Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 - Truth Gradually Exposed

Hope always emerged from despair, things taking a turn for the better when all seemed lost. When everyone was about to give up, thinking that it was impossible to enter this ancient realm, all of the immortal blood moved aside.

With a pu sound, blood landed on the ground, not taking form, unable to gather into a creature again.

In the distance, that undying bird cried out. It was extremely exhausted. Continuously chanting incantations drained it of all of its magical strength, it now couldn’t continue any longer.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh. This type of devastating result was actually caused by a young bird. The incantation it knew was just too ancient and strange!

“There is something not quite right with this phoenix. It is too bloodthirsty, look, its eyes are even red, even feathers blood-colored, it is a… Fallen Blood Phoenix!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng suddenly understood.

At the same time, the foreign creatures also shouted out, “Before its birth, its immortal egg shell was corrupted by the blood war, thus causing the phoenix child to fall, becoming a murderous blood phoenix!”

“We should guide this type of creature to our world, have it yield to us. There is a Fallen Blood Phoenix in the depths of my ancient land, someone who previously came to our side during the Immortal Ancient years.” Divine radiance was released from someone’s eyes, feeling extremely excited.

Back then, a large part of the reason why the other side was able to invade this world was because of the Fallen Blood Phoenix, Fearless Lion, Black Evil Dragon, and other creatures. Otherwise, they would have had to pay an even heavier price.

Yi, it withdrew. Chase after it, catch this Fallen Blood Phoenix!” The foreign side was moved, urging the Immortal Smelting Pot forward, now truly setting foot into that ancient realm.

Of course, all of them were extremely cautious and careful, fearing that they would be contaminated by immortal blood. Otherwise, just making contact alone would consign them to eternal damnation.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng brought Shi Hao and the others into this ancient land. He immediately activated the iron blood war banner, wishing to absorb this blood.

However, an intense energy fluctuation transmitted over from the distance, and then a rumbling sound was released. Everyone felt fear.

They saw that not far from the entrance, just on the other side rested several large graves. All of them were trembling, the blood and broken weapons on the ground all swept up in reverse, entering the graves.

Those giant monuments before the graves were especially striking, all of them made of iron, releasing kengqiang noises.

“Immortal tomb!” The foreign people cried out loudly.

Great Elder was also stirred up. This was definitely a treasury, if they could dig it up, there would definitely be formidable things inside.

At the very least, if those damaged weapons were brought out, they could already display unimaginable uses. After all, just now, they even dared to attack the Immortal Smelting Pot, even though they weren’t its match.

Should they dig these up or not? One had to understand that just now, it was just immortal blood, yet it was already so troublesome. If they dug up the tomb, only heaven knew what kind of changes there would be.


The foreign creatures couldn’t hold back anymore. Someone moved, activating a magical artifact, wishing to dig up several great graves.

It was because they believed that just now, the main reason why it was so troublesome was because of that strange Fallen Blood Phoenix, the effects of its incantations. Now, it withdrew, so there shouldn’t be any more issues.


That person’s magical artifact broke apart into several dozen pieces, exploding on the spot. He staggered backwards, his body trembling.

“Immortal and undying are the same, even when they die, they still cannot be blasphemed against. There is a mysterious pressure surrounding this place, it is best if we do not provoke it. We’ll go back and discuss things first.” One of them said with a low voice.

They could use the Immortal Smelting Pot, but if they did this, then they had to make their preparations. After several great graves exploded, the results they produced would be unimaginable.

“Go inside and grab that Fallen Blood Phoenix first, and then we’ll find out the truth about this place.” An elder said. They continued forward.

Up ahead were grand mountains. Strand after strand of white energy rose, making everyone feel extremely refreshed and comfortable, as if they were going to sprout wings and ascend.

“Is this immortal energy?” Great Elder’s voice was trembling. He always wanted to step foot into the domain of immortality, but the environment of the world has changed, long unsuitable for this.

Now, this place actually had this type of environment, even making his blood about to boil.

“No, it can’t be considered true immortal energy, but the immortal aura it carries is extremely rich.” Great Elder thought for a bit. There was definitely an immortal residence here before.

There were great rivers condensed from spiritual liquid here, many rare medicinal herbs growing between the mountains and rivers. Waves of mists rose, this place extremely auspicious.

The Blood Phoenix turned into a streak of light, entering the depths of the ancient realm.

The foreign creatures chased behind it. Great Elder and the others followed behind, because they also wished to look around, figure out just what kind of mysteries this place carried.

“What a pity, that phoenix was contaminated by immortal blood before it was born, killing intent already permeating into its bones. It is doomed to be bloodthirsty, murderous, difficult to subdue.” Great Elder sighed with regret.

Otherwise, this was but the descendant of the Vicious Ten, an immortal bird with limitless potential. In the future, its uses would be unimaginable.

“This is…” After entering eight thousand li, the foreign creatures stopped. Great Elder, Shi Hao, and the others also all stopped, because they saw a shocking scene.

This was a dilapidated land, different from what they saw before.

Not a single blade of grass grew, scarlet land stretching for hundreds of thousands of li, death enveloping this demonic earth.

Those areas and immortal mist they saw just now, as well as the various medicinal herbs suddenly ended here. This was a barren and dried-up land.

“This is a battlefield, the result of being swept through by immortal dao natural laws. The original creatures have all been completely wiped out, not a single blade of grass able to grow here.” Someone said.

After they flew forward, they saw many stellar remains. Countless great stars fell here, all of them struck down that year, covering this place densely.

Heaven knew just how vast this ancient land was, falling stars endless. One could see that many of them were grabbed by someone, because there were still giant finger marks on them.

“This… just what kind of battle happened back then for things to be this miserable? Is even the stellar dome going to be broken up?” Even some of the foreign side’s elders felt waves of chills run through their bodies.

“It should be a dying battle. Normally speaking, what meaning is there in grabbing so many stars? At that level, there is no need to do this. It is definitely because that person’s strength was exhausted, already dying, carrying out the final struggle, as a result turned into a giant self, reaching its hands into the cosmos to pluck all the stars.” An elder said with a grave expression, seriously reconstructing the battle of the past.

In the rear, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was silent. This was most likely what happened.

This made Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng, and the others’ hearts tremble. What kind of creature was that? Just how large was it? It could actually struggle like this before its death, pluck down so many stars.

“This should be the result of Ancestor Luo Mo’s power.” A foreign elder said quietly. He couldn’t help but release a sigh.

En, there is five-colored blood here!” Suddenly, after moving forward thirty-thousand li, the foreign side’s people cried out in alarm, seeing a special type of blood. After ten thousand years have passed, it still didn’t dry up.

It was clear that it belonged to Luo Mo, exactly the same as what they saw after Luo Mo’s heroic spirit was revived.

However, this blood lost its essence, becoming extremely dim. The mysterious power it contained inside completely disappeared, as if it was devoured by something.

“Dugu Yun, you alright?” Shi Hao nudged the person at his side.

Dugu Yun, he had previously lived in the other side, later coming back. He was the protectors’ descendant, as well as one of the most powerful youngsters of the present world.

His blood was golden, known to be one of the four most powerful bloodlines. It was divine and noble, this race powerful beyond compare.

“I sensed the smell of my clan’s blood.” Dugu Yun said. He directly walked forward. Everyone couldn’t help but follow along out of fear of something unexpected happening to him.

Sure enough, several dozen li out, they saw a bit of golden blood, as if it was cast from gold.

This was definitely the blood of Dugu Yun’s bloodline, belonging to the protectors’ clan!

Yi, this blood isn’t quite right, it changed. Look, it is changing from gold to black!” Someone said with shock.

A moment later, the golden blood was pitch-black like ink, like a black hole, about to swallow up one’s soul. A moment later, it became golden again.

It was precisely like their previous suspicions. The protectors race’s blood had holy attributes, but it also had a demonic nature!

Everyone’s minds jumped, the rumors were actually true. Back then, they thought that the other side was provoking them, saying that the protectors were extremely dangerous, but now, it seemed like there were some things that were worth rethinking.

Dugu Yun squatted down, trying to collect this blood. Even though the essence had similarly been sucked up by something, this was still extremely important for him.

He closed his eyes, carefully sensing things. He wanted to understand the information contained within the blood.

“There was a world shocking battle here before, the opponent Luo Mo. Meanwhile, my clansmen were caught up as well, but they weren’t the main fighters.” He said.

Everyone was shocked. They really were right to come here, the truths of the past uncovered bit by bit.

Even the protectors’ bloodline wasn’t the main fighters. That Luo Mo really was terrifying to an unimaginable level after all.

En? This clansmen of mine doesn’t belong to this world. He came from the land of beginning!” Dugu Yun’s closed eyes suddenly opened, receiving this shocking piece of information.

It was because there were all types of legends that the protectors didn’t belong to this world, coming from another place.

Now, it seemed like this was true!

“Protectors, heh heh, haha…” In the distance, the foreign side were also studying the five-colored blood, trying to obtain information from it. One of them coldly said, “Protectors? The truth is far more cruel than what you all think!”

Neither side engaged the other, only confronting. The two parties moving forward like this could also be considered a rather strange sight.

However, a bloody battle might erupt at any time.

It was all because they both felt restraining fear towards the other side’s weapons. Immortal Smelting Pot, Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, and other things weren’t ordinary articles. If they truly completely activated and carried out a great clash, even they had a chance of dying.

Everyone proceeded, continuing to search for clues.

Soon afterwards, they saw a special type of blood, the blood carrying primal chaos. This… was too shocking!

“This can perhaps compare to the legendary seven-colored true blood! Is this the reason why Ancestor Luo Mo died? What kind of monsters did he end up encountering? There is actually primal chaos blood!”

“It isn’t pure, only carrying a small amount of primal chaos blood, or else this creature wouldn’t have been killed by Ancestor Luo Mo, dragged down in mutual destruction.” Someone said.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng and the others all sighed. Just what kind of time was Immortal Ancient, just how many monsters existed then? Those creatures were all powerful beyond imagination!

In the present world, this environment, it was completely impossible to produce those types of creatures.

“There is a monument!”

Someone with sharp eyes saw a black point in the horizon, quickly rushing over.

A powerful gust of wind blew past. Everyone hurried over, both sides confronting each other, but neither side took action. They both looked towards the monument.

It wasn’t tall, only several zhang in height. The surface was covered densely, recording a few characters.

“It is quite unfortunate, I was chosen, in charge of taking action, forever unable to return…” This was what was written right from the start. This directly touched upon the truth!

Everyone’s hearts were pounding. This was precisely what they were looking for! They never expected to discover it in the depths of the battlefield, just the very first line of the monument’s inscription already revealing some clues!

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