Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321 - Opposition

Immortal Wang, this was a matchless expert. However now, he felt apprehensive, not daring to rashly act out.

It was because the diagram in Great Elder’s hands was too frightening, the mountains and rivers within magnificent, great stars moving about, everything completely real. This was a supreme treasure.

This was something that displayed great brilliance in the war of Immortal Ancient’s last phase, killing foreign experts until ghosts weeped and deities howled, establishing a glorious reputation. This diagram was too well-known, absolutely world-shaking!


A light shout sounded that was like a dragon cry or a tiger roar. A war halberd emerged from between Immortal Wang’s brows, releasing dazzling immortal light. The sound it released was cold, making one’s soul tremble.

No one pierced his frontal bone, but rather a weapon emerged  he created himself!

A war halberd that only three inches of itself appeared, incredibly powerful, immortal light dazzling, killing energy overflowing. This was a terrifying weapon that left others with a deep impression.

It was because it carried immortal energy, immortal splendor revolving around it, an immortal weapon. However, it carried a wave of killing intent, defying the auspiciousness of immortal dao, spreading through the weapon, turning it into a deity slaughtering weapon.

Shi Hao trembled inwardly. That aura was too chilly. When a bit of the radiance surged, it tore open the void.

This was especially the case when Immortal Wang faced the sky, the war halberd firing light that pierced the sky dome, penetrating the great stars of outer space, several of them exploding like fireworks!

“This is…” The golden little ant’s face became extremely unpleasant.

Immortal Wang used his clan’s supreme treasure, something his ancestor left behind. The action just now was merely intimidating, easily blasting down stars from outer space. Just how terrifying was this weapon?

This was a display of might to counteract the Ten Realms Diagram in Great Elder’s hands.

“Do you wish to fight it out against me? I do not mind!” Great Elder said with a smile.

At this time, he remained calm and unhurried, not nervous at all. While speaking, the Ten Realms Diagram in his hands releasing hualala sounds, starting to move. The surrounding space immediately collapsed.

Meanwhile, the stone ancient palace shone, sacrificial voices sounding, extremely clear and grand, blocking that type of terrifying might.

“Meng Tianzheng, you dare?!” The nine dragons weren’t the only ones who began to panic, even Immortal Wang glared at him, feeling a bit of fear.

It was because this ancient palace was the clan’s immortal’s place of seclusion, their ancestral palace. They couldn’t let it be destroyed, this was their clan’s spiritual symbol.

This palace recorded their glory. As long as it towered here, it would grant this clan a type of transcendence, a type of confidence. Their ancestor was an immortal!

However, this palace truly was unordinary, shining on its own, stopping this type of fluctuation. It didn’t break apart under the Ten Realms Diagram’s power.

This was worthy of being this clan’s ancestor’s place of seclusion. It had previously bathed in immortal splendor, witnessing long life, extremely heaven-defying.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Only you all are allowed to bully my disciple, I am not allowed to come and settle the debt?” Great Elder spoke extremely powerfully.

Immortal Wang’s eyes were ice-cold, his previously radiant smile completely gone. The battle intent he displayed was extremely great, about to attack at any time. This was a true stance of confrontation.

Previously, the two were all smiles, looking like old friends, but they actually didn’t get along. Now, their true relationship was revealed.


Large amounts of light beams lit up, the entire Wang Family ancient land was shining. There were ten thousand great peaks in total, not more, not less. They swayed back and forth, forming the most complex great formation, hiding the sky and covering the sun. 

This was an immortal formation, even though it was damaged, not that complete, it was still world shocking!

The ancestral palace was wrapped within all types of symbols, protected first.

“You are forcing my hand. Injuring my children, you will be suppressed today!” Immortal Wang said coldly.

His expression became completely different. Even though he was still extremely delicate and handsome, eyes clear, there was an indescribable frightening pressure being released, as if a demonic sovereign had revived!

He was previously radiating sunlight, possessing a type of immortal dao quality. Even though he was still wrapped within immortal energy, surrounded by pure white mist, he was now incredibly forceful, making one tremble inwardly.

It was as if an immortal killing sword was unsheathed, killing intent surging, the heavenly dome about to fall into chaos!

“Is that so? It seems like you plan on abandoning some of your children. Good, I’ll exercise these old arms and legs again, prepare to unleash a proper slaughter!”

Great Elder’s voice was ice-cold. At the same time, a wave of ice-cold and faint killing intent covered everything, spreading from him at the center, extending in all directions.

All life within a radius of a hundred thousand li shivered inwardly, their souls pounding. Many vicious birds and beasts were shaking in fear, quickly kneeling down, kowtowing in this direction.

This was the result after already going through the Wang Family’s formation. Otherwise, if Great Elder unleashed all of his power, it would simply be unimaginable.

Picking stars and capturing the moon with a raise of the hand, this was not a legend, it really could be done. Great Elder definitely had this type of terrifying unmatched magical force.

Right now, Wang Da, Wang Er, and the others’ expressions became ugly. They felt like right now, they really weren’t Great Elder’s opponent, that they were too hasty earlier.

Even Wang Family’s old eight who was extremely arrogant frowned, feeling apprehension. He really wanted to challenge Great Elder, but now, after seeing his power, he knew that he wasn’t a match.

Only Wang Jiu whose gray hair scattered, looking to be around thirty years old, looking much younger than his older brothers, still remained calm, stars falling within his eyes, the scenes terrifying.

This was a terrifying individual. At this moment, he finally spoke, saying, “Father, lend me the war halberd. I wish to fight a decisive battle against him!”

Wang Jiu’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was imposing and awe-inspiring, allowing one to understand that this person would definitely become an overlord in the future, become unmatched in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“No, we will not tolerate any losses today. The nine of you will move together, and so will I. Capture him. With the formation and ancestral weapon here, he can’t escape!” Immortal Wang refused.

It was because he knew that Great Elder was extremely terrifying. There might be a great disaster if they showed even the slightest bit of carelessness.

Immortal Wang was stunning, the outside world always suspecting that he was an immortal core sealed from the last great era. However, even with his astonishing status and unmatched combat strength, it still wasn’t enough to suppress Great Elder.

He had previously fought with Great Elder twice, both times pulling back after a draw, unable to defeat the other party.

“Fine, let’s go up together and kill him. Since this old thing dares come up to our doors, we’ll let him know that our Wang Family’s dignity will not tolerate blaspheme!” Wang Da said.

It was because he really was a bit fearful. This old man was still like the past, making him feel tremendous pressure. When he truly erupted with power, he was still an unmatched existence.

“You’re right, this is an extremely rare opportunity. Since he paid us a visit, then we’ll get rid of him today to eliminate a future grievance!” Wang Er also spoke up, his golden daoist robes fluttering about, his entire being wrapped within chaotic energy, raising his fighting strength to the peak.


Streak after streak of patterns shone on the ground, interweaving in the void, covering heaven and earth.

This was the immortal dao magical formation Wang Family’s ancestor carved, now activating, about to attack. Patterns filled this place densely like golden swords, surrounding Great Elder.

Shi Hao and the golden little ant’s mind sunk, feeling a suffocating pressure.

If not for the radiance Great Elder released protecting them, Void Dao Realm individuals would definitely explode to pieces here, difficult for them to resist this type of heavenly might!

Correct, the immortal family’s magical formation revived, about to wipe out all enemies. For these people in the Void Dao Realm, it could be said to be undefiable heavenly might!

“Meng Tianzheng, you are too arrogant, actually daring to force me!” Immortal Wang said coldly.

In the space between his brows, a small war halberd was pulled out inch by inch, about to turn into an unmatched immortal weapon to deal with the Ten Realms Diagram.

This was extremely bizarre. This clan possessed the Chaos Calming Art, the most powerful sword dao art since the ancient time, yet their ancestral weapon was a war halberd! There were definitely some hidden secrets.

“It is you who is too self-confident.” Great Elder said. Around him, a rag that was soaked in blood appeared, fluttering in the wind. A wave of terrifying energy immediately swept out, killing force matchless!

What was this?

Forget about Shi Hao, even Wang Da, Wang Er, and the others’ heads were pounding, feeling shocked. That blood-soaked cloth looked like something used to wrap corpses, why did it have such terrifying power?

It was because at this moment, the radiance Wang Family’s formation released was all neutralized, prevented from getting closer.

“What? You had Xu Family’s formation banner on you?” Immortal Wang’s expression changed, becoming extremely shocked.

“That war formation banner from back then? Immortal King Corpse Cloth!” Wang Da cried out in alarm, his expression becoming extremely unpleasant.

“Why would Xu Family lend this type of thing to you? This is their life-line! Don’t they fear that someone else might take advantage of it and use it to attack them?” Immortal Wang released a light sigh. This matter was too serious, exceeding his predictions.

The so-called Xu Family, was precisely the long life imperial court Xu Family.

Princess Yao Yue came from this family, the imperial lord of the clan was his father, Xu Mingxuan. 

When Shi Hao heard the name of that rag, he immediately felt a headache. At the same time, he sensed a terrifying aura that hid the sky and covered the earth, endless shouts of war shaking the skies, erupting here.

He knew that this rag had shocking origins, related to even more past events filled with blood and tears.

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