Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357 - An Ancient Land Flowing With Blood

“We’re going!”

In front of the black abyss, there were a few elders who moved, rushing outwards, wishing to immediately enter that sealed ancient world, find out what exactly was going on.

It was because they came with an objective. Not only were they trying to look into the past, they also wished to seize some things. Ancient ancestor Shutuo wanted to repair a giant weapon, and there might be some clues here for the materials needed.


Divine light surged like rainbows, more than ten figures moving together. The foreign experts were going to enter the ancient world in the primal chaos.

This made Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng and the others’ expressions change. Their only had Great Elder Meng Tianzheng here, the situation extremely bad, so how were they supposed to stop it?

They could see figures appear everywhere before the dark abyss, not less than a hundred people, all of them older generation individuals who were ridiculously powerful. Meanwhile now, only a dozen or so of them moved out, still many of them in reserve.


Great Elder was extremely decisive and direct. He brought out the iron blood war banner from the past, aiming it at the dozen or so people, using the unmatched war banner to kill them.

“You dare?!” On the other side, the leading figure of the elders released a loud shout. He activated a pot, releasing hazy radiance, suppressing the...

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