Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232 - Without Equal

No one expected things would develop like this, not even the old monsters able to hold back, encouraging everyone to ‘exchange pointers’, carry out a great battle.

Number one in Heavenly Deity Realm, this type of battle was going to be carried out on the arena!

Everyone knew that this was definitely a type of encouragement, a display of the three great institutions’ strength, displaying their glory and brilliance.

Shi Hao, without a doubt, became the focal point of attention, the first one to be sent up. Conflict originally sparked between him and Little Sky King, left with no choice but to fight. Now, he was even more so directly brought right before a storm.

Of course, since he was now up here, he couldn’t run. However, there was no need to either, because he was going to decide everything through battles to begin with.

“Truly arrogant! He went up first to seize the title of number one in Heavenly Deity Realm, but in my opinion, he’ll be quickly knocked down!” Someone said loudly.

“My Immortal Academy’s people still hadn’t gone up, yet he is already impatient, really is quite daring!” Someone mocked.

Shi Hao’s gaze was like lightning as it swept over those people, not taking their words to heart. It was because he only needed to speak through strength, determine who was the genuine article on the arena.

The grand arena carried an ancient feeling, as well a type of bleakness, unknown just how many tens of thousands of years it had existed for. It was incredibly large, enough for them to fight as they pleased.

Instead of calling it an arena, it was better to call it a floating continent. The ground was all made of stone, streaks running through its surface, profound and complex.

These were great dao symbols, even if it was ordinary stone that had these patterns engraved on it, it would still become sturdy enough, let alone this type of special material.

They didn’t have to worry about breaking the arena, didn’t have to worry about the battlefield being unstable, everyone could focus on fighting with everything they had. This was a battlefield refined by ancient almighty beings, so it definitely wouldn’t break.

“Be careful!” Qing Yi transmitted sound from below, because she knew that Shi Hao was going to face exceptionally terrifying opponents, the battles extremely dangerous.

All eyes were aimed at him, everyone looking at the arena.

“We actually reached this situation, the three academies about to fight a great battle here.” Princess Yao Yue’s beautiful eyes flickered with brilliance as she stared at the arena. She no longer tried to dissuade them from fighting.

On the other side, above the sparkling gourd, several dozen people stood side by side, among them several individuals who were the most stunning, harmonizing with the dao, as if they were about to fade into heaven and earth.

Wang Xi was also there, treated as an honored guest.

“This is the youth who previously went against the Wang Family, sparking conflict?” Someone asked.

Wang Xi nodded, saying, “He is!”

“Sister-in-law can be at ease, just wait for me to take action. He will definitely be knocked down, all of the disturbance he stirred up will disappear very quickly.” One of them said.

Wang Xi released a cold snort, her beautiful and sparkling face revealing a look of warning, clearly not liking this type of address.

“Sister-in-law and that senior brother of mine have already been engaged for some time, so this type of address isn’t wrong at all!” That person said while laughing.

“In a bit, our people will go up and defeat him. Our Sacred Academy walks the path of extremes, continuously transcending the limits, all excellent opponents will become our sharpening stones!” Someone said with a smile.

Even though Wang Xi didn’t like being called this term, she still reminded them, saying, “Huang is definitely a stunning talent, his cultivation heaven reaching earth moving, rarely meeting worthy opponents among his peers. All those who underestimate him will pay greatly for it!”

There was an indistinct figure that looked like a demonic god who walked out from primal chaos, exuding a type of great awe as he said, “Sister-in-law, you overthink things. We’ll show them who the number one in Heavenly Deity Realm is!”

“Precisely! The number one Heavenly Deity Realm individual will definitely be a young supreme being from my Sacred Academy!” Another person said, full of confidence.

On the arena, Shi Hao stood there alone, not saying a single word.

“Wudi, are you willing to fight?” Little Sky King said. He looked towards the youngster standing on the small leaf boat, this person unexpectedly worthy of him speaking so seriously.

No one felt that this was strange. This person was indeed a heaven warping genius, someone who Little Sky King believed to not be weaker than himself when he was at the Heavenly Deity Realm.

“That’s fine!”

Yu Wudi nodded, and then he moved, immediately tearing through space, leaving the small boat and appearing on that massive arena. A powerful gale swept about.

He was covered in gray clothes, his body a medium build, his appearance quite ordinary and simple, but there was an intimidating temperament. When immortal energy scattered from his body, he looked incredibly threatening.

Immortal Academy was precisely like this, when reserved, their bodies and mind were all calm like spiritual lakes, drifting in this world, but once they erupted with power, they hacked through the void like an immortal sword, terrifying to the extreme.

The faces of those who cultivated immortal energy darkened slightly, not being handsome was something special of its own. Yu Wudi’s physical body was extremely sturdy, when his immortal energy was restrained, he looked no different from an ordinary person.

However, Shi Hao knew that this was a terrifying person, within his body surging spiritual essence, as if he was a dormant dragon!

“Senior brother Yu, please show us your greatest immortal dao accomplishments, quickly take him down!”

“How can number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm be something he can aim at? Who can compare to Yu Wudi? Heavenly Deity Institution’s Huang is still not enough!”

“Senior brother Yu, quickly decide this battle!”

Immortal Academy’s people shouted loudly, having great confidence in Yu Wudi, feeling that nothing unexpected would happen. In their eyes, defeating Shi Hao was merely a matter of time.

It was to the extent where many people began to carry out some bets, speculating how many moves it would take for Yu Wudi to defeat Huang.

Yu Wudi, whose face was a bit dark toned, released light from his eyes, two streaks of silver-white radiance shooting out from his pupils. They unexpectedly turned into two silver phoenixes, carrying heaven-overflowing white colored flames as they rushed at Shi Hao.

Everyone was alarmed. These two didn’t exchange a single word, the great battle starting just like that.

Yu Wudi only opened his eyes, yet this type of terrifying scene was already created. There was silver-colored ancient wind in his pupils, this scene truly shocking to the extreme.

“Heavenly Phoenix power!” Someone cried out in shock.

Many people from Heavenly Deity Institution already knew that Shi Hao faced an exceedingly frightening figure. His opponent refined the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix’ power into his eyes, which meant that his physical body was definitely even more frightening!


A streak of thunder seemed to have struck down from the void, leaving everyone shaken up, their bodies trembling intensely.

Shi Hao pointed out, releasing attacks. Two golden divine chains that were incomparably dazzling shot through the sky like lightning; this was the Willow Deity Precious Technique. Two branches pierced at Yu Wudi’s eyes. In addition, large amounts of golden leaves danced about everywhere like a great rain, carrying blazing light as they descended on the boundless white-colored flames.


Before Yu Wudi’s eyes, a large amount of patterns appeared, forming a snow-white Heavenly Phoenix. With a flap of its wings, the two golden branches were stopped, sparks flying in all directions.

“Yu Wudi, kill him!” Many people from Immortal Academy shouted out, as if they were standing in the battlefield themselves, like they were the ones fighting. They were completely invested in this most intense and exciting great battle.

The spectators were immediately roused up, many people screaming out, this place becoming extremely noisy, the atmosphere lively.

“Who is making all this noise, disturbing my Heavenly Deity Institution?” Right at this time, a flash of light appeared from the distance. An enormous warship arrived, appearing here.

Heavenly Deity institution’s present world method’s people returned. They didn’t head for Realm Tomb, but rather another immortal land to search for rebirth opportunities.

“What? The people of the two academies came to challenge Shi Hao?” There were people on the warship who cried out.

Cao Yusheng, the little rabbit, Chang Gongyan, Feng Wu, Dragon Girl, Zhen Gu, Teng Yi, there were many who were acquainted with Shi Hao, all of them from the three thousand provinces.

There were some who had previously fought viciously with him, but now temporarily dropped things.

It was to the extent where even the dual-pupils Shi Yi who naturally stood against Shi Hao sneered now, quite cold towards Little Sky King, Yu Wudi, and the others.

“Shi Hao, you have to win! Is that a silver Heavenly Phoenix? Chop off a wing and bring it back to roast, let us have a taste of the good meat!” Cao Yusheng screamed.

This fatty definitely wouldn’t enter Immortal Academy, as he cultivated the present world methods, so that was why he roared out now, not feeling any burden, angering Immortal Academy’s people until they wanted to immediately slap him to death. Where did this fella come from? Immediately saying such vile things after appearing.

Wahaha, roasted chicken wings are the best! I want to try it so bad!” The little rabbit’s ruby-like large eyes were widened as she shouted.

“Hey, rabbit, weren’t you a vegetarian?” Someone mocked.

“Go to hell! I’ll throw it!” The little rabbit flipped out, starting to throw the Qilin at people.

When the two academies saw this scene, they felt a bit dizzy. It was because many of them were sure that this was a true Qilin!

“Heavens!” Quite a few people cried out in alarm. One of the vicious ten, this Qilin youth was thrown around like a sack, making even Heavenly Deity Institution’s people a bit lightheaded, not understanding what was going on. This was too shocking.

“Brother Shi, if you win against that Heavenly Phoenix, I call dibs on its divine feathers! I was planning to refine a precious fan!”

This group of people were completely unrestrained when they came back, not fearing Immortal Academy’s people at all. It was because their goals were all Sacred Academy. Immortal Academy’s people were so angry that they glared out, anger surging within them.


Yu Wudi operated the True Phoenix Precious Technique. His arms moved, soaring towards the sky. Blinding white light emerged, heaven-overflowing silver flames erupted as he dove down towards Shi Hao, the divine force matchless!

At this moment, time seemed to have frozen still. Everyone closed their mouths, holding their breaths, all of the clamoring disappearing.

They were all incredibly nervous, paying close attention to this world shaking strike!

The well-known Heavenly Phoenix great divine ability now displayed the most dazzling brilliance, attacking at full power, moving the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers!

On the other side, Shi Hao soared into the heavens to face him head-on. A Kun Peng appeared, its golden body carrying black patterns, yin and yang energies swirling about, stirring up great dao divine force.


The two individuals smashed together, as if raging ocean waves beat against the shore. Rocks smashed into the clouds, divine force and holy light everywhere, sweeping through everything with unstoppable power.

Everyone’s eyes felt stinging pain, unable to open them, blood even flowing out from some of their eyes. The collision this time was too fierce.

Phoenix cries shaking the nine firmaments!

Kun Peng soaring ninety thousand li!

Two vicious birds tore at each other, terrifying abnormal scenes appeared, as if they had arrived once more at Immortal Ancient Great Era. Barbaric beasts moved about, divine birds covering the sky. They tore open the cosmos, shattering great stars one after another.

The stellar domain shattered.


Nine divine feathers appeared behind Yu Wudi, all of them extremely bright and beautiful, the brilliance they released carrying a miraculous power, as if they could grant those between life and death new flesh and bones, make their vital energy surge once more.

This was the rebirth power of a phoenix, but at this moment, they all changed. The nine divine feathers changed from multi-colored to pitch-black like ink, and then finally transformed again, turning into nine black divine swords, carrying a deathly energy.

Life and death swirled about, the power of rebirth becoming murderous energy. The nine phoenix killing swords were like rainbows that crossed the sun, swiftly arriving. Nine streaks of black rainbow radiance penetrated space!


Shi Hao stood within a sea of lightning, around him nine great divine weapons, a golden dao bell, green-colored immortal suppressing pagoda, violet-gold gourd, scarlet red bagua[1], and other weapons lined up together, facing the enemy’s attack.


It was as if heaven and earth were opening for the first time, the cosmos first forming. Chaotic energy surged, one could vaguely hear natural gods and evils howling and roaring, buddhas singing, demon lords chanting, the scenes strange and terrifying. All types of divine force surged between the two, natural laws interwoven like a spiderweb.

One bathed in lightning, as if the Lightning Emperor was reborn, the other turned into an Ancient Heavenly Phoenix. The two tangled together, fighting a bloody battle, tearing at each other, their bodies turning about.

At times, the Lightning Emperor rode on the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix, treating it like a mount, but sometimes, the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix gripped the humanoid creature who was bathed in lightning within its claws, about to tear it apart.

This was a struggle for the title of number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm. The two fought a decisive battle on the arena, both of their individual strength at their age shocking past and present, rarely seen from past until now!

1. Eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes

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