Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 - Ten Battles Total Victory

Grand Ancient Mountain’s Silver King Race’s Yin Ling’s head of silver hair flew about, clothes also moving with the wind. She rushed at him from the air, taking the initiative to attack.

On this dusky ancient battlefield, she looked aloof and pure, possessing a distinct aura, as if she was ascending to immortality. Her beauty was moving, style exceptional.

Only, if one looked carefully, the expression in her eyes was definitely not calm, carrying killing intent. Her silver pupils were dazzling, extremely moving. When she raised her hand, she already displayed several types of ancestral methods!

For the sake of killing Shi Hao, she went all out, definitely wouldn’t hold back in the slightest.


Heaven and earth became silvery-white, dazzling to the extreme, silver liquid flowing about. The great earth melted, void also collapsing.

This was Silver Clan’s ability, able to turn everything into silver and use it for themselves. They could use this to trap and kill opponents, wipe out all enemies.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t let her have her way, immediately making his move. Just like the other side, he took the initiative to attack, long sending out a fist forward.


Silver light exploded, as if mercury poured down, filling the sky. There was a vast expanse of whiteness everywhere, a large amount of silver liquid penetrating the sky, moreover corroding the surrounding terrain.


The silver-haired beauty didn’t feel fear, instead releasing a short shout. She shouted out the word ‘kill’, and then opened her palm. Divine light hacked apart the heavens in that area, penetrating the clouds and blasting through the sun!

That type of light was too dazzling, shining in Shi Hao’s direction. It was precisely the ‘kill’ word He Ziming wrote in her palm, the brilliance dazzling, blasting through heaven and earth.

This was the ancient ancestor’s true blood, where his essence was condensed. It could kill all things, and now, it was condensed through a special type of medicinal liquid in Yin Ling’s hands, not harming her and instead allowing her to kill her opponent.


Shi Hao was like a ghost, his movements swift, not charging forward violently. After all, that was the true blood of an ancient ancestor. He evaded that attack, moving like a streak of lightning.

However, he didn’t stop attacking, rushing from the side, displaying the Lightning Emperor’s precious technique, stirring on thousands of streaks of lightning, blasting everything before him scorched black and rotten.


Lightning interweaved, silvery and golden multicolored light interweaving like a waterfall, crashing down. The surrounding stone mountains all exploded, exploding to pieces here.

The silver-haired woman’s reaction was extremely fast, not daring to face him head-on, dodging and evading, scared of being hit by the lightning.

The power of lightning was astonishing, destroying all sides.

The great earth was completely scorched black, a giant crater appearing in the mountain region. All matter was blasted to pieces by the lightning radiance, there were even several thousand zhang long streaks of electricity rushing into the skies.


The woman’s sleeve exploded, burned to ashes after just being brushed by a streak of electricity, exposing her snow-white sparkling jade arm. Her expression immediately changed.


She didn’t dare act carelessly anymore. Even if she had the true blood of the ancient ancestor, she still wouldn’t necessarily be able to win easily. She immediately opened her palm, continuously attacking, using that ‘kill’ word to deal with Shi Hao.

She knew that the ancient ancestor’s true blood could only be used once, the essence of the blood would flow out, there was no way it would flourish forever.

Only, she had no choice. Once she allowed Shi Hao to close the distance, she would undoubtedly die. Nine powerful experts were all killed, while she herself wouldn’t be stronger than those people.

In her opinion, Huang was a great demon king, one who was even more terrifying than the foreign kings.


The void exploded. That ‘kill’ word released brilliant radiance, simply nothing able to stop it, tearing apart everything, no distance it couldn’t reach!

One could see that even the giant mountains in the distance in this battlefield collapsed, not much able to stop its power.

The silver-haired woman completely went for broke, wishing to kill Shi Hao as soon as possible, not wishing to waste any more time to prevent unforeseen things from happening.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel shocked, feeling great fear inside. That was only half a drop of the ancient ancestor’s true blood, yet it already possessed such great destructive power! It was too frightening, making mountains collapse, seas dry, simply impossible to face head-on.

When the light the ancient ancestor’s true blood released was already like this, what would happen if this drop of true blood actually directly landed on one’s body? Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air, thinking about this terrifying scene.

Without a doubt, half a drop of ancient ancestor true blood was already enough to quickly obliterate a Void Dao Realm genius, able to end all of his dao, destroy his vitality.

“Huang, are you scared now? Why are you dodging? If you are a courageous hero, then fight me! Don’t make me look down on you!” Yin Ling shouted. She was starting to become nervous, fearing that when this half drop of blood was used up, she still wouldn’t have hit the other side.

It was because Shi Hao’s speed was too fast, supporting lightning as he moved, attacking while moving around her. Just a bit of carelessness would place her in a dangerous situation.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many people revealed unkind expressions. This woman really was a bit shameless, even after she obtained half a drop of ancestral true blood, not relying on her own true strength, she still had the nerve to tell others to fight her head-on? 

“Huang, you are so chicken-hearted, do you dare fight or not?” The silver-haired woman continued to speak domineeringly, mocking the other side again and again.

“Noisy!” Shi Hao released a cold snort. He was watching, studying the power of the ancestral true blood in the hands of a young foreign creature, because he would definitely come into contact with it again in the future. Now was a good time to learn more about it.

He couldn’t help but sigh, this so-called true blood was too frightening. If He Wushuang who had this blood came, just how astonishing would it be?

One could imagine that with He Wushuang’s unmatched presence, perhaps just by standing there, just a few dozen drops of true blood flicked out would be enough to kill everyone!

That type of scene made everyone shiver all over, feel deep apprehension.

“Yin Ling, I will pass onto you an incantation that will allow you to kill him.” Right at this time, He Ziming outside the battlefield spoke up. Golden long hair scattered down to his knees, multicolored light flowing about the surface of his body, his face carrying a gentle smile, looking extremely brilliant.

He silently chanted an incantation, passing it to the silver-haired woman.

“Many thanks to great one!” Yin Ling was overjoyed. What kind of secret method was the He Family’s incantation? Its power was definitely exceptional.

Moreover, she quickly realized that this incantation perfectly matched the half drop of true blood in her palm, allowing her to utilize the power of the true blood to the greatest degree.

Following a chant, a wave of mysterious fluctuation rippled out.

Then, her palm released a dazzling light, burning like a flame. That ‘kill’ character flew out, illuminating the heavens, rushing murderously at Shi Hao.

This time, no matter how Shi Hao tried to evade, it continued to follow and attack him, not giving him the chance to run.

“Huang, hand over your life!” The silver-haired woman shouted, her face carrying a pleased cold smile. She finally saw hope of victory.

Everyone’s expressions changed, because her palm was shining, forming a ‘kill’ character that pursued Shi Hao. The void collapsed, Shi Hao about to be suppressed and killed.

The speed of that ‘kill’ character was too fast, chasing after Shi Hao who was supported by lightning, already rushing forward.

Haha, He Clan great one’s methods are formidable after all, not taking action himself, yet able to kill Huang with just someone else in his place, killing this so-called genius.”

On the other side, the young kings laughed loudly, praising He Ziming’s methods, not stingy with their words at all.

The silver-haired woman was even more pleasantly surprised, because she seized the initiative, no longer defending against Shi Hao. She chanted an incantation, having that half drop of true blood attack the enemy on its own.

“Huang, where do you think you are going? I am going to destroy you today!” Yin Ling shouted out. Her beautiful body moved through the air.

“Just a pretty face, yet you dare boast shamelessly?” Shi Hao said coldly. He observed the ancient ancestral true blood, now roughly understanding just how powerful it was.

“You… dare humiliate me!” The silver-haired woman was so angry her charming face became entirely red, feeling shame and anger.

She carried fury as she took action, aiming her palm at Shi Hao, mouth releasing a thunderous incantation, supporting that half drop of resplendent true blood to kill this enemy.

This time, when that ‘kill’ word arrived before Shi Hao, he no longer held back. With a qiang sound, a sword core flew out, directly brandishing outwards.

The Everlasting Immortal Sword could be weak if it wanted, but it could become strong if it wished as well, incomparably mysterious. It had previously faced off against the Immortal Smelting Pot on Imperishable Peak!

That was why Shi Hao never felt any worry. Even if the other party came with an unmatched ancestral artifact, he still had confidence in dealing with it, let alone if it was just half a drop of ancestral blood.


A light noise sounded. That resplendent ‘kill’ character was directly cleaved through by the Everlasting Immortal Sword Core, and then it scattered into the void.

“What is that?” The silver-haired woman was alarmed, quickly backing up.

However, it was too late. After Shi Hao erupted with killing intent, he definitely wouldn’t give the enemy any chance. With the sword core in hand, he hacked apart the sky, slicing this place apart.

Ah… The silver-haired woman screamed miserably. She saw an expanse of cold light flash past, and then her wrist was in incredible pain. When she looked at it, her palm was already gone, cut off.

“No!” Yin Ling was scared, feeling inwardly flustered, quickly backing up.

The glorious sword radiance vanished, the cold sword energy that filled heaven and earth completely disappeared, this place becoming peaceful again. It was because Shi Hao had already retracted the sword. He looked at her, saying, “Now that you lost the half drop of true blood, do you have any other methods left?”

“Don’t come over!” Yin Ling’s face changed. The arrogance and coldness from before was nowhere to be seen, right now, she was panicking.

“I’ll send you on your way!” Shi Hao’s finger was like a sword, pressing forward, and then taking action.

Sword light erupted from his fingertip. With a light pu sound, it blasted through the silver-haired woman’s layers of body protecting divine light, tearing through her defenses.

“Great one, save me!” Yin Ling screamed, rushing towards He Ziming.

He Ziming frowned, already raising his hand. However, when he gave the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment a look, he felt a bit of restraining fear, not daring to interfere with this battle. It was because there were too many sinister legends related to this armor.


Shi Hao removed Yin Ling’s head, and his finger pierced through the space between her brows, blasting through her primordial spirit, killing her on the spot.

In reality, ever since that palm was removed, losing that half drop of true blood, the silver-haired woman already panicked, this battle already losing meaning. The conclusion had already been set.

The foreign side all witnessed this battle, now extremely quiet. Ten great experts were all killed, not a single one of them living.

Moreover, they were all killed by a single person!

This type of accomplishments made one have nothing to say, this was the embodiment of true strength. That young king on the other side was like a great demon king who overlooked them.

Quite a few people felt a type of defeated feeling. Just how long has it been since the foreign side suffered this type of defeat?

This was like a loud and clear slap to their faces.

He Ziming concentrated his attention on Shi Hao, the cross traces appearing in his pupils!”

“What? After gifting out the half drop of true blood, don’t tell me you wish to gift me an entire bottle of ancestral blood? If that is the case, I won’t act too politely.” After speaking, Shi Hao produced a small white jade cauldron, collecting that severed hand on the ground and sealing it up. “Saving this to feed pigs!”

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