Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 - Number One Among Heavenly Deities

God level arena, this was definitely not something simple. It was a place to fight a great battle against an opponent, one suspended in the sky, allowing for spectators all around it.

This was an arena that could serve as the place for a life or death battle. At the same time, all types of restrictions could be applied.

Due to differences in opponents and situations, the restrictions that could be activated would also be different.

Among them, the most well-known restriction was to fight at the same cultivation realm, allowing those who pursued the absolute peak and wished to fight at the very top of the same cultivation realm to compete.

It was clear that the reason why Shi Hao suggested to fight on the god level arena was because he wanted to fight the so-called battle of the peak. The two would compete fiercely at the same cultivation realm.

Little Sky King merged with a perfect precious seed, and his cultivation right now was deep and immeasurable, standing at the very top of martial dao, so right now, there was a bit of a above all others, difficult to find opponents situation.

Since he already said it himself, that they weren’t going to fight a true decisive battle but rather a civilized battle, implied that he would ‘show consideration’ for Shi Hao like this, then Shi Hao responded with this type of method.

Shi Hao didn’t need the so-called ‘consideration’, but since the other party felt that it was inappropriate, feeling that his strength was too great, his cultivation realm too high, then they should carry out a great battle at the same cultivation realm on the god level arena.

“This isn’t fitting at all. What kind of identity does Little Sky King have? Why would he accompany you in that god level arena battle? This is just child’s play.”

“Exactly! Have you seen academy elders show this kind of consideration to fight younger generations?”

There were immediately people who retorted, not willing to accept these conditions, believing that it was absurd. They felt that Little Sky King was high up above, so why did he need to bind his own arms and legs?

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, only calmly standing there. Regardless, he already made his move, suggesting his own decisive battle method. Whether or not the other party wanted to accept it wasn’t his problem.

Many people from Heavenly Deity Institution rose up in commotion, never expecting Shi Hao to be this daring, actually challenging Little Sky King while in the same cultivation realm! However, they really wanted to see this battle.

They had all heard about how heroic Little Sky King was, someone known to be unrivaled among his peers, one of the most stunning individuals in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, so they naturally wanted to see if he could defeat all others in the same cultivation realm!

“Huang is not a simple individual, from when he made his appearance until now, his performances have also displayed unstoppable power when in the same cultivation realm!”

“You’re right, if I think about it, Huang has never been defeated before. He has broken through the limit, no one his match among his peers!”

Everyone became noisy, some of them really expressing what they thought, others acting surprised on purpose, wishing to incite Little Sky King into fighting a great battle with Shi Hao.

It was because many of them had heard that Little Sky King was above all of his peers, never fearing a challenge at the peak of a realm. This was precisely what he strived for, craving defeat!

“I really wish to fight this type of battle, but it is a pity that I cannot satisfy your wish today.” Little Sky King said, leaving everyone shocked. He actually tactfully declined, this behavior not matching his style.

Could it be that Little Sky King was scared? There was no way!

Immortal Academy’s people didn’t believe Little Sky King would be scared of a fight. He was prideful and arrogant, able to face all challengers in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“I have just merged with the dao seed, and even though it was successful, it isn’t too stable, needing time to consolidate.” Little Sky King smiled, and then explained further, saying, “I was quite fortunate to obtain an unmatched precious seed, but before this perfect seed stabilizes, even though it is an opportunity, it might also be a disaster.”

What was the meaning behind these words? Everyone was shocked, feeling more and more confused. 

“Because it is a perfect seed, before it completely stabilizes, all inhibitions are ineffective, not even the god level arena can suppress me, so it is too difficult for us to have a so-called same level battle.” Little Sky King spoke, carrying a type of unmatched confidence.

Everyone was shocked, and then they erupted with nose. Just how powerful was this Little Sky King, not even the god level arena able to suppress him? Even if special restrictions were set in place, it would still be ineffective against him.

“Truly tyrannical and unmatched!”

“What is the so-called being unrivaled? It is precisely this, not even restrictions able to suppress him! This is what is truly supreme without equal!”

Everyone from Heavenly Deity Institution was moved, couldn’t help but feel shock. Even though this was related to the perfect seed, it was also because he really was just too strong.

This was the first time Immortal Academy’s people heard this as well. Right now, they were all shocked, many followers couldn’t help but cry out, praising Little Sky King’s unmatched heroicness.

Even Princess Yao Yue who stood on the arch bridge turned around, looking at this extremely brilliant exceptional hero, feeling deep shock, greatly moved, bright colors swirling in her eyes.

“Little Sky King is extraordinary and aloof after all, having this type of strength, truly someone who surpasses the ancients and dazzles the present, looking down on this heaven and earth. Not many people can compare to you from past until now.” Princess Yao Yue exclaimed in praise.

“The reason he has the title Sky King is precisely because he really has the strength to back it up, his prowess widely known, not even the god level arena able to restrict him!” The others on the arch bridge spoke proudly.

“The so-called undefeated is precisely this, unable to be suppressed even if others tried!” Many disciples from Immortal Academy cried out, almost worshipping him.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was a bit moved, but he wasn’t flustered, nor did he feel any fear. Only, his eyes became deeper.

“What, you scared now Huang? Now you know how inferior you are to Little Sky King huh?!” Someone shouted arrogantly.

“This is a difference of sky and earth! What is the sign of being without equal? This is its true embodiment!”

On the arch bridge, those individuals shouted loudly, quite a few people mocking him, ridiculing Shi Hao.

“It’s not like I didn’t experience this before.” Shi Hao said calmly to himself, not affected by these words. The so-called splendid situation wasn’t able to make his heart waver.

It was because he indeed experienced this before. When he fought against the dual-pupils user in the lower realm, they competed on a god level arena. Back then, the arena was almost completely broken!

Even though the destruction was only temporary, back then, he really did experience such a thing?

“What is he even talking about?” Someone said in shock.

“He… seems to have experienced a time when the god level arena couldn’t suppress him.” There were some who were immediately astonished.

Many people didn’t really believe this, especially Immortal Academy’s people who curled their lips, feeling that he was lying.

At this moment, Princess Yao Yue spoke up, advising once again, “Little Sky King, since it is not suitable for you to take action, then let’s sit down and talk things over. It doesn’t have to be settled through arms.”

“We can, I will give him a chance.” Little Sky King revealed a faint smile. Right now, his cultivation realm was indeed a level higher, and after merging with the immortal seed, he was already a sect master level figure, even though his condition wasn’t extremely stable yet.

“Sky King, please take action, do not forgive him!” Quite a few people shouted out.

While in Realm Tomb, Immortal Academy’s people suffered a great defeat, all of them suppressed by Shi Hao alone. Many of them wanted to vent out this wave of resentment, hoping that Little Sky King would forcefully deal with him.

There were even people who didn’t agree to the so-called god level arena battle, believing that he should just kill Shi Hao with his sect master level strength.

“Did Yu Wudi[1] come?” Little Sky King asked.

Immortal Academy’s people were stunned, not expecting him to bring up this name.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s people were even more stunned. This really was a strange name, actually naming oneself without equal in the universe, it really was a bit too arrogant.

“He came, but he didn’t travel together with our flight magical artifact, but rather came on a different flight precious artifact.” Someone said in a quiet and cautious manner.

“Since Wudi is here, why doesn’t he show himself? He can fight against Huang.” Little Sky King said.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s people were confused. Who was this person? Could he represent Little Sky King in a fight?

“Who is this so-called Yu Wudi?” Princess Yao Yue was at Little Sky King’s side, asking like this. She was quite shocked as well.

“Perhaps the one strongest at the Heavenly Deity Level!” Little Sky King said, giving an incredibly high evaluation, immediately triggering cries of shock. 

“Immortal Academy has this type of person?” Princess Yao Yue couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Naturally. My Immortal Academy is full of talents, our heroes able to look down on the world wherever they go. We don’t only have a Sky King, there are other peerless talents as well!” Someone said.

“Self granted titles?” There were some people from Heavenly Deity Institution who sneered, expressing doubt and unconvinced attitudes, not scared of stirring things up.

“I can guarantee that Yu Wudi is extremely strong. Anyone who can defeat him might truly be number one among heavenly deities.” Little Sky King said.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples all gasped. Quite a few people asked about this so-called Yu Wudi.

“Immortal Academy’s great elder’s last disciple. The great elder has only taught two apprentices in his life, and Yu Wudi is one of them!”

“He was praised as the second Little Sky King, the most powerful individual in Immortal Academy under the sect master level!”

Soon afterwards, news got out. Immortal Academy’s people were extremely arrogant, believing that number one among Immortal Academy’s heavenly deities was the same as being number one in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

A small boat arrived from the air, standing on it was a gray-clothed male, hazy and indistinct. The small boat was wrapped within chaotic energy, as if it arrived from the very beginning of the world.

It was because when this boat moved, the void cracked apart, the scenes astonishing.

“Wudi, you came.” Little Sky King greeted out, his face full of smiles. He then introduced to everyone, “Wudi is not weaker than me when I was at the Heavenly Deity Realm!”

This type of introduction was made seriously, and it was extremely shocking. Yu Wudi was this powerful?

“Yu Wudi is number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm under the sky!” Immortal Academy’s people added. This type of acclaim really was astonishing.

“If you can defeat Wudi, then I will temporarily lend this azure armor for you. After you successfully merge with the dao seed, the winner will have the armor!” Little Sky King said.

This naturally produced a great commotion. Yu Wudi emerged from the sky, unexpectedly not inferior to the past Little Sky King, having the power to be number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm.

“He really is number one?” A faint smile appeared on the corners of Shi Hao’s lips.

“Naturally. Even if you search throughout the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, it will be difficult to find someone who can match him at the Heavenly Deity Realm!” Many people from Immortal Academy responded to him, full of confidence in Yu Wudi.

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but feel moved. Just how many people dared to claim to be unmatched under the heavens in a certain cultivation realm?

There was one before them, someone who was acknowledged by everyone from Immortal Academy. Even Little Sky King was praising him greatly.

“Fine, then I will soon become the so-called number one in Heavenly Deity Realm!” Shi Hao said.

Right at this time, that sparkling white bone gourd swayed, immortal mist rising. The mouth of the gourd opened, a gate of light emerging. A group of people walked out.

Sacred Academy’s people no longer remained silent, all of them coming out as well!

There were forty to fifty of them in total, all of their blood energy surging, as if they were a group of prehistoric dragons and phoenixes, a bit different from Immortal Academy’s aloof and remote auras. These people were vigorous and powerful.

However, soon afterwards, they became calm again, their auras restrained. All of their figures became indistinct, as if they were natural gods and devils from when heaven and earth was created, their bodies towering in the void.

Wang Xi was also there, because there was an exceptional heavenly talent from Sacred Academy who might be connected to the Wang Family through marriage.

“When there are no tigers in the mountains, even monkeys claim to be kings!” Someone from Sacred Academy said while laughing.

“What are you all trying to say? Who are you directing that at?!” Immortal Academy’s people glared out angrily, many of them furious.

“Forget about most of those cultivating present world methods preferring to remain unknown, even among those who cultivate ancient methods, no one in your Immortal Academy can claim the title of being number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm!” Someone from Sacred Academy said ruthlessly.

Everyone immediately rose up in an uproar.

“If you are unwilling to accept this, then just come up to the god level arena and fight. Let’s see who is number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm! Sacred Academy can feel free to send out experts to fight!” Immortal Academy’s people said coldly.

The atmosphere immediately became more tense. The two academies originally also stood in opposition, striving to be above the other.

“If that is what you all wish, then a great battle it is! We came to Heavenly Deity Institution this time precisely to exchange and interact!” Someone from Sacred Academy replied.

“Little Sky King, you can come up and fight too. We aren’t scared of the regulations not affecting you, we’ll still fight at the Heavenly Deity Realm!” Someone shouted from Sacred Academy.

“Why not? I am looking forward to seeing someone who can defeat me!” Little Sky King replied indifferently. He was unexpectedly really going to take action!

Heng, I am only speaking the truth. There were previously some people who disappeared in the ancient times, similarly cultivated immortal energy, able to defeat all of you in the Heavenly Deity Realm, let alone our Sacred Academy who reigns supreme!” Sacred Academy’s people said while laughing coldly.

“Come, come, come, we’ll fight it out!” Both sides were angered, about to carry out a decisive battle.


An incredibly massive arena appeared in midair. It was grand and majestic, immortal mists everywhere.

It was clear that there were some old monsters that were roused, directly bringing over an arena, permitting them to fight.

Multicolored light flashed, a person now appearing on the arena, precisely Shi Hao. He was sent by someone up there. Before he even expressed anything, he was forced to become a challenger.

“A decisive battle to determine who is number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm!” Someone cried out in alarm.

It was because there were bone texts that interweaved on the arena, finally forming this line of characters.

It was easy to see that the old monsters now gave this great battle a designation, using this competition to see who is number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm!

1. Yu(universe) Wudi(unequalled)

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