Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 - Overbearing

In the sky, clothes fluttered about. While standing on the bridge condensed from multicolored light, the group of individuals looked like the intermediaries for daoist immortals.

Little Sky King’s bearing was exceptional, looking like a reincarnated true immortal. His presence alone made this place rich with an immortal feeling.

This type of style and temperament was rarely seen since ancient times!

Meanwhile, the temperaments of those at his side were all unordinary as well, especially when there were those with three strands of immortal energy at his side. It truly was as if a group of immortals descended.

The men were elegant, the women graceful, none of them exuding any feelings of worldliness, transcending above. They were supported by divine light, wrapped in mist.

Princess Yao Yue wasn’t inferior to them at all when she stood there, and while standing at Little Sky King’s side, she only appeared more exquisite and exceptional, as if she was a fairy that walked out from a painting scroll. When they were together, they only looked more pure and aloof, as if they transcended above this mortal world.

“Huang, are you still going to show off? Little Sky King already personally appeared, yet you still aren’t offering up the azure armor?!” Someone shouted from that arch bridge.

When those people didn’t speak, they seemed pure and aloof, but right now, they all carried prideful looks, looking down and shouting at Shi Hao, ordering him to return the azure armor.

The main character showed up, and there was even a group of followers to berate Shi Hao, the situation was now extremely grave. People from all over Heavenly Deity Institution were paying close attention, the suffocating atmosphere making this place become completely quiet.

Everyone looked in Shi Hao’s direction. He became the center of attention, but this wasn’t some good thing. It was definitely a disaster. Little Sky King came, so how was he supposed to face him?

There were some who took joy in his disaster, wishing to see Huang defeated.

“He finally kicked a metal plate. How could Little Sky King’s things be that easy to take? I refuse to believe that Huang still dares to act tough. This time, he is definitely going to give in!”

Someone from Heavenly Deity Institution said quietly, clearly someone who had previously been suppressed by Shi Hao, suffering a defeat under his hands. Right now, he was hoping for Little Sky King to take action and suppress Shi Hao.

“The armor was won from the hands of an enemy. Do you think your threat will do anything?” Shi Hao replied.

“Audacious! That is Little Sky King’s war armor, previously only lent to Wu Tai, yet you really are trying to hold onto it? It doesn’t belong to you!” One of them shouted out with an unquestionable tone.

“The armor is spoils I honorably obtained. If I handed it over just because you all threatened me, what kind of self-respect would I have left?” Shi Hao said calmly.

“Unbridled! You still refuse to admit your wrongs? This is clearly Little Sky King’s armor, yet you dare refuse to return it?” Someone shouted from high up, killing energy surging outwards.

Shi Hao’s brows immediately locked together. “Enough already, immediately calling others audacious and unbridled, who do you all think you are, daring to talk to me like this?!” 

He paused for a moment, and then continued, “While wearing this armor, Wu Tai took action in a rude and unreasonable manner, wishing to kill me. When he was defeated, this armor was left behind, yet you all still want me to offer it up respectfully like a servant? What dog fart reasoning!”

Everyone was stunned, never expecting Shi Hao to suddenly lash out after speaking calmly just now. The arch bridge in midair shone with incomparable brilliance, seven-colored multicolored mists swirling about. Everyone was a bit surprised, their expressions cold as they stared downwards.

In Heavenly Deity Institution, everyone gasped in surprise. Could it be that Huang was going to challenge Little Sky King here? However, the latter had long merged with a dao seed, powerful to a ridiculous degree! Who could compete against him?

“You dare oppose us?” On the arch bridge, someone shouted out once more.

“Do you all think you’re special, believing yourselves infallible? Treating me with such disrespect, just come at me then!” Shi Hao said decisively. There were some matters where he couldn’t lower his own stance, because even if he put aside his own dignity, he still wouldn’t obtain peace in return.

Moreover, Shi Hao was never someone who would exchange dignity for his own life, always someone who was free and unfettered. He wouldn’t add shackles onto himself for the sake of becoming stronger.


In that instant, more than ten streaks of light flew down from the sky, all of them great divine abilities suppressing towards this wild and untamed youth -- Huang.

Shi Hao’s arms moved, like a phoenix moving his wings, they shook fiercely, all of the precious techniques removed. He used the True Primordial Record’s bone texts to neutralize the various divine abilities.

En, True Primordial Record, he seems to have some methods!” Up above, someone cried out in shock.

The first section of the True Primordial Record wasn’t a mystery, a few great sects having it in their collection. Moreover, they were from Immortal Academy, so they naturally had this type of damaged secret text.

However, those who were truly able to take the True Primordial Record’s bone texts and turn it into something miraculous were too few. Normally, only sect master level individuals or higher could completely comprehend it.

Even Little Sky King revealed a look of surprise, giving Shi Hao a deep look.

Heng, just an ancient work, nothing special. It’s not like he was the only one who studied before!” There was someone who spoke out, not too concerned with this.

“Huang, you have one last chance to come and confess your crimes, we can still forgive you!” Someone said coldly, silver radiance swirling within his eyes.

“Truly disgraceful, laughable! Who do you all think you are, able to randomly preside over the lives and dignity of others? It was nothing more than a bit of conflict that happened between me and your Immortal Academy’s people, yet all of you act like you are conducting a trial, criticizing me so harshly. I don’t have time to deal with all of you, just get lost!” Shi Hao was annoyed.

The other side bothered him again and again, arrogant and overbearing, their words towards him rude. A wave of anger had long surged within him.

“Obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, today, we are going to subdue you!” Someone said from above.

“The main one involved didn’t even say that much, yet you all are in such a rush to express your loyalty, don’t you feel like others will mock you for being so unreserved? One might just associate the word servants with you all!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Brazen!” Someone shouted shouted angrily from above.

Right at this time, Little Sky King on the arch bridge gestured with his hand, not letting them continue speaking. He looked downwards, his eyes warm like sunlight, gentle and peaceful.

“The azure armor is something that I have kept at my side all this time, it will be used in the future to fight the foreign region, so it cannot be lost.” He spoke like this, expressing his stance on this matter.

Shi Hao raised his head, coldly replying, “Then a fight it is! If you all want to force me to hand it over like this, then there’s no way!”

If he really showed weakness, he would definitely be looked down on. Even if that person was Little Sky King, someone who had long merged with a perfect dao seed, he still had to fight if he wanted that battle armor back.

Haha… My ears aren’t deceiving me, right? He really dares challenge Little Sky King to a battle, who does he think he is, the most powerful of the four unmatched bloodlines? Truly laughable!”

“You brought this upon yourself, daring to challenge Little Sky King, you really overestimate your capabilities. Are you vainly trying to use this to make a name for yourself in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths?”

Someone laughed loudly, speaking sarcastically. Immortal Academy’s cultivators in the air all felt like he was striking a stone with an egg. Fighting against Little Sky King was purely suicide.

“Do not speak needlessly.” Little Sky King stopped them, not letting them act arrogantly.

It was clear that he was full of dignity. Even though he carried a smile the entire time, his voice not loud, when he spoke out, those people stopped their mockery, all of them closing their mouths.

“I am aware that you and Wu Tai previously had a battle, and that was why you obtained this armor. To hastily have you return it will definitely make you displeased. I have no choice but to take back this armor, it cannot be left with others, please forgive me.” Little Sky King said. He was rather calm, but there was an unquestionable domineeringness.

This person was normally elegant and graceful, but he was the type of person who once he made a decision, he wouldn’t go back on it. He meant what he said, and wouldn’t go against his words.

His style was exceptional, his water blue long hair shining like a mirror. His face was snow-white and sparkling, eyes deep, White mists pervaded the air, as if a true immortal reappeared in this world.

Right now, even though he looked extremely gentle and peaceful, the power that brewed within him made one feel great apprehension.

“Saying this is useless. What do you want, a fight?” Shi Hao asked.

“I do not wish to oppress others through overwhelming strength, and now that I’ve merged with my dao seed, even if I defeat you, you wouldn’t accept your loss. Why don’t we have a civilized battle, give you an opportunity.” Little Sky King said with a smile.

Everyone was shocked. He had completely merged with the seed after all, walking towards the peak. He had confidence that he was unmatched, completely calm when facing Huang, knowing that he could suppress him through absolute strength.

Everyone looked into the sky, holding their breaths, wishing to hear what kind of civilized battle he wanted to carry out.

“We can investigate some immortal dao riddles left behind by some people from ancient times. If we manage to derive anything, it can be considered a type of benefit for everyone’s dao.” Little Sky King’s smile was brilliant.

Everyone took in a deep breath. Most of the cultivation riddles left behind by ancient people were incomprehensible, no one able to find any answers to, throughout all of eternity, yet he actually wanted to compare in this field.

For his proposal, everyone could see that he had astonishing talent, a heaven warping figure with exceptionally high wits, or else he wouldn’t step into this domain.

This only made everyone feel more terrified, their respect for him increasing greatly.

“Of course, if you do not like this type of derivation, there is another type of civilized battle, which is that I will just stand here, protect myself with immortal light, allowing you to attack me as you wish. If you can make me move, then it will count as my loss.” Little Sky King added, suggesting another method of competition.

Everyone erupted into commotion. He actually dared to do this, just how bold was this?!

To just stand there and let a powerful individual attack, not retaliate at all, accepting defeat if his feet shifted, he really was confident!

Everyone trembled inwardly. This type of competition and promise was just too shocking.

Shi Hao’s eyes were cold. The other party was this arrogant, did he really think he could look down on the world, that he was above all others?!

If Shi Hao felt like there was an advantage to seize, even if he took action and attacked, even if he won, what glory was there in that? Even if he won, moving the other party, he would still only play the supporting role, making Little Sky King look better!

Shi Hao knew that the other party definitely had methods to remain invincible, the so-called body protecting immortal light likely formidable, possessing protection from all methods’ profound mysteries.

“If you want to fight, then just take action, I’m more than happy to fight it out. Why is there a need to avoid or try to cover things up?” Shi Hao said. He didn’t want to become a ridiculed supporting character and make another look better.

Even if this person really had merged with a dao seed, now inconceivably powerful, he still wasn’t willing to lower his head.

“You have a prideful heart, but fighting against me like this seems a bit inappropriate. Your cultivation years are still shallow.” Little Sky King said calmly.

Everyone became speechless. Little Sky King was only a youngster as well, yet right now, he already stood at the peak of martial dao, able to overlook all of his peers.

“Shi Hao, you should just let it go. If there is something we can discuss, then let’s sit down and talk things over. There doesn’t have to be a fight.” Right at this time, Princess Yao Yue spoke, her beauty moving, snow-white clothes pure. She also stood on the arch bridge, friendly with those from Immortal Academy.

Yao Yue advised Shi Hao, and then she turned to Little Sky King. The two were standing quite close, shoulder to shoulder. “I must ask Little Sky King for your understanding. This is but a misunderstanding, we can talk things over.”

“I fear that it is too late!” On the side, someone spoke, the hostility he felt towards Shi Hao great, not willing to let him go.

“Now that we already reached this step, what room is there for him to cower? Just come over and accept your punishment!” Someone said coldly.

“All of you are overthinking things.” Shi Hao said coldly. He then looked towards Little Sky King and said, “Since you feel like it is inappropriate, wishing for a fair battle, then we’ll just meet on the god level stage, fight on there!”

“God level stage?!” Everyone’s minds jumped greatly. Huang’s natural disposition didn’t change after all, still this bold and unyielding.

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