Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 - Sealed Ancient Realm

The creation of the world was probably not much more chaotic than this!

The several thousand zhang tall eyeball cracked apart, breaking apart into blood essence that wrapped around the coordinatie symbols and mysterious heavenly patterns. It opened up the world, blasted through the primal chaos, tearing through everything unstoppably, nothing able to stop it.

Was this the power of Luo Mo? Even after he died, with this being the last bit of his power, he still dominated the world!

An eyeball together with a bit of damaged soul, yet it was actually enough to reach this step!

This left everyone horrified. The foreign creatures knelt down, chanting scriptures from their mouths, carrying disappointment, frustration, and great emotion. They knew that after this, Luo Mo would truly disappear, no longer exist in this world.

A few people released a deep sigh inside. The ancient ancestor still ended up in this type of state in the end, it truly was rather sorrowful. It was because they felt that Luo Mo’s heroic spirit was threatened by Ancestor Shutuo, so he had no choice but to do this.

However, none of the elders in this world dared say a single word about this, or else...

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