Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355 - Ancient Ancestral Spirit

The scripture sound was extremely loud, and also special. At first, there were still dao sounds rumbling, so it was a bit auspicious, but eventually, there was a deep, sinister energy that filled this place, accompanied by sounds of ghosts weeping and gods howling.


Crazy winds swept about, attacking from all sides, gathering towards the dark abyss, appearing near that altar. Figures appeared one after another!

Then, that mysterious altar floated in the sky, floating over on its own, and then it moved over to the dark abyss, floating above it.

In that instant, the several hundred elders were all moved, every one of them worshiping, then even more so piously chanting scriptures, summoning something.

“Great Elder, what are they doing?” Shi Hao asked, feeling like things were extremely strange. In addition, the surrounding environment became different, becoming gloomy and terrifying, as if they entered an endless hell.

At this moment, the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth fluttered like a banner, protecting this place. Sinister winds roared about angrily, causing a rain of blood to scatter...

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