Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355 - Ancient Ancestral Spirit

The scripture sound was extremely loud, and also special. At first, there were still dao sounds rumbling, so it was a bit auspicious, but eventually, there was a deep, sinister energy that filled this place, accompanied by sounds of ghosts weeping and gods howling.


Crazy winds swept about, attacking from all sides, gathering towards the dark abyss, appearing near that altar. Figures appeared one after another!

Then, that mysterious altar floated in the sky, floating over on its own, and then it moved over to the dark abyss, floating above it.

In that instant, the several hundred elders were all moved, every one of them worshiping, then even more so piously chanting scriptures, summoning something.

“Great Elder, what are they doing?” Shi Hao asked, feeling like things were extremely strange. In addition, the surrounding environment became different, becoming gloomy and terrifying, as if they entered an endless hell.

At this moment, the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth fluttered like a banner, protecting this place. Sinister winds roared about angrily, causing a rain of blood to scatter down, everything incredibly terrifying.

“They are chanting the Soul Guiding Scripture!” Great Elder’s expression was serious. Things were not right at all, could it be that these foreign creatures wanted to revive some type of existence?

This didn’t seem too likely, because the dead were dead, there was no way they could be revived!

Moreover, so many years passed, a great era separating them. How could the dead be revived like this? This wasn’t realistic at all!

If there really was this type of heaven-defying creature, then it would topple conventional reasoning of cultivation history, the general knowledge of everyone!

“Heroic spirit!” At this time, Great Elder’s expression became cold. Then, his eyes erupted with divine light. The war flag soaked in the blood of immortal kings was held in his hand, right now fiercely waved!

It was because right at this moment, many figures appeared in the surroundings, these figures indistinct. They rushed in this direction, baring their fangs and claws, every one of them extremely powerful.

The so-called heroic spirits were precisely cultivators who died on the battlefield back then, the soul fragments they left behind after.

It was because there were some creatures that were just too powerful. Even though they were killed, they could still leave behind some imprints. They were nurtured by yin energy from the battlefield, difficult for them to be directly wiped out.

Right now, a group of foreign elders were currently summoning a heroic spirit, gathering those soul fragments. What were they trying to accomplish by doing this?

According to normal reasoning, this was meaningless, because even if everything was gathered, they would still scatter, to the extent where they would be directly erased, no way they could still revive.

Once one died, they would forever be dead!

These were foreign creatures, actually so many of them falling in battle here. This was something completely unknown to anyone. It seemed like this place was extremely miserable back then, the foreign side suffering a great loss!


A low roar sounded, accompanied by raging flames, making the entire ancient battlefield tremble.

On the battlefield, there were actually eight streaks of light that shone, each from one direction. They gathered together, forming a divine and resplendent special flame, rushing forward, about to enter the abyss.


Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was shocked. This heroic spirit was actually sacred, its soul flame pure, with yang power[1]. Just how terrifying was this? Could it be that it really could be revived?

One had to understand that normal heroic spirits were covered in yin energy.

This heroic spirit not only had yang power, it was too sacred, something that had never been seen before!


Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was extremely decisive, brandishing the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth in his hands, sweeping it out forward, fiercely attacking that expanse of light.

Without a doubt, there were eight especially powerful heroic spirits who were supporting an extremely mysterious heroic spirit, trying to return to the other side.

“You dare!”

In front of the altar, those elders were furious, suddenly changing their expressions. Then, a heaven overflowing power spread, terrifying beyond compare. A pot appeared, stopping the power the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth released.

Immortal Smelting Pot!

For that remnant soul, this type of unmatched magical artifact was actually used. One could see just how much importance the other side attached to this!

Great Elder raised his hand, withdrawing the corpse wrapping cloth, treating this situation seriously. He silently watched this scene play out.

“Unmatched ancient ancestor Luo Mo Great One!”

Right at this time, in front of the altar, those elders all kowtowed, every one of their expressions moved, simply about to shed tears of joy, all of them kneeling down.

On the altar, a damaged eyeball had unknowingly when appeared. It had long dried up, lacking life force, in complete tatters.

However, at this moment, following the sacred soul flame’s return, that withered and damaged eyeball actually moved, and then it produced radiance.

With a hu sound, that flame rushed into the eyeball, and then it erupted with heaven overflowing fluctuations, shocking everyone in Great Scarlet Sky Border!

That type of aura was too powerful, incomparable, simply about to wipe out the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, able to destroy the great universe!

However, fortunately, it only existed for a short amount of time, that wave of aura quickly restrained. That eyeball now possessed radiance, moreover enlarging, floating above the black abyss.

Eventually, it actually reached several thousand zhang tall, grand like a great peak!

This left everyone shocked. This eyeball was just too large!

One could imagine that if it wasn’t for its life force long being wiped out, only having a ruined soul entering, it would’ve became even larger and more powerful. It was difficult to imagine its power in the past.

“I just knew that Luo Mo Great One definitely left behind a heroic spirit. We found it after all!” A group of people worshiped in excitement.

“Just a ruined soul ready to scatter and disappear. Calling me back won’t accomplish anything.”

These were the fluctuations the ruined soul released. It was clear that it wasn’t complete, its will not as sturdy and unbreaking as in the past, or else it wouldn’t even bother replying to these people.

In the distance, Great Elder was shocked, feeling a headache for the first time. It was because he had heard the name Luo Mo before. This was an unmatched ancient ancestor, one who wouldn’t be weaker than the Anlan or Shutuo!

This left many people shocked. Back then, there was an ancient ancestor who died here? There were no recordings in the historical records, at the very least, the bone books of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths never mentioned this matter.

Who was it that killed him?!

“Ancient ancestor Luo Mo, we sought you out to learn about a few things of the past. We wish to learn how powerful the ones who took action back then were, because soon afterwards, we are going to invade this side, slaughter our way into this world, so we need to make preparations!” There was someone who said, extremely fanatical, as he stared at that giant eyeball.

Luo Mo, an unmatched ancient ancestor, previously fell here, killed by someone. This was a huge event!

Shi Hao, Great Xu Tuo, Cao Yusheng and the others were all extremely shocked.

“The one who fought against me died, no one can escape unscathed after fighting against me.” That eyeball spoke. The will it left behind was extremely astonishing, actually still remembering the events of the past.

This not only left Shi Hao and the others shocked, even Great Elder Meng Tianzheng sighed. The so-called unmatched existence was too terrifying!

“We wish to learn about everything. In the past, there were two other areas where things happened, so we want to have an accurate appraisal of the attacker.” An elder said.

Wu, as for where those people are from, this is something all of you should be aware of. Wishing to understand their depths does make sense as well.” The eyeball released divine will fluctuations.

In front of the altar, all of the elders were excited. This was an unmatched ancient ancestor we were talking about! Normally, someone like this wouldn’t even pay attention to them, yet now, he was actually conversing with them.

“Unmatched ancient ancestor, please explain this to us!”

“There is no way to explain it clearly. I believe Anlan and Shutuo have already deduced that there is a sealed ancient realm here, an unstable node that could perhaps be opened up today. You all should just enter and search for everything from the past yourselves. The fact that I am awakened signifies that true disappearance is near.” Luo Mo said.

In the distance, Shi Hao and the others were all extremely quiet, no one speaking, and no one interrupting. This was just too strange.

An unmatched existence’s damaged soul was awakened, someone who was previously unrivaled in this world!

“We cannot cross over, so there is no way to open up that area.” In front of the altar, an elder said.

Heh, even dare to include a dead person in their schemes, Anlan and Shutuo really are quite something.” Luo Mo laughed coldly.

Finally, he released a sigh and said, “Are my descendants well?”

“They are all doing well, still one of the most powerful clans of the world, never declining, always protected and assisted by Ancestor Shutuo.” One of them replied.

“Alright. Even though I lack power, opening up that place is perhaps possible, exhausting the last of my life.” Luo Mo spoke in self-mockery. His descendants being protected and assisted, could also be understood as being looked down on and intimidated.

“Many thanks to great one. It is because Shutuo great one needs to investigate some events of the past, needing to find some things in order to repair that powerful weapon!” An elder said.

“I already understand.” Luo Mo said.

This was previously an unmatched existence, yet now, only a ruined eyeball and some soul fragments remained. It lacked fighting strength, only possessing the aura of the past.


Despite this being the case, that aura was still astonishing, as if an unmatched ancient ancestor was reborn!

That eyeball shone, and then blood dripped out. It was cracking apart, every single drop of blood making the void collapse, even more so interfering with time.

The eyeball was breaking apart. That ruined soul was disappearing, but it still turned into some patterns, these patterns pointing out a coordinate, as well as a type of mysterious imprint. It rumbled with noise, and then rushed out from the black abyss, flying towards Great Scarlet Sky Border.

The so-called border was an area of primal chaos!


The eyeball was destroyed, flowing with the blood of an undying existence, wrapping around those patterns, breaking through the primal chaos to arrive. They were going to open up a certain area in the primal chaos, open up a sealed ancient world!

1. Heroic spirits are ghosts, so they are usually composed purely of yin energy, usually associated with dark, cold, and sinister things. The fact that this one contains yang energy is strange

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