Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 - Truth Gradually Exposed

Hope always emerged from despair, things taking a turn for the better when all seemed lost. When everyone was about to give up, thinking that it was impossible to enter this ancient realm, all of the immortal blood moved aside.

With a pu sound, blood landed on the ground, not taking form, unable to gather into a creature again.

In the distance, that undying bird cried out. It was extremely exhausted. Continuously chanting incantations drained it of all of its magical strength, it now couldn’t continue any longer.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh. This type of devastating result was actually caused by a young bird. The incantation it knew was just too ancient and strange!

“There is something not quite right with this phoenix. It is too bloodthirsty, look, its eyes are even red, even feathers blood-colored, it is a… Fallen Blood Phoenix!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng suddenly understood.

At the same time, the foreign creatures also shouted out, “Before its birth, its immortal egg shell was corrupted by the blood war, thus causing the phoenix child to fall, becoming a murderous blood phoenix!”

“We should guide this type of creature to our world, have it yield to us. There is a Fallen Blood Phoenix in the depths of my ancient land, someone who previously came to our side during the...

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