Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358 - Immortal Blood

What kind of ancient land was that? Why was it that the blood of immortals immediately flowed as soon as it was opened, scarlet multicolored radiance within the redness, as if blood diamonds and coral were floating out.

This type of aura left one horrified, as if they were simply about to eradicate souls, wipe out all life force.

This was the blood of immortals. That type of power was too domineering!

Shi Hao had seen immortal blood before, but that was in drops. The most important thing was that the blood he had seen had all been refined already, the killing dao force neutralized, only leaving behind beneficial long life medicinal characteristics.

How could true immortal blood be peaceful? If it wasn’t dealt with, once it splashed out, even if it was just a single drop, it would still be enough to kill sect masters.

This type of blood power was too domineering. If it landed on a vital area, it could definitely directly destroy one’s soul, there wouldn’t be any suspense.

“Rush inside!” The people of the other side cried out, activating the Immortal Smelting Pot, about to rush over. It was because this sealed ancient realm concealed too many mysteries.

“Charge!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng also released a roar. He took action, holding the Everlasting Sword Core in his hands, also activating the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, rushing forward.

The hundred zhang tall giant monument towered in the primal chaos. It trembled slightly, a great crack extending from it at this moment, the fluctuations it released resonated with the ancient realm.

Primal chaos surged, this place unable to remain calm. The ancient realm hiding in the primal chaos was finally going to see the light of day!

Scarlet multicolored light overflowed, fiery light blazing. A divine bird dove down towards the great primal chaos cracks, from its mouth spraying out flames that belonged to the undying True Phoenix bloodline, wiping out all life force.

The most important thing was that it guided the true blood of immortals from the ground, making it erupt as well, forming a vicious dark red blood wave that struck outwards.

This was extremely terrifying. There were no long life beings among those here, if they really were struck by the blood splashes, then they would undoubtedly die!

It was that phoenix, a bird that still hadn’t completely matured. It was extremely vicious, flapping a pair of phoenix divine wings, undying divine flames surging, engulfing this place.

The immortal blood that was dripping out was stirred up, as if an ancient giant beast was stimulated. The most dangerous aura was released.

This divine bird was extremely terrifying. Even though it hadn’t matured yet, is attacks were exceptionally strong, unleashing an attack against the intruders.

One could vaguely see how vast the sealed ancient realm should be. None of them expected to encounter a terrifying phoenix divine bird right by the borders.


Blood splashed outwards, striking out. The void directly shattered.

The expressions of everyone from the other side changed. They hated the smell of immortal blood, their eyes revealing looks of panic. They frantically operated the Immortal Smelting Pot to stop the scarlet blood drops.

If they were unlucky, even a single drop landing on their bodies, then there was a chance of body and soul being wiped out!

It had to be said that the Immortal Smelting Pot was extremely strong. After it entered this world, it always resisted the realm wall’s power, restricted by this great cosmos. However, despite this being the case, it could still retaliate, able to resist all threats from the outer world.

It released a hazy radiance, stopping the immortal blood that scattered over.

“Refine away this true blood, don’t even leave behind a single bit!” An elder shouted. He loathed the immortal blood, but he had to admit that this blood contained incomparable power.

The Immortal Smelting Pot displayed might, releasing an undying energy, moreover forming a vortex by the pot’s mouth. Like a whale sucking in, it actually began to devour immortal blood, wishing to refine the essence and use it for itself.

However, it was suppressed in this world. The natural laws of the great universe descended, completely affecting it, weakening its power considerably.

As a result, it was extremely difficult for it to refine the immortal blood. It suffered retaliation.

This blood possessed spirituality. Even after a great era had passed, there was still a type of undying killing intent, making it counterattack intensely, moreover wishing to erode this pot instead.


At the same time, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng took action. He hacked out with the Everlasting Sword Core in his hands, moreover moving the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, absorbing the immortal blood.

He brought Shi Hao and the others with him, already leaving the giant monument, hurrying here, not allowing the foreign people to rush over first.

Blood descended, but the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth shone, as expected, able to absorb it. This piece of cloth became more and more sparkling, becoming increasingly resplendent, no longer as weak as it was before.

Even though there was blood flowing out from the sealed ancient world in the primal chaos, the inside was actually extremely divine, because there was still auspicious multicolored light continuously flowing out from the great cracks, divine splendor rushing out.

Looking from the distance, there were countless divine mountains inside, long rivers overflowing, water all gathered from spiritual liquid. There were many rare medicinal herbs and other things here.

Those outside could tell with a single look that this place was definitely not barren, but rather a formidable divine land.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have seen an immortal bird as soon as they entered -- a True Phoenix!

The bird cry was extremely ear-splitting, as if an immortal sword was shaking here. It released blinding sword radiance, the sound waves reaching everyone’s ears. This divine bird beat its wings fiercely, moreover starting to chant a type of extremely mysterious curse.


Immediately afterwards, a disaster happened, the blood on the ground surged, no longer flowing, but rather congealing into a tangible creature.

En? This blood… has turned into the form of when they were still alive!” A foreign elder’s expression congealed.

There were many creatures that appeared on the ground who roared, charging forward fiercely. It was as if these were the most powerful creatures from when the world first opened.

A monster with a crocodile head and brown rhinoceros body charged forward. Of course, it was wrapped within bright red bloody light.

It was formed from blood, actually recreating some of its power when it was still alive. It directly smashed through the void, opening its bloody mouth, swallowing towards the Immortal Smelting Pot.


The Immortal Smelting Pot shook intensely, releasing a rumbling noise. After being struck, it made a turn, and then with a heavy blow, it sent that monster flying outwards.


A vicious bird appeared in the sky, feathers all shining as if cast from silver. None of them were able to recognize this species. It dove down, its wings even sharper than a heavenly blade, hacking apart the world.

Finally, with a dang noise, its wings directly hacked down on the Immortal Smelting Pot, making that place tremble greatly. The void exploded, the primal chaos in the surroundings surging like boiled water!

These blood drops formed creatures that actually dared to attack the Immortal Smelting Pot!


Unfortunately, this silver divine bird flew out, quickly breaking down, exploding there, turning into blood once more.

However, after that undying bird in the distance cried out, the blood on the ground continuously surged, reconstructing there, attacking the Immortal Smelting Pot.

What kind of strange magic was this? It could actually summon the wrath of the immortal blood, make them reconstruct their forms when they were alive so they could participate in the great battle here.

The most terrifying thing was that even the Immortal Corpse Wrapping Cloth was attacked, no difference between the Nine Heavens and the other side, attacking indiscriminately.


A humanoid creature stood up, immortal light surging around it as it walked over step by step. It rushed up to the corpse wrapping cloth, sending a fist smashing over!

That type of power was extremely terrifying, domineering and unmatched! 

Wherever the fist passed, all things were obliterated, primal chaos erupting, connecting heaven and earth. There was nothing that could stop it!

Even though it fell in battle, only the result of immortal blood combining, there was still a type of unmatched might. It made everyone’s expressions change.

The only fortunate thing was that the corpse wrapping cloth was an iron blood banner to begin with. It absorbed all of the blood of two immortal kings, and then it was later refined a hundred times over by later generations, becoming an unmatched magical artifact.


The great banner fluttered about, stopping that fist. In addition, Great Elder brandished the sword core in his hand towards this person. Dazzling light erupted, hacking apart its body.

The Everlasting Sword Core wasn’t an ordinary item either. It was deep and immeasurable, its power naturally immeasurable.


This humanoid figure was blasted apart. Under the iron blood war banner and sword core, it turned into blood, bright and sparkling like a diamond, landing on the ground.

However, there was some blood that was absorbed by the iron blood war banner as well, forcefully collected.

“Good, this is a wondrous land that can repair the banner, make it even stronger, allowing it to evolve into an ultimate weapon!” Great Elder said happily.

In the distance, the undying bird cried out, extremely angry. It chanted curses, stirring up the blood on the ground. The immortal blood took form once again, standing up, attacking everyone again.

At the same time, something even more frightening happened. These creatures picked up a few damaged weapons from the ground. Even though there wasn’t a single one that was complete, they were all previously unmatched weapons!

Not every creature had one, but even if it was just three or four of them, it was still a world-shaking great matter!

Immortal weapons!

One of them held a purple-gold immortal staff, brandishing it, smashing it over. The void collapsed, power heaven overflowing. With a dang sound, it struck down on the Immortal Smelting Pot, making this place shake intensely.

The expressions of everyone below the Immortal Smelting Pot changed, one of them even more so crying out miserably, because a single moment of thoughtlessness separated him from the Immortal Smelting Pot’s range of protection.

That was a young king, his expression currently deathly pale.

“Come back!” An elder took action, wishing to save him.

However, he was too late. A drop of blood splashed out, landing on the young king’s body. With a pu sound, it landed on the crown of his head, immediately producing a pool of blood, bones even melted through.

The elder roared out in anger, reaching out his hand. He felt a great sense of powerlessness.


Suddenly, from the side, a creature that carried a damaged golden hammer rushed over. It released a great roar, a type of unmatched dao sound, shaking up the world until everything collapsed.


This elder released a great cry. The arm he reached out completely exploded, unable to block that type of power.

Everyone’s expressions changed. Just how terrifying of an existence was this? Even though it was killed in battle, the creature produced by blood was even this powerful, impossible to defy.


That creature was incredibly domineering, brandishing the golden mallet in its hands, smashing it down on the Immortal Smelting Pot. The golden mallet was damaged, becoming even more tattered, blasted flying.

The creatures below the Immortal Smelting Pot trembled in fear, all of their feet becoming unstable. The elder who lost his arm even more so staggered backwards, separating from the range of protection.

It was because his will was already becoming weak, shaken up by the dao sound. That was why he involuntarily separated away.


A creature transformed from immortal blood walked over. It lifted him up with a single grab, and then fiercely ripped him apart. 


This elder who originally possessed world-shocking magical force was now directly torn in half.

Then, under the contamination of Immortal Blood, he even more so turned into blood plasma, nothing existing any longer.

Everyone felt a chill run down their bodies from head to toe. This creature was too sinister, impossible to win against. It had some of its strength from when it was alive, possessing that battle intent, impossible to contend against.

On the other side, when Great Elder Meng Tianzheng and others saw this scene, they all shivered inwardly, inwardly sighing at their fortune, feeling lucky that the other side was in front of them.

Could it be that this entrance into the ancient world couldn’t even be taken? Everyone shivered inwardly.

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