Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 - Confrontation at the Peak

Phoenix cries resounded, blasting through gold and splitting stones. That dazzling Heavenly Phoenix tumbled about in the sky, carrying heaven-overflowing flames, its body moving viciously, continuously releasing vicious attacks.

Every inch of Shi Hao’s body was releasing blinding electrical radiance. In the end, it formed a sea of lightning, smashing into the fiery light, as if raging waves struck against the shore.

They fought from the sky above to the earth below, and then fought from the ground back into the cloud layer, tangling about, blood scattering down from time to time.

The Lightning Emperor Precious Technique faced the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix Secret Method, lightning and flames contending against each other, a competition between the greatest divine abilities. The two fought until they were completely stuck together, bathed in blood as they attacked viciously, the battle extremely bitter.

This was the most frightening opponent Shi Hao had encountered yet, forcing him to go all out, yet he was still injured. There were fine cuts that were made on his body, the result of his body splitting apart.

One had to understand that his flesh was sturdy like divine gold. When normal magical artifacts smashed into his body, they would be shattered instead, yet now, his body suffered such injuries.

Shi Hao was now no different from the best body cultivators, his physical inner treasury opened, yet under the other party’s sharp claws, blood still flowed in long streams.

It had to be said that the Heavenly Phoenix’s claws were too terrifying, unstoppable. The sky continuously collapsed, like tofu under the Heavenly Phoenix’s sharp claws, unable to take a single hit.

The space around them even exploded each time. Under the Heavenly Phoenix’s sharp claws, that area would explode. Just how many people could resist this type of exceptional power?

When a normal person walked up, they would immediately be shredded up under a single claw, their bones turned into pieces, no defenses able to defend against that type of attack.

Everyone was stupefied. Huang whose body was known to be powerful to the extreme was actually injured, truly a shocking sight. The expressions of Heavenly Deity Institution’s people became grave, all of them feeling that Immortal Academy was deep and immeasurable, like dragon pools and phoenix nests, a place where unmatched heroic geniuses resided. The disciples it produced were too frightening.

Of course, everyone keenly noticed that Yu Wudi was also injured, his face pale, his lips tightly pursed together, wisps of blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

He was suppressing it, not allowing the blood to spurt out. In reality, he was already injured.


Shi Hao became the ruler of a sea of lightning, each fist more fierce than the last, more tyrannical than the last, facing the Heavenly Phoenix’ sharp claws head-on. Even though there were fine gashes on his flesh, blood flowing out, he was still powerful and ferocious.

Lightning rushed out streak after streak, the radiance incomparably great, simply as if a mountain was smashing out. Fist radiance surged, blasting at his opponent.


Finally, Yu Wudi couldn’t hold on any longer, struck by the fist light until his mouth released a mouthful of blood, his body rocking back and forth.


Shi Hao shouted, his voice like thunder, making the void rumble. His fist became even more brilliant, as if two divine hammers were about to bring down the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!


Yu Wudi couldn’t suppress it any longer, continuously coughing out five mouthfuls of blood, an incredibly horrifying sight, blood dyeing the skies red. His body rocked about.

At the same time, five streaks of claw marks appeared on his body, one of them almost making bone visible, one could vaguely see a bit of the bones’ white color.

Both of their injuries weren’t light, could be said to be both side suffering and neither winning that exchange.

In that instant, the two already exchanged three hundred moves, evenly matched, their bodies both having injuries.


Killing energy withdrew, blazing flames surged from Yu Wudi’s body. Rebirth power surged, his injuries quickly recovering. The blood essence that was coughed out flowed back in reverse, entering through his skin.

This scene left everyone dumbstruck. In the time it took to take a breath, his blood energy was surging again, recovering.

How was one supposed to kill him? How were they supposed to fight a life and death struggle?

By grasping the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix Secret Method, Yu Wudi was naturally undefeatable. It was because even if he was injured, he could immediately recover, instantly restore his condition, always maintaining a peak condition.

Regardless of who it was that became his opponent, they would all feel a great headache, difficult for them to see how they could win.


Golden ripples surged. Before everyone’s shocked eyes, Shi Hao also underwent a change, a foot tall willow tree appeared above his head, the entire tree looking like it was cast from gold. Every branch was golden, the soft shoots covering them also like this. Right now, they absorbed the essence energy of the nine heavens, quickly replenishing itself.

En?” Quite a few people widened their eyes with shock.

The foot tall little tree devoured the essence of the heavens above and earth below. Its roots landed on Shi Hao, reaching towards him, also allowing him to instantly recover.

This was the Willow Deity’s precious technique, its innate ability. Not only could it produce golden divine chains of order, it could also be used to treat injuries.

In reality, when Shi Hao first learned this precious technique, the first true meaning he had to grasp was life, using this to comprehend the elements of long life in this heaven and earth, to transcend above. 

Only, he was always fighting, so he used the offensive aspects of the ability more often.

Everyone was petrified. These two fought to this extent, their blood energy already somewhat decreased, yet now, they both were both vigorous once more.

“Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art!”

Right at this time, Yu Wudi released a low grunt. He displayed a type of heavenly art, one whose reputation previously shook Immortal Ancient Great Era, having an illustrious reputation, known to be one of the most powerful heavenly arts.

This type of low roar was a type of incantation, able to support the heavenly art’s secret force, making it even stronger.

In that instant, heavenly and earth rotated nine times, the entire world flipped over, about to crush Shi Hao beneath.

Quite a few people cried out in alarm. Wasn’t this legendary heavenly art lost in inheritance? It was lost in the foreign land, the secret text brought away by the enemy that couldn’t be defeated. They never expected to see it again today!

Everyone sighed, Immortal Academy was formidable after all, just too shocking, even recovering this type of unmatched heavenly art that had been lost in inheritance for a long time, bringing it back to light.

Right now, many people’s minds were surging, their resolutions to enter Immortal Academy becoming even more firm. They were going there to study techniques, further pursue their studies!

The so-called nine revolutions was capsizing heaven and earth, complete nine revolutions, crush all creatures that were sealed within, extinguish all life, truly an incomparable method.

Shi Hao was like a small boat in a stormy sea, about to flip over at any time, blasted to pieces. His entire being was sealed within, about to be erased.

Many people cried out in alarm. Qing Yi, Gu Jianyun, the little rabbit, Cao Yusheng, Feng Wu, and the others’ expressions changed. These changes were taking place too quickly, the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art unmatched!

“Six Dao Reincarnations!”

As heaven and earth reversed, the world overturned, Shi Hao who was inside the sealed space released a light shout, displaying his own heavenly art. Six mysterious gates opened in the void.


This world seemed to have had several slits torn open, all of the crushing power was guided in, pouring into the six mysterious gates.

Then, Shi Hao’s hands moved, the six hand gestures incredibly complex, continuously hanging. Then, with a fierce shake, the magical imprint aimed at Yu Wudi.

In that instant, the secret force the six mysterious gates devoured completely flowed in reverse, smashing at Yu Wudi who was displaying the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art. It raged and surged like a great river, as if a mountain torrent was roaring, engulfing towards the skies, drowning out the heavens.

Everyone’s minds trembled when they saw this, many of their expressions changing. He actually neutralized the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art that easily!

“That’s the Six Dao Reincarnations!”

Someone sighed, even the old monsters who were secretly watching were moved. It was because this ancient heavenly art was too famous, having an ancient history, one of the matchless divine abilities.

In that Immortal Ancient Great Era full of blood and chaos, this heavenly art’s user killed until the Nine Heavens were dyed red, the Ten Earths’ color changed. The foreign experts were cut like chives, wiped out one batch after the next.

It was rumored that the reason why the past ancient realm was blasted into Nine Heavens and Ten Earths was related to the Nine Dao Reincarnations’ might!

It could be said that in the final parts of the last great era, the Nine Dao Reincarnations Great Divine Ability established incomparably splendid battle results, killing endlessly, wiping out countless powerful enemies, establishing great achievements.

As expected, the six mysterious gates stopped the incoming attacks, and then sent the power right back, raging powerfully, moreover incredibly ingenious as it attacked the opponent.

Yu Wudi displayed the heavenly attack once more to stop this attack. His body staggered, and then he shouted, “Break!”

The revolving heaven and earth were broken apart, the secret force that swept back scattered, rushing into the boundless heavens.

“This is only the first revolution, there are still eight more! With each rotation, the power of heaven and earth will be increased greater, so let’s see how you handle them!” Yu Wudi said coldly.

His battle clothes fluttered about. Even though he had a medium build, his appearance ordinary, right now, he was like a war god,having a type of unmatched loftiness.

Nine Revolutions Heavenly Art moved past and present, now fully displayed by him, terrifyingly powerful, leaving everyone horrified. If it was anyone else, they would have long been blasted into powder.

“The second revolution?” Shi Hao said quietly, his eyes bright and clear. “The Six Dao Reincarnations also have many interpretations.”

His hands merged together, his hand gestures continuously changing, in that instant displaying the fate of humankind. Six dao life reincarnations appeared, as if it was going to send one into reincarnation.

The six gates merged into one, forming a vortex, about to suck Yu Wudi in, make him enter a life and death reincarnation, six dao deaths and rebirth.

That was a blurry ancient realm, not even the the founder necessarily sure if that type of reincarnation could continue existing, but when used to kill, it was enough!

“Supreme Hall’s inheritance was found by him! Was he fated to grasp it?!” This came from the cultivators of the three thousand provinces, these individuals feeling extremely shocked.

Two people clashed, fighting a battle of the very peak!

Between them, divine force raged, countless natural laws surging, divine chains of order interweaving into a web, the sky-covering natural laws forming the sun, moon, and stars.

This place became a world of natural dao, natural order and other things forming the cosmos’ stellar streams. Then, they continuously clashed, great stars exploding, comets flying across the sky, a great life and death confrontation.

The two fought, continuously operating ancient heavenly arts. Eventually, they turned into leaves, became birds and beasts, and then everything continuously erupted, evolving again, flesh and blood obliterated, then regenerated once more.

This was a great decisive battle at the very peak!

When he fought to this extent, even Shi Hao himself entered the Six Dao Reincarnations’ natural laws, while Yu Wudi also became immersed in the nine revolutions world. As a result, they continuously reincarnated into leaves, birds and beasts, and then were continuously blasted to pieces.

Their bodies were pierced through, relying on rebirth power and Willow Deity Secret Method to recover. Otherwise, the two of them would have been buried right here.

“Is this real? Are they in reincarnation, dying and then being reborn?” Someone said while trembling.

“It is just an irregular scene, not truly happening. However, their bodies are taking serious damage again and again, to the extent where their flesh even collapsed!” Someone who understood what was happening said.

After a final loud noise, they separated. Their bodies were covered in blood as they staggered backwards, both of them seriously injured.

Then, this place became quiet, dead silent, no one saying a word, eyes nailed to the arena.


Suddenly, Yu Wudi roared towards the sky, his head of hair standing vertically, his body swelling up, turning into an ancient beast.

His appearance completely changed, making one greatly alarmed. It was because the aura that was released from his body was too frightening, simply unbelievable.

This was a vicious beast, one that was fierce to the point of making everyone shiver inwardly, fierce to the point where its aura overflowed into the heavens!

Its head was similar to a wolf, but a pair of enormous ancient gray bull horns grew on it. Moreover, there was a vertical eye between its brows, making it look incredibly savage.

Black scales covered its body, these scales solid and cold, flickering about like black gold, and there was long hair that reached out from between the scales, the hair scarlet red like blood, half a meter in length.

Nine tails grew behind it, at the end of every tail a vicious beast head that looked like a dragon head, sinister and frightening.

“Nine Netherworld Ao!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out loudly.

“One of the legendary Vicious Ten!” Everyone roared out in commotion, all of them greatly shaken.

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