Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358 - Immortal Blood

What kind of ancient land was that? Why was it that the blood of immortals immediately flowed as soon as it was opened, scarlet multicolored radiance within the redness, as if blood diamonds and coral were floating out.

This type of aura left one horrified, as if they were simply about to eradicate souls, wipe out all life force.

This was the blood of immortals. That type of power was too domineering!

Shi Hao had seen immortal blood before, but that was in drops. The most important thing was that the blood he had seen had all been refined already, the killing dao force neutralized, only leaving behind beneficial long life medicinal characteristics.

How could true immortal blood be peaceful? If it wasn’t dealt with, once it splashed out, even if it was just a single drop, it would still be enough to kill sect masters.

This type of blood power was too domineering. If it landed on a vital area, it could definitely directly destroy one’s soul, there wouldn’t be any suspense.

“Rush inside!” The people of the other side cried out, activating the Immortal Smelting Pot, about to rush over. It was because this sealed ancient realm concealed too many mysteries.

“Charge!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng also released a roar. He took action, holding the Everlasting Sword Core in his hands, also...

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