Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 - Strange

The Three Thousand Dao Provinces’ Desolate Border was in danger!

When Shi Hao heard this, it was hard for him to calm down. It had already been many years since he came to the nine heavens above. He really wanted to go back; were his grandfather parents, Huo Ling’er, and his old friends doing well?

This time might be an opportunity. Would he be able to return to the Three Thousand Dao Provinces to see those familiar people!

However, after thinking about it closely, he felt like there wasn’t much hope, because the Desolate Border was too chaotic. Even if he went, he wouldn’t be able to offer much help. There definitely wouldn’t be a competition like here, but rather a true war siege!

Under this type of situation, asking for a chance to go back wasn’t too good.

Even though he didn’t truly go to the Desolate Border, never seeing what it was really like, he could imagine, even feel that there were already many corpses on the Desolate Border, the smell of blood filling that place.

The cruelest great battle was starting!

Wuwu…” A bugle horn sounded. Someone delivered a message over.”

“Old ancestors,...

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