Chapter 125 - Young Deity (Teaser)

Chapter 125 - Young Deity

A hazy radiance lingered about. Dense mist rose, enveloping the little creature, seemingly extremely mysterious.

Everyone naturally cried out in alarm. This was the descendant of an Archaic deity! They all rushed forward, all of them wanting to take possession of it.

“Stop it!”

The little guy’s entire body was a golden yellow, emitting hundreds and thousands of lightning rays. It protected his body, and he suddenly charged out with the intention of breaking out from their encirclement.

“Leave behind the young deity!” The Silver Blood Giant shouted. Although it knew that it was no match for the little guy and was scared of this human youth, it didn’t have the time to worry about that right now. Don’t tell me that they couldn’t catch him even if everyone went up together?!

It stretched out with a large hand, and as symbols flickered, the entire area blazed magnificently. It directly slapped down with the intention of turning the little guy into meat paste. At the same time, the Feather King also did not want to fall behind. Those worn out wings released two rays of divine radiance, hacking outwards toward the little guy’s two arms.

“Leave the divine creature’s descendant behind!” The others were all loudly shouting, and took action together. All kinds of precious techniques flew about, and the area between the hills immediately became incomparably bright as a rain of light danced in the air.


“What’s going on?”

Almost at the same time, everyone felt as if something was wrong. Their precious techniques lost effectiveness, and the rain of light was absorbed. The rays of lightning disappeared, all entering the little guy’s bosom. It was all absorbed and swallowed by that lump of dense light.

“It’s the young deity, it’s using the power to mature!”

Everyone was shocked. It was just born, yet it already showed this kind of astonishing display. What kind of power will it have when it fully matures?

The little guy rushed out, and felt something hairy in his hands. The multicolored mist faded, and a creature roughly a third of a meter long revealed its true appearance, curling up within his bossom.

It was a dirty and messy little fellow. Its fur was soft, appearing extremely young and tender. A pair of small ears stood erect, and two small protrusion stuck out of its forehead, as if horns were going to go grow out.

Its entire body was ash gray and furry. Large eyes emitted black light, extremely vast and indistinct. It looked up and down, left and right. It seemed a bit afraid as it curled itself up within the little...

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