Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 - Strange

The Three Thousand Dao Provinces’ Desolate Border was in danger!

When Shi Hao heard this, it was hard for him to calm down. It had already been many years since he came to the nine heavens above. He really wanted to go back; were his grandfather parents, Huo Ling’er, and his old friends doing well?

This time might be an opportunity. Would he be able to return to the Three Thousand Dao Provinces to see those familiar people!

However, after thinking about it closely, he felt like there wasn’t much hope, because the Desolate Border was too chaotic. Even if he went, he wouldn’t be able to offer much help. There definitely wouldn’t be a competition like here, but rather a true war siege!

Under this type of situation, asking for a chance to go back wasn’t too good.

Even though he didn’t truly go to the Desolate Border, never seeing what it was really like, he could imagine, even feel that there were already many corpses on the Desolate Border, the smell of blood filling that place.

The cruelest great battle was starting!

Wuwu…” A bugle horn sounded. Someone delivered a message over.”

“Old ancestors, the situation is not good, Desolate Border is in danger. The foreign troops are attacking without any fear of consequences, wishing to break through!” The one who came was drenched in blood, loudly reporting this.

This time, the foreign side didn’t hesitate to pay any price, abandoning countless corpses, using lives to forge a path, only wishing to break through the Desolate Border.

“What? This time, outside the Desolate Border… what about that sealed mysterious city? It didn’t appear?” A long life family couldn’t help but cry out.

“There wasn’t, it never appeared!” The one who came reported as things were.

Shi Hao’s mind trembled. He couldn’t help but think back to Stone Clan’s ancestors, as well as the Desolate Border’s seven kings!

“Go, bring the Ten Realms Diagram and Ancestral Dragon Bugle Horn. We are going to Desolate Border, we cannot waste any more time!” Sacred Academy’s Great Elder shouted.

Then, they began to make other arrangements. Ninety percent of the men here left, heading to the Three Thousand Dao Provinces’ Desolate Border!

Only some people remained here, but there had to be a powerful expert to oversee this place. In the end, Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was in charge of defending this place.

At the same time, the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth was also going to be left here to prevent unforeseen events from happening.

“An undying being had appeared here. Even though only a large hand reached out, it is hard to say what kind of other strange methods he has. Will we be able to defend against it?” An elder from a long life family frowned, feeling a bit of worry.

“Don’t worry, if they can come over, they would have done so a long time ago. There is no need to stand still without advancing!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng had them leave, not to waste any time.

The matters were decided just like this, everyone moving out!

One could see a giant spatial gate was opened in the distance, one formed from a white bone altar that led directly to the Three Thousand Dao Provinces!

At Great Scarlet Sky Border, it was unknown just how many warships there were. Right now, they all set off, covering heaven and earth, as if there was a large expanse of clouds surging towards that spatial gate.


The Ancestral Dragon Bugle Horn sounded, thousands to tens of thousands of giant warships taking off, heading towards the battlefield.

Without a doubt, there were people who were truly going to die, moreover a lot of them. The great battle was going to play out on the Desolate Border.

Shi Hao didn’t open his mouth, never asking to go back. Even though he really wanted to go and take a look, he knew that right now, he couldn’t talk about personal matters. He shouldn’t be talking about this type of thing at all.

There were warships everywhere, some even larger than stars. Those were long life families’ unmatched ancient ships. They carried immortal energy, this type of ship even able to directly tear apart space, descend into the three thousand provinces.

Noises sounded, cries of war continuous.

Ships full of people departed one after another, war songs chanted, the sound world-shaking, carrying a bit of a moving and tragic feel.

It was because they were fully aware that after setting out this time, they might never return, that they might die in the Desolate Border. However, their honor didn’t let them look back, no one able to stop them.

“Turn around and take your last look. Goodbye!”

When someone entered the spatial gate, they suddenly turned around. When they looked back, even though this was Great Scarlet Sky, not their homeland, they still wanted to take one more look.

Many people departed, all of them leaving.

Eventually, this place calmed down. They said they were going to leave behind a group of people, but Great Elder declared for them all to leave, only leaving behind less than a thousand people here.

Meanwhile, most of these were young cultivators, for example, the three academies’ disciples!

Shi Hao, Great Xu Tuo, Cao Yusheng, Lan Xian, and the others all remained behind. These youngsters who still hadn’t grown up definitely couldn’t be brought to the Desolate Border.

The reason why they could come here was to gain some more knowledge and experience. Now, this objective was reached, and they even participated in a great competition.

Without a doubt, Shi Hao was extremely dazzling right now, ten battles, ten victories. He represented the Nine Heavens, slaughtering the foreign young kings, killing ten kings alone. This was a type of unimaginably glorious battle accomplishment.

On the other side, the foreign cultivators also withdrew, figures densely packed, moving towards the darkness streak after streak, returning through the pitch-black abyss.

Heh, we don’t have the chance this time, but next time, I will personally kill you!” He Ziming said, challenging Shi Hao.

“If you dare stay behind, I will cut you down right here!” Shi Hao replied extremely powerfully.

Haha… our next meeting won’t be that far away. I am waiting. Let’s see who will kill who?” He Ziming laughed loudly. His body was wrapped within a sphere of golden light, disappearing.

At Great Scarlet Sky border, only ruins remained. The ancient city made of immortal bones had already collapsed, everything destroyed, rubble and debris everywhere.

This place gradually became cold, those from the other side all returning into the darkness.

However, after a long time, the abyss still remained, not closing. It was black and terrifying, as if one’s soul was going to be quickly swallowed up.

It was quiet and silent, the entire battlefield becoming quiet, lacking activity. Only cold winds occasionally blew past, blowing the dried-up bones and releasing wuwu sounds.

Everyone remained silent. The future was going to be extremely difficult, every single person knowing that they were facing a great life and death crisis.

From today on, the so called peacefulness, auspiciousness, would all be shattered. War already revived, killing soon going to engulf the heavens above and earth below!

However, when the two sides were compared, the difference in strength really was great, to the point where it didn’t even allow one to see hope. Every single person had a shadow over their minds. How were they supposed to fight? Was there any hope to be seen?

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch and Lu Hong both had unmatched ancient seeds, yet were still killed. It truly left them feeling dispirited and down.

Many of them were thinking over this battle’s gains and losses, their minds heavy. The foreign creatures were too strong, extremely difficult to kill.

The only consoling thing was that Shi Hao took action, reversing the situation alone, in the end killing ten great experts.

“Great Elder, are we going to just do nothing and stay here?” Someone asked.

“They will return.” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng replied. His eyes remained glued to that black abyss.

“Truly dull. Shouldn’t you all have just pretended to leave, and then attack us when we come out from the abyss?” An elder walked out from the black abyss, his figure dried-up and shriveled, looking like a fossil that was just unearthed. Half of his body even seemed to be buried underground.

This was one of the most powerful creatures who was standing here not too long ago, a leading figure!

“That is meaningless, if killing could get rid of all of you, I definitely wouldn’t mind doing so.” Great Elder said.

The long life families and others had long guessed that the other side had secret motives aimed at this place.

However, they had no choice. The Desolate Border was in a dire situation, so they had to transfer most of their people. The other side was attacking from two fronts, regardless of whether it was gaining benefits from this place or breaking through Desolate Border, they could do either!

The reason for the other side attacking from two sides was precisely because if one side succeeded, then it was enough.

“You all should leave, we won’t cross over from this side, we are still rejected by this side’s world, unable to cross over at all.” That ancient figure on the other side said.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng shook his head, rejecting this, and then said while looking at him. “Instead of that, how about you tell us what kind of secrets this place holds for you all to muster such large forces.”

“Sure, we can chat a bit, let you all understand a few events of the past and not remain confused to the end.” On the other side, that ancient ancestor figure spoke.

This was an exceptional expert who had lived for a long time, his status extremely great, known as one of the most powerful creatures below the undying level!

“However, before this, we have to take care of some matters first, or else we might end up missing the chance.” He calmly said, and then turned around, displaying a deep act of respect towards the abyss.

He was extremely serious and sincere, bringing out an altar and carrying out a sacrifice!

In his surroundings, it was completely silent. Over a hundred figures appeared, all of them living fossil-like existences, all of them terrifying figures!

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone shivered inwardly, chills running through their bodies. Those were extremely formidable experts! Only those on the level of the long life family elders could face them, yet now, so many of them appeared at the same time.

One could see just how much importance they attached and how much they cared about this place.

These people chanted ancient scriptures at the same time, their voices ancient and grand, as if they came from the edge of the world, gradually shaking up the mountains and rivers, resounding through the heavens above and earth below.

“What are they doing?” Shi Hao felt like his entire body was going cold, always feeling as if something bad was going to happen.

“The situation isn’t right!” Great Elder’s expression was serious, even more so than when facing the undying being before. When his eyes opened and closed, chaotic light erupted.


He raised the Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth, waving it like a great banner, covering heaven and earth, protecting everyone here!

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