Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267 - Four Great Supreme Beings

Wu, perhaps that really will be the case.” There was another who nodded. Many people knew that Huang and Wang Xi previously had a falling out. The Wang Family’s people had targeted him, to the extent where they even placed a diamond band on him, wishing to make him a servant.

Back then, this matter had stirred up quite the disturbance, many people from Heavenly Deity Institution knew about it, and because of this, Huang had previously suppressed Wang Xi, spending a night together.

Many people had heard this before. Huang did this for the sake of washing away the humiliation Wang Family left him with, but because of this deeply offended a long life family.

There were others who shook their heads, saying, “That might not necessarily be the case. Jin Zhang is the pride of heaven in this generation, so he ought to have his own aspirations, boldness, he might not necessarily seek out Huang to look for trouble immediately after emerging from seclusion.”

“What a pity, things change with the passage of time, the Huang of the past…” There were some who were shaking their heads, feeling pity. Almost three years have passed, the people who merged with unmatched seeds all emerged from seclusion, while the one without a perfect seed vanished without a trace. It was clear that many people already came to similar conclusions.

Huang had already disappeared, not appearing again, so the conclusion was easy to predict!

“One’s path is their own to choose, it can’t be blamed on another. In the past, Immortal Academy didn’t give him a perfect dao seed, so what if he entered my Sacred Academy? How could the results have been like this? It would be a completely different situation!” Someone said coldly.

“You should just stop, would Huang have been able to get True Dragon’s heart blood if he went to Sacred Academy, obtain Heavenly Horned Ant’s extreme strength blood? Obviously not. They were already divided up, reserved for Little Saint and the others.” Someone said.

Not far out, blue multicolored light flickered, hazy radiance scattering about, also dyeing this place with faint blue light, appearing cold and mysterious.

There was a hazy figure that appeared, her figure tall and slender, legs long. Her blue dress fluttered about, unable to hide her impressive curves.

This was a woman who looked like she was in her twenties, her skin snow-white and sparkling, beautiful like jade. She walked out from the blue mist.

They could now see her clearly. Her pupils were also blue, and her head of long hair was also blue like water ripples, bright and soft. Her figure moved gracefully as she walked over, long blue hair full of sparkling radiance.

This woman was without a doubt exceedingly beautiful, her skin white and translucent, eyes full of intelligence, large and beautiful. Her eyelashes were long, brilliant splendor released when they blinked.

“It’s her, long life family Blue Clan’s Princess -- Lan Xian[1]!” Someone released a cry of alarm, recognizing her. A wave of discussion was immediately produced.

Everyone turned around to look at her. This was not only because she was a peerless beauty, her looks able to topple cities, it was also because she was a female supreme being, an incomparably powerful young individual.

She had previously exchanged a palm with Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch. It was just one palm, yet it shaved off a divine peak from the Northern Sea Forest. One had to understand that that place was sturdy and unbreaking, difficult to move.

After endless time had passed, many people had previously went there to leave behind their names to test the depth and strength of their own cultivation realm. Different parts of the forest corresponded to different cultivation realms, this was an ancient holy land.

Rarely was there anyone able to destroy the forest, let alone a divine peak second only to the transcendence peak!

Lan Xian had previously traded a palm with Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, no winner or loser decided, both pulling back as a tie. The two didn’t continue to fight, so the outside world speculated that they felt mutual apprehension

This woman who was only known for her exceptional beauty before, after this battle, she shook the world. Everyone became aware of her power. She looked weak, beautiful like a fairy, but in reality, her strength was rarely seen.

“She merged with a ‘Sky Dome Seed’, dark blue like a diamond. When this seed appeared, it had previously dyed Immortal Academy’s skies blue like the dome of heaven, no one knowing where this seed went afterwards. Only after Lan Xian successfully merged with this seed, fighting against Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch did everyone realize what happened.”

There were some who muttered quietly, mentioning all types of things related to Lan Xian.

Not far out, Shi Hao’s eyes flickered about. He could clearly sense that this woman was powerful. Was this the strength of the present world young supreme beings?

However, he also knew that Lan Xian was restraining her own exceptional aura, or else it would be even more frightening. The reason why he could sense this was completely because of his spiritual awareness!

The so-called Sky Dome Seed, during the ancient times, was known to be unspeakably precious. A seed that dared take on the dome of heaven as its name, how could it not be world-shaking?

This seed alone was given the name sky dome!

In the past, the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed was known as an unmatched seed that could definitely allow one to harmonize with the dao, the easiest to achieve immortality, long life and undying, a perfect seed. Meanwhile, on the other side of this was precisely the Sky Dome Seed.

This Sky Dome Seed was viewed as something the heavens left for their heirs, the greatest gift, able to forcefully oppress the mortal realm’s Great Mist Purple Energy Seed.

Now, this woman personally arrived in Heavenly Deity Institution, did this mean that the young supreme beings were all going to appear? Everyone was quite expectant.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Lan Xian, Little Sky King, Great Xu Tuo, these four individuals’ reputation shook the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, representing Immortal Academy’s greatest fighting strength!

Apart from this, there was Qi Gu, Little Saint, as well as the pride of heaven of this generation, Jin Zhan, these three one more powerful than the next, previously suffering several rebirths, their depths immeasurable.

Who was number one in the present world, who was the true number one supreme being of the younger generation?

Many people were discussing privately. They were all extremely stirred up, wishing to know the result. During this period of time, even the older generation were privately discussing this.

“In reality, we have to include the protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun, Ten Crown King Tian Zi, as well as the most mysterious Exiled Immortal!”

Someone said with a light sigh. It was because these three didn’t go to the Northern Sea Forest to carve their own names, and they didn’t have especially glorious or world-shaking battle accomplishments, so they were difficult to understand.

However, everyone knew that they were definitely strong, moreover strong ot the point where their true bottom lines couldn’t be seen.

“We should just forget about that Exiled Immortal, there was no news of him obtaining an unmatched dao seed. However, that Ten Crown King is definitely frightening, after all, he merged with a World Tree Sapling!”

“Talking about these things is pointless, as for the truth, who could say for certain? I feel like there are still some who haven’t truly revealed their strength yet, and these individuals might very well be even stronger.”

Just a random discussion already named ten great experts, these individuals all the focal points of everyone’s attention during these two years.

Wu, top ten great experts. Perhaps a few of them can be swapped out, because there are some hidden experts, but at least six or seven of them should be there, difficult for others to take their place.”

For example, the Nine Netherworlds Ao, even though Shi Hao had previously defeated it, there were some who believed that he still had the qualifications to enter the ranks of ten great experts.

Also, Sacred Academy had rumors that there was a youth named Yi Yi[2] who resonated with the Heavenly Horned Ant’s extreme strength blood, divine force matchless, bravery unrivaled. He was definitely powerful beyond comparison.

Aside from this, there were some who were sure that there was someone who obtained the Yin Yang Seed. It wasn’t Exiled Immortal who they previously assumed it to be, this person harmonizing with yin and yang, an aura of primal chaos around him, possessing generation crushing aptitudes.

Just like that, more than ten people were mentioned, all of them having the qualifications to enter the ranks of ten great experts.

Immortal Academy’s Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Lan Xian, Little Sky King, Great Xu Tuo, Sacred Academy’s Qi Gu, Little Saint, Jin Zhan, these were already confirmed. They were definitely transcendent individuals.

There was also Ten Crown King Tian Zi, Exiled Immortal, protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun, as well as the Nine Netherworlds Ao Shi Hao had previously fought a great battle against, Yi Yi, the mysterious individual who merged with the Yin Yang Seed, and others.


Not far out, multicolored light surged, all colors surging, the scene extremely dazzling.

A group of people immediately rushed over. Then, everyone were shocked, groups moving out. It was because they sensed a strong immortal dao aura surging from beneath the earth.

Everyone knew that there was an immortal manor underneath Heavenly Deity Institution, one that remained closed this whole time. Now that this happened, how could they not make the association?

“The mud pool!”

Someone cried out in alarm. This was the place Great Elder enjoyed to angle in, many people speculating that the entrance to the immortal manor was likely here. Now, the mud pool released immortal light, immediately raising a commotion.


Scarlet multicolored light surged at the limits of the horizon, the radiance carrying a golden-red hue. It swept in this direction.

A pure gold alms bowl appeared there, crushing downwards, wishing to surround the mud pool.

“That is.. Great Xu Tuo!”

Someone cried out in alarm. The one who obtained the ashes of an ancient monk appeared, the one who was rumored to be destined to obtain an imperishable body, become an immortal monk!

That alms bowl was the embodiment of the ancient monk’s inheritance, condensed from Great Xu Tuo’s precious techniques. It could hold the sun, moon, and stars. Right now, it wanted to collect the mud pool.


Blue light flashed past, a mysterious mist surged. A blue clad fairy appeared, gently moving her spacious sleeve, blasting the alms bowl away. She stood there, her impressive figure undulating up and down, beautiful and astonishing; this was precisely Lan Xian.

No one expected two of the most well-known great supreme beings to take action as soon as the mud pool appeared, opposing each other with equal harshness!


Right at this time, a gray robed daoist appeared, standing in the mud pool. Crazy winds swept about, sand and stone flying everywhere. Many ancient trees were pulled up by the roots.

He wasn’t doing this deliberately, this was just the energy that naturally swept around him, the energy already blowing aside all rubbish in his path.

This was a type of heavenly wind that ensured he remained untainted by dirt, not contaminated by the aura of the mortal world. There were people who also called this immortal wind. This was the embodiment of a transcendent being’s tremendous potential, the profoundness of his cultivation.

“Qi Gu, he came as well!” Someone said with shock. Sacred Academy’s young supreme being appeared.

He was extremely young, but his appearance was ordinary. At the same time, he looked quite old-fashioned, not a hint of a smile on his face, completely expressionless.

This was someone who had undergone rebirth many times like a phoenix, reborn through flames, breaking through the limits of the present world methods several times, terrifying to the extreme.

“Dao brother Qi Gu has come. I have also come to join the liveliness.” In the sky, a mist of purple light emerged, an auspicious energy pervading the air, surrounding all directions.

Purple energy came from the east!

This was an indescribably noble propitious energy, vast and powerful throughout thirty thousand li.

It was clear that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch arrived. This supreme being among men, a heaven warping genius whose birth was even blessed by mysterious splendor had hurried to this scene.

An immortal cave unexpectedly drew the attention of several of the most powerful young supreme beings, descending here one after the other, it truly left everyone’s minds greatly shaken.

“I understand now, the manor underneath Heavenly Deity Institution might very well be left behind by an immortal king, the inheritance here is likely glorious and world-shattering!” Someone made this deduction.

Everyone trembled inwardly, immediately feeling like this made sense. There might be an immortal king secret realm underground!

The mud pool shone, auspicious energy surging as if something was going to rise up, triggering great shock. Everyone rushed over together, wishing to fight over opportunities.

In the end, four great experts took action at the same time. Great Xu Tuo’s true body didn’t move, but the alms bowl did, collecting heaven and earth, the aura of an immortal monk endless, scattering over, making many experts feel reverence, not daring to approach.

Then, Lan Xian formed magical imprints, the sky dome rumbling, crushing down, the entire dome of heaven unexpectedly forming a sheet of great dao scriptures, covering everything above!


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was even more direct, actually exchanging a palm with Daoist Qi Gu from the distance, ripples immediately surging out like ocean waves, shocking everyone around them.

Fortunately, there were formations here, stopping the terrifying fluctuations.

Wu, all of you, do not crowd this place, don’t get too close!” There were some people who stood out, keeping order in this place.

“Immortal Academy and Holy Academy’s people can stand at the very front, Heavenly Deity Institution’s people, move to the back!” These words really were infuriating for Heavenly Deity Institution’s people.

It went without saying that the great supreme beings at the central-most position in the mud pool would be the first ones to enter when the immortal manor opened.

Next were Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy’s people, closely following behind those four great experts.

Even though this was Heavenly Deity Institution, the academy’s students were ordered to line up at the very back, not allowed to be at the front.

“Why should we? This is our Heavenly Deity Institution, how can you treat us like this?” There were more than ten students from Heavenly Deity Institution who were discontent.

“It is because Heavenly Deity Institution is too inferior, not a single person who can come out and fight, just a declining place. The opportunities are to be left for the strong, those who are lacking should know their place!” Someone said, his voice full of contempt.

This could be considered a type of taunting, but for Heavenly Deity Institution’s students, it was a type of humiliation, truly too hard to take.

They were in their own academy, guarding their own treasure, yet had no right to it, had to move to the back, it really made them feel like the other party was bullying them too far, unable to swallow this down.


Right at this time, a streak of hazy light rushed out from the mud pool, wrapping around something, triggering a huge commotion. The four great young supreme beings all took action.

In the end, a great clash immediately broke out between them, a great confrontation erupting.

Lan Xian faced Great Xu Tuo, Qi Gu confronted Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch!

The others wanted to take action and compete, but they felt a bit scared, fearing that they would anger the four great supreme beings.

RIght at this time, furthest out, someone walked out from Heavenly Deity Institution’s students. With a raise of his hand, clear light swirled, directly seizing that object, grasping it in his palm.

Everyone was stupefied. There was someone who dared to steal food from the mouths of the four great supreme beings?!

Who was this person? Could it be that another young supreme being came? Everyone looked over, all attention focused on this person!

“He… why does he look familiar?”

“That is… Heavens! That is the one who has disappeared for a long time -- Huang!”

1. Lan = Blue, Xian = Immortal

2. Yi = abundant/graceful, Yi = ant

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