Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269 - No Seed

This scene was extremely frightening. A great purple sun rested in the sky, full and majestic, releasing blazing purple light. Purple energy was released strand after strand, filling up the void.

In its surroundings, brilliant colors swirled about, purple multicolored light overflowing, crashing down like a waterfall.

No one was able to see Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s true appearance, his indistinct figure towering in the distant outer space, only when he opened and closed his eyes could one feel a surging exuberant life essence energy.

No one expected Huang to return. Now, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch stood against him. Were the two going to fight?

Only, what about Huang’s cultivation? He disappeared for close to three years, no one knowing or able to understand his true strength. He didn’t have a perfect seed to merge with, so could he compare to Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch?

In that instant, everyone became full of expectation. They wanted to know what Huang was like now.

“Did you have Jin Jiaoxi test me?” Shi Hao’s voice was cold, not mild in the slightest.

On the other side, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was the exact opposite. Even though the great sun was dignified, illuminating the world from above, his words were gentle, carrying a peaceful tone. “It was my attendant being mischievous, stirring up trouble, please do not take offense.”

The situation was deemphasized, with his words, he began to mediate the situation.

Shi Hao’s eyes swirled with light, but he didn’t say anything. If this heavenly monarch had other intentions, no matter how daring his subordinates were, they still wouldn’t have overstepped their bounds.

“The Nine Netherworlds Ao is a long time friend of the family, a close friend of mine!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch directly said.

Shi Hao was shocked. Was this to stop him from saying something here, fearing that he would say something unpleasant from his interrogation? Was this why he directly explained some karma and relationships?

“Oh? Nine Netherworlds Ao? How is he? It’s been some time, I wonder how far his cultivation has reached now.” Shi Hao calmly said.

“When he fought a decisive battle against you in the past, it was a bitter battle of several thousand exchanges, but he still lost in the end. It dealt him quite the heavy psychological blow, previously experiencing some dark days. However, after suffering shame, he rose up boldly, relying on himself to enter an ancient cave, obtaining a perfect seed and then successfully merging with it!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said.

“Rising up from shame, do you think that being defeated by me was a type of humiliation?” Shi Hao looked at that great purple sun in the air.

“Dao brother is overthinking things.” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch still had a calm smile on his face, but he also felt a sense of distance. The great purple sun became increasingly resplendent, moving across the sky, as if it ruled over the lives of this world’s creatures.

“By approaching me, is it because you want to stand against me?” Shi Hao asked.

“When I came out of seclusion, I heard that the Nine Netherworlds Ao was defeated, which left me quite shocked, but at the same time a bit relieved. I knew that with his arrogant nature, he would suffer a defeat sooner or later, and only by this type of sharpening can he truly rise up. At the same time, I was quite curious, wishing to exchange pointers with the one who defeated him. Only, when I went looking for you, I discovered that you couldn’t find a suitable dao seed, and then thus disappeared. This left me feeling quite regretful. I was deeply moved that there was no one in the Heavenly Deity Realm who could go head to head with you, thinking that there wouldn’t be any more chances again in the future.” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch calmly said.

When his final sentence was spoken, everyone became shocked. Then, they all revealed strange expressions.

It was clear that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch had transcended above, someone who was exceptionally powerful and confident. His meaning was clear, the two didn’t exchange pointers at the Heavenly Deity Realm, and now that he entered the sect master level, there was no meaning left.

It was because Shi Hao didn’t have a perfect seed, so the distance between himself and someone like Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch would only be pulled greater, forever unable to catch up!

“However, when I saw you take action just now, I feel like perhaps I might have misunderstood. Those types of methods aren’t something an ordinary person could display, using Heavenly Deity Realm strength to defeat Jin Jiaoxi, truly is impressive!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch sighed with admiration.

When everyone heard this, their minds all jumped. What was the meaning of this? Could it be that he suspected Huang also had a perfect seed, successfully merging with it? However, how could this be? There were only those few seeds, it was a set number!

“When one’s cultivation reaches a certain level, it is difficult to find opponents. Huang, you can be considered a miracle, I admire you greatly. When I came out of seclusion, I heard many rumors about you. Today, perhaps I might have a chance to have my wish satisfied!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s voice carried a type of charm, a special type of charisma.

This was especially the case for female cultivators. His natural talents were extraordinary, known as one of the most powerful great supreme beings of the younger generation. Together with his outstanding style, he was one of the most heroic young men.

Not far out, the pearls of various clans, many beauties and female cultivators with moving appearances released brilliant colors from their eyes, gazing towards the great purple sun in the sky.

A few outstanding talents from the various clans, a few young men, even though they were jealous, they couldn’t help but sigh. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch indeed had the qualifications to overlook the world, impossible to compare to!

“You wish to fight against me?” Shi Hao asked, his head of black hair thick, but also glossy and smooth, reflecting light like a mirror, naturally hanging down before his chest and back.

His figure was tall and slender, body naturally swirling with luster. His facial features were delicate and handsome, could be considered a young man with outstanding temperament, untainted by the energy of mortals, having a type of solitary immortal aura.

However, in the eyes of some female cultivators, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attraction was a bit greater, because he was powerful, mysterious. After he merged with Great Mist Purple Energy, this unmatched ancient seed, just how many in these Nine Heavens Ten Earths could be his opponent?

Respecting the strong, revering the pride of heaven, this was a type of natural tendency of life. This was why Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch had extremely high prestige during these two years, receiving the admiration and fondness of female cultivators of all different clans.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao had disappeared for a long time. If nothing unexpected happened, there should be no perfect seed for him to merge with, and he thus lost the qualifications to become a supreme being. That was why right now, his popularity was inferior to Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch in the air.

“Correct, I wish to fight against you. Are you willing to accept?” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch nodded. That indistinct figure in the purple sun appeared, purple energy surging, having a sun and moon devouring might.

Everyone was shocked. Two great geniuses were finally going to clash, only, it was unknown if Huang can even fight or not. Would he even be Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s opponent?

“No problem!” Shi Hao nodded, not minding at all, agreeing joyously. It was because he wanted to examine the results of his seclusion in the last three years.

He had left for too long, many people about to forget him, even Jin Jiaoxi daring to provoke his dignity. Perhaps he needed a battle to intimidate the present world’s heroes.

“Master, is there a need for you to personally take action? How about I fight in your place?” The attendant spoke from the side, making many people’s expressions change when they heard this.

They called him an attendant, but he had long grown up, now twenty-five or six, in the golden years of his life. He was well-known because of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch.

He remained at Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s side every day, reading all types of scriptures, researching and studying world shaking ancient heavenly arts, his strength rising up greatly. He was indeed powerful and frightening, rarely having opponents.

“Just an attendant, yet you dare act like this? Truly quite daring!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s students were both alarmed and angry. Someone stood up, loudly shouting. What kind of status did Shi Hao have? No matter how strong this attendant was, rarely encountering his match in Immortal Academy, he was still a servant in the end. How could he directly challenge Huang?

“Step down.” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s voice was deep and low, clearly a bit unhappy, scolding the attendant. 

The attendant named Zi Tong had red lips and white teeth, appearance extremely handsome. When he heard this, he curled his lips, but still withdrew in the end, standing together with Jin Jiaoxi, still dissatisfied.

“Brother Shi is quite mysterious, disappearing for two to three years in one leave. I wonder which seed did you end up merging with?” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch asked.

He really was curious. In this world, from past until now, there were only those few true unmatched seeds, able to be counted.

Now, based on what he knew, the ancient seeds have pretty much all had owners, merged with people, so where did Shi Hao go to find one?

He wasn’t the only one who wanted to know, the others’ breaths were held as well, wishing to know what kind of fortuitous encounter Shi Hao had, if he truly had the qualifications to become a supreme being.

Everyone focused their attention on Shi Hao, their eyes landing on him.

“You are going to be disappointed. There are only those few perfect seeds. I didn’t obtain one, Immortal Academy unwilling to give me one.” Shi Hao replied as things were.

When these words sounded, everyone’s reactions were different.

There were some who felt unfairness for Shi Hao, feeling frustrated for him. He was the genius of a generation before, one of the most powerful supreme beings, yet no one regarded him as important, not giving him a suitable seed. What did this mean? From here on forth, he would start to decline, unable to rise up into the clouds, losing the qualifications to compete against Zi Ri[1], Great Xu Tuo, and others!

There were many who released sighs of relief, for example, those from Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy. They immediately felt like the pressure they were facing decreased, no longer feeling restraining fear.

It was to the extent where some people began to laugh softly. Not merging with a perfect seed meant that Huang was destined to become more and more ordinary, become commonplace. He couldn’t look down on everyone anymore!

“What a pity, even though the display was powerful, suddenly returning, in the end, he is still too lacking, unable to compare to true supreme beings.”

Wu, if it was me, I would have definitely found a place to hide and disappear. What liveliness is there to join? Is being suppressed by another that good of a feeling?”

A few people took joy in his disaster. Shi Hao’s decline meant that they didn’t have anything to fear. There wasn’t much to be scared of.

Some of Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples felt a feeling of powerlessness, at the same time gloominess. This was reality. After this, it would be extremely difficult for Heavenly Deity Institution to raise their heads.

“How tragic.” Immortal Academy’s Wu Tai mocked. He had previously been cut down, and even the azure armor Little Sky King lent him was taken, which was why he hated Shi Hao bitterly.

“Nothing more than this! Without a perfect seed, what kind of achievements can you have? I think you should just let me fight him.” That attendant spoke again, surging with battle intent.

“Did you merge with a wondrous ancient seed second only to a perfect seed?” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch asked another question.

“I did not, was not able to obtain one.” Shi Hao shook his head.

Haha…” Wu Tai couldn’t hold himself back anymore, now roaring with laughter. He had his azure armor stolen from him and even had his body blown up, leaving him so ashamed he couldn’t show his face. He had previously declared that he would wait for Shi Hao in the next great cultivation realm, that if he didn’t have a perfect ancient seed, he will definitely decline. This was when Wu Tai would get his revenge!

He believed that the chance had come, managed to wait until this day. When he saw how bitter his enemy’s circumstances were, he felt incredible joy inside.

“Lord, just let me! This kind of person who doesn’t even have a seed as good as my ancient seed isn’t worthy of fighting a decisive battle against you. It is enough if you just leave this to me!” The attendant spoke up again.

Quite a few people from Immortal Academy began to laugh, feeling incredibly carefree. It was because there were some who previously clashed with Shi Hao, and now, they completely felt at ease, no longer worried about this opponent.

This place immediately became noisy with voices.

“Why dares bully my bro?!” Right at this time, an expanse of light appeared in the air. Those were figures appearing one after another, a group of people hurrying over on divine multicolor light.


Dust surged. Those people landed on the ground, at the very front a fatty, his face like buns, dressed in a moon white daoist robe; it was precisely Cao Yusheng.

At his side was a young lady with long silver hair that shone like a mirror, looking like she was fifteen or sixteen years of age, her large eyes sparkling and translucent like rubies. It was the little rabbit.

The Lunar Jade Rabbit made threatening gestures, widening her large eyes, baring her little teeth as she shouted, “You think you are anything special? Just a stupid attendant yet you dare challenge Huang? Trash like you, if it were a few years ago, we would have long eaten you already!”

Behind these two were Chang Gongyan, witch, Feng Wu, Zhen Gu, Firegold Clan’s Teng Yi, Dragon Girl, and others. Most of these youngsters from the three thousand provinces chose to enter Sacred Academy, now just arriving.

The attendant was annoyed. In these past few years at Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s side, who dared to treat him with disrespect? Everyone was extra careful to be courteous to him, yet today, he was berated like this. He felt that this was absolutely intolerable!

“You all… don’t understand the height and depths of heaven and earth! What is so special about Huang? I admit that he was strong before, but what is he worth now? He can’t even get a seed with some flaw, his accomplishments will definitely be limited!” The attendant screamed.

“Even without merging with a dao seed, just because he is Huang, he can still kill you with just a finger!” The little rabbit cried out, her sparkling white face starting to become a bit red from agitation. Her large eyes were widened until they were round, clearly angered.

“Exactly! Back then, when Shi Hao had dominated the word, who knew what hole a brat like you was hiding in!” Cao Yusheng shouted.

“Even though I don’t know what happened to Huang in these past two years, I believe that a single finger of his can beat you down!” A single smile from the witch dazzled all life, possessing an extremely seductive appearance, exceptionally enchanting. She didn’t need any reasons to believe Shi Hao was strong.

“Correct, a single finger can cripple you!” Quite a few cultivators from the three thousand provinces shouted from behind.

Shi Hao felt a warm feeling. After all this time, these people defended him as soon as they appeared, making him feel warm.

The attendant’s face fell ashen, truly angered badly. In his opinion, he had never suffered this much humiliation before. He was immediately angered to the extreme, pressing forward and saying, “I want to see who can cripple me with a single finger!”

The scene became extremely quiet, only his heavy breathing sounding. Everyone’s eyes were drawn, because he was already approaching Shi Hao.

“As you wish!” Shi Hao said indifferently. His movements weren’t fast, but extremely decisive. He reached out his right hand, his forefinger pointing out.

“Just come and try!” The attendant sneered. His entire body shone, releasing a type of astonishing precious technique. Purple energy overflowed, engulfing the sky!

Shi Hao’s hand enlarged, his speed still not that fast, but it was heavy like a mountain, slowly crushing down, making one feel like they were suffocating!

The attendant’s pupils contracted. He felt an instinctive feeling that things were not going well. He wanted to avoid, but he discovered that he couldn’t do so!

After that finger enlarged, it crushed down like a mountain. He couldn’t escape no matter what type of secret method he displayed, leaving him horrified!


That finger pressed against his body. The attendant’s body released a bone fracturing noise, his mouth coughing out large amounts of blood. Then, his entire body flew out.

His chest caved in, other parts also warping, difficult to imagine just how frightening of a strike he received. His entire body seemed like it was going to collapse.

1. Zi = Purple, Ri = Sun

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