there were foreign elders who became silent, their expressions incredibly gloomy. It was because what was recorded was a bit strange. They couldn’t see through the inscriptions even after studying them for a really long time.

“Bring them back, let the ancient ancestors see it. They will definitely be able to understand the truth.” Someone said. It was because these were the inscriptions carved by Luo Mo.

“Stop!” Great Elder stopped them.

Both sides wanted this monument, which meant that a battle was unavoidable.

The iron blood war banner fluttered about, scarlet multicolored light overflowing outwards, smashing into the brilliance released by that Immortal Smelting Pot. With a peng sound, this battlefield even caved in, many great stars that fell here breaking apart.

Meanwhile, that monument remained completely silent, melting under the blazing radiance like snow, disappearing without a trace.

Even though the engravings were made by an unmatched figure, there was no trace of him left, destroyed just like that, turning into dust.

Both sides released a cold snort, no longer attacking each other. They then quickly rushed into the battlefield depths. They obtained so much information just from a monument they found on the ancient battlefield, so they believed that there were definitely all types of clues up ahead.

“My ancestor should have come from the same place as the one who carved the inscriptions.” Dugu Yun said.

Everyone’s expressions couldn’t help but become serious. The protectors came from the same mysterious place, there were just too many mysteries tied to this!

In reality, they already had their suspicions. The protectors’ clan might only be a powerful clan, there should still be other exceptional races.

This was extremely frightening!

En?” Suddenly, thousands of li out, there were waves of black haze that rose. Then, the foreign side’s people were stirred up and furious, crying out loudly, rushing over.

There were six or seven creatures over there, all of them absolutely massive, even larger than the great stars that fell, every one of them ferocious and sinister, extremely terrifying.

Half of them were humanoid, but they weren’t of the human race, the other half like vicious beasts.

“Undying beings!”

“They are our ancestors, they died in battle here!”

Those from the foreign side roared out angrily.

These creatures were known to be undying, of a similar level of existence as true immortals, yet there were six of them here. This was just too shocking!

However, their bodies that were known to be imperishable were already dried-up and withered, different from the legends, their vital energy already completely drained.

“What is going on? Why did their essence energy leak out, all of their essence gone?” An elder from the other side said in alarm.

“It was swallowed up by something!” Someone said with a low voice.

“Things don’t look good, this place might be hiding some type of great vicious existence. Otherwise, how would they be able to devour imperishable essence energy?”

Right now, even those of the foreign side felt a wave of fear, becoming extremely worried. They felt like this place wasn’t normal, that there were mysteries not known to anyone.

In the end, they didn’t touch those six corpses, instead moving around. It was because they just felt like something wasn’t quite right, fearing that they might be affected by big problems.

En, we finally left this battlefield.”

After traveling through five hundred thousand li of land, they left this massive battlefield, finally seeing grass, giant mountains, and silver divine waterfalls.

There were islands that floated above, releasing immortal energy.

There were large amounts of immortal mountains that extended out who knew how many tens of thousands of li. Auspicious energy surged, spiritual grass and aged medicines everywhere.

Only, there wasn’t a single demon, no plants that developed sentience.

As for animals, there weren’t any to be seen.

The earth was all dark red colored, previously soaked in blood, moreover definitely the blood of the most powerful. The fact that plants could grow from here was already something quite unusual.

Finally, they heard waves of immortal music.

It was because the two groups of people arrived in the depths of the great earth one after the other. They saw an extremely massive mountain range, this one even more grand than the one from before.

This mountain range reached seventy to eighty thousand zhang in height, as if it was as tall as the heavens.

Above the centermost great peaks were large numbers of buildings, a group of ancient immortal palaces. After a great era passed, not only did they not fall to ruin, there was still an immortal dao aura surrounding this place.

Needless to say, everyone wanted to rush forward, realizing that they already reached the heart of this place.


Suddenly, someone stopped, seeing the source of the immortal music. It came from a snow-white skeleton. It was currently plucking a guqin[1], seated on a giant palace’s ridge.

Apart from this, there was also a scarlet red phoenix, an immortal bird that hadn’t matured yet. It stood on the mountain ridge, eyes scarlet red like blood, currently staring at everyone!

1. Long zither with 5 or 7 strings, plucked with a plectrum

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