Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 - Great Disorder

The foreign youngsters by the dark ruins were all shocked and angry, demonic patterns appearing on some of their foreheads, eyes cold as they stared at Shi Hao.

Feeding it to pigs? That was but half a drop of Ancestor He Wushuang’s true blood! That person really dared to say anything, immediately making this place erupt with killing intent.

On the battlefield, that youngster was definitely humiliating the foreign side. A great figure like He Wushuang was someone that was hard even for their own ancestors to meet, someone they had to treat with great respect. Who dared to speak blaspheme against him?

Many people looked towards He Ziming, waiting for him to attack.

“You are forcing me to take action.” He Ziming’s voice was calm. He put away his gentle smile, right now without joy or worry, calm and emotionless.

“Do you think you are anything special, think that you are some generation dominating supreme being? If you are willing to gift me your ancestor’s true blood to raise pigs, then I really am grateful.” Shi Hao said.

“By angering me like this, you won’t have a good conclusion!” He Ziming walked forward with large steps. Golden light instantly erupted, his head of long hair like a streak of golden stellar river. It danced about, making this heaven and earth resonate and tremble.

In that instant, heaven and earth rumbled with noise. Great Scarlet Sky Border was near the zone of primal chaos, with small stars moving about.

He Ziming’s power was terrifying, shocking the younger generation. They all took a deep breath, finally understanding the difference between them, that they weren’t comparable at all.

“Worthy of being someone from the He Family. One can just imagine how terrifying the Anlan, Shutuo, and other clans are, high up above. The geniuses that come from these ancient lands are all living martial dao monuments!” Someone said with a light sigh, feeling a sense of powerlessness.

Shi Hao laughed coldly and said, “Is that so? I really am looking forward to it. How do you compare to He Wushuang when he was young?”

He Wushuang was too strong back then, in charge of killing the young supreme beings in Immortal Ancient’s final days. He rode on a mount alone, defeating all in his his path, his hands soaked in blood.

On the other side, he was a legend, an expert who was known to be unmatched, having unmatched under the sky fame in that generation.

“The glory of the ancestor is something we admire greatly, but later generations might not necessarily be inferior to the previous generations. You’ll know once you give it a try!” He Ziming’s words became cold.

He Family’s ancient ancestor was a forbidden existence, a miracle that wouldn’t tolerate the skepticism and blaspheme of others, all those who disobeyed this killed without exception, the glory of the family had to be protected.

“Come, I’ve wanted to subdue a mount this entire time. Your original form should be a Golden Divine Crane, right? It is quite suited to my tastes.” Shi Hao said, not being polite at all.

It was because from the moment the other side gave the silver-haired woman half a drop of true blood, they were already standing against each other. There was no point in speaking politely.

He directly spoke his thoughts, exactly what he was thinking. After fighting against He Wushuang at that time, he knew that the other party was a terrifyingly great Golden Crane. Of course, this type of crane was definitely different from other crane species!

The other side immediately erupted into noise. The foreign creatures stirred restlessly. There was actually someone who wanted to take on the He Family’s people as a mount, this was just too insolent!


Heaven fell and earth split, ghosts cried and deities howled.

He Ziming took action, a fist smashing out. Divine light overflowed, shaking up the whole world, the ancient battlefield collapsing. It was just too powerful, a good chunk stronger than the ten great experts who fought just now!

He possessed a type of exceptional style. Even though his face was indifferent, that type of arrogance, that type of self-confidence was impossible to hide.

Just a single fist already revealed matchless great strength!

This made the hearts of the people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths pound, their expressions become serious. This was someone from He Family. There was still Anlan, Shutuo, and other ancient families that hadn’t made an appearance yet, only heaven knew just how frightening those creatures would be.


Shi Hao took action, condensing a fist imprint, releasing dazzling light. His right fist looked like it was burning, erupting with blazing divine flames, collapsing heaven and earth.

They directly clashed head-on, the two attacking from the distance. The space between them became incomparably dazzling, just the brilliance alone drowning out this place, nothing visible any longer.

Was this still a confrontation between the younger generation? The older individuals in the back were all moved, because the two were not only using divine abilities, but even more so exhibiting their great dao!

They had long cultivated their respective unmatched dao, having their own ‘paths’, these paths now clashing.

Following an intense explosion, the heavenly dome seemed to have been ignited, multicolored light engulfing all directions. The ground was covered in holes, great peaks turned into fine powder, as if judgment day descended.

When the light disappeared, the world was in complete ruin. There were black holes everywhere in the heavens above, great cracks extending out, not closing even now. Meanwhile, on the ground, magma surged, the battlefield caving in, deformed beyond recognition.

The two powerful young experts each stood on their respective side, staring at each other from the distance. Neither of them were injured.

“Almost ruined my ten complete mending soup,” Shi Hao said. He raised a snow-white giant beast that was entirely shining, as if cast from silver. This was what Yin Ling turned into.

“I am going to kill you today!” He Ziming shouted. He walked through the void, pressing forward.

“Even if it was your ancestor He Wushuang when he was young, he still wouldn’t have the qualifications to speak to me like this.” Shi Hao’s eyes were clear. His entire body surged with strength, preparing to start a true great battle.


He Ziming’s right hand shone, covered densely in many mysterious symbols, looking sparkling and brilliant, but it was terrifying and intimidating, making many people tremble inwardly.

This was especially the case with the other side. Quite a few people’s eyes erupted with light, carefully watching, not willing to miss a single detail.

“Imperishable Scripture!” Shi Hao said to himself. He knew what kind of scripture the other side was operating. As expected, He Wushuang brought back half of the flawed scripture, cultivating it.

Even his descendants studied it, one could see just how important this scripture was!

Shi Hao previously used it as well, but he didn’t fully reveal it, hiding the symbols within his flesh, not letting others see it.

“He Clan’s body technique is unmatched, their clansmen’s flesh reaching a holy level when they are still young, related to a type of scripture. He Ziming has now displayed it!” Someone said quietly.

“I am going to let you understand how tall heaven is, how deep earth is. He Clan’s people cannot be ridiculed!” He Ziming spoke coldly, raising that hand.

The Imperishable Scripture was extremely frightening, able to make one’s flesh unbreaking, sturdy and imperishable, exist forever with the world. He Ziming prepared to use the most powerful body technique to kill the young man before him.

Shi Hao didn’t mind, because he also grasped this scripture, to the extent where it was even more complete!


Suddenly, right at this time, a great shaking was transmitted from below the pitch-black abyss. There were many armored horses that rushed out, accompanied by bugle horn sounds.

“An important barrier of the Desolate Border has already been broken through, so we can now withdraw from Great Scarlet Sky to kill the enemy. It is not time to truly cross over!” Someone shouted, shaking up Great Scarlet Sky Border.

This was like thunder from a clear sky, making everyone from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths reveal looks of shock, their faces quickly turning pale.

Heh heh, haha…” He Ziming lowered his palm, roaring loudly towards the sky, “We succeeded! This is the news I wanted to announce. Seniors, we can now go and kill the enemy!”

By the black abyss, ancient figures moved one after another, retreating into the abyss.

Where was the Desolate Border? The edge of the Three Thousand Dao Provinces!

According to normal reasoning, that was the most important pass to enter the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

Great Scarlet Sky Border’s emergency was just the other side pretending to attack, because even if they broke through this place, they would still be stopped by the realm wall, unable to really enter deeply.

However, the Three Thousand Dao Provinces were different. Battles had been carried out from the ancient past to the present, already merging with the foreign side, about to fuse together. Once that place was broken through, the troops of the other shore could invade and take up long-term residence!

If not for a few special reason, with many forbidden level existences placed there, the Desolate Border would have long been flattened, the foreign army would have long slaughtered their way in.

“Did they draw us here on purpose to prevent us from helping the Desolate Border” On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, someone said with a trembling voice, feeling deeply distressed. This heaven and earth was most likely no longer going to be safe.

The ancient monsters of long life families all revealed serious expressions, all of them solemn, becoming silent, not saying anything.

“Ten Realms Diagram and Immortal King Corpse Wrapping Cloth are both here, we cannot immediately support the Desolate Border. Things really aren’t looking that great.” Great Elder released a sigh.

His eyes revealed divine radiance. “However, what kind of place is the Desolate Border? This is something you all should understand clearly. They shouldn’t have broken through yet, so we will immediately provide reinforcements!

“Go! We are leaving immediately!” Everyone spoke in agreement, incredibly anxious.

However, a few elders from Immortal Academy, Sacred Academy, and long life families didn’t panic, still rather collected. One of them said quietly, “This matter is a bit strange.”

“Correct, this type of threat isn’t that bright and honorable.” Another nodded.

“Truly is creating a diversion. However, the true objective is still this place!” Someone said quietly.

The group of elders’ eyes shone one after another, realizing something. They looked towards Great Scarlet Sky’s chaotic region.

Great Elder Meng Zhengtian directly transmitted sound, saying, “We have all guessed what is going on, but we still have no choice. We have to bring the Ten Realms Diagram to the Three Thousand Dao Provinces’ Desolate Border, or else there might easily be problems. We will leave the Immortal King Corpse Cloth here!”

“It seems like the rumors are true, something extremely important for the foreign side happening here in Great Scarlet Sky Border, which is why they are impatient to invade!” Someone said with a serious expression.

It was rumored that when the foreign side invaded the Nine Heavens Ten Earths in the past, killing countless creatures, in the end, they still withdrew, quickly departing. This was definitely because of some secrets.

It was rumored that Great Scarlet Sky Border was a secret land that previously produced a few unforeseen events. Many important great matters had happened here before, causing them to have no choice but to retreat.

Great Scarlet Sky Border’s city was created from immortal bones. How could normal people do such a thing? They wouldn’t be able to refine them at all!

Meanwhile, at that time, the ancient people of this side had already pretty much been completely wiped out, no one daring to come here to create a city. When later people took control of this place, there were all types of speculations, even now many things remaining a mystery.

Now, the foreign creatures broke through this place, so there was definitely some important objective, trying to undo something.

They attacked the Desolate Border and Great Scarlet Sky Border at the same time, seemingly made a choice, wishing to acquire something!

“We cannot pay that much attention to this place either and as a result neglect the Three Thousand Dao Provinces’ Desolate Border. Otherwise, we might make a great blunder. Once the foreign troops invade and occupy our world, it’ll all be too late no matter what we say!” Sacred Academy’s Great Elder warned.

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