Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360 - Deciphering the Inscriptions

This monument had existed for at least a great era. The truth it revealed made everyone’s minds tremble, all of them couldn't help but feel shocked!

“Victory, there is still hope. However, the path of return has already been severed. All those heroic and worthy predecessors, their bones buried in desolation. My generation continues the path of old, our fates already sealed.”

This segment gave one a great headache, to the extent where they even felt a horrified feeling. The negative feeling the carved inscriptions gave off was clear, what it spoke about was extremely astonishing.

After they came to this realm, they couldn’t return anymore? Why was this? What were the secrets behind this? The most crucial issue was, where did he come from? There was a layer of dense fog surrounding this. 

From this, one could see that he wasn’t the first one to come, that there were predecessors. This also explained his fate, that in the end, he was still going to die.

However, did he fall in battle, or did he die in a seated posture here?

At that level, he should have already achieved immortality, he shouldn’t decline on his own. That was why...

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