Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 - Great Dao Precious Pitcher

There was a door on the mountain wall. This was a stone engraving, not a true door, but right now, everyone could still enter through it.

Golden blood flowed, shining on the stone wall. That was the golden blood of the protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun, this blood the trigger in opening up this sealed gate.

There was a group that had long entered. Everyone else were pacing back and forth, wondering if they should enter as well.

“Send someone back to inform the elders. We are going to enter first!”

“There might be dangers inside, that is a sealed foreign emperor land. If we really go in, we might never be able to come out!”

This place became noisy, some people withdrawing, leaving this place to inform the two academies’ elders. It was because this really was a great decision, many people unable to set their resolution.

Of course, those who were willing to take more risks were also moving, rushing in one after another, disappearing into the stone wall.

This was a desolate land, the other end not visible, dull gray forever the main theme, the heavy clouds about to touch the earth.

“Where do you think you are going?!” 

Shi Hao shouted, rushing into this world. He still didn’t let this end, relentlessly chasing after the red-haired creature.

Blood splashed out. The red-haired creature was seriously injured several more times, the injury by his neck becoming extremely frightening, his head almost removed. Even his chest was now pierced through.

“Wait until I recover, I will definitely come back and extract your soul, refine it for a hundred years!” The red-haired creature shouted coldly. It turned into a red hair whirlwind, fleeing from this place.

Shi Hao chased closely behind, no intention of letting him go at all. The Everlasting Immortal Sword in his hands released exceptional sword radiance, adding another terrifying injury to the red-haired creature, this time on his back.

The ice-cold land was spacious and empty, dusky and sunless. Black mists curled and swirled about, making this place look like a demonic earth.

The red-haired creature felt extreme hatred. If not for him losing the initiative, how could he have ended up in such a sorry state? There had never been any younger generation individual who dared to hunt him down like this, yet he couldn’t do anything but flee for his life.

He cursed out, shouting that he had to torment Shi Hao, extract his soul when he recovered.

Shi Hao already sensed that this creature was indeed ridiculously powerful. If he fought a decisive battle properly, he would be a tough opponent. However, he definitely didn’t want to waste time with him. If he could kill him right now, then that was obviously the best result.

The red-haired creature’s neck shone, the injury closing. However, there was no way he could completely eliminate the symbols that invaded his body, thus he didn’t dare stop moving. 

When those who came through the stone wall later saw this scene, they all sighed. Even though they were also students from Heavenly Deity Institution, the difference between them was too great.

If it was an ordinary person who faced the red-haired creature, they would immediately be killed. Even those as powerful as Xuan Kun and Wang Xi were defeated, yet Shi Hao was like a mad dog, relentlessly chasing the red-haired creature.

“Huang is formidable after all, transcending like the divine!” A few people sighed with admiration. They could only sigh like this, because there was no way they could compare to him.


The red-haired creature ran quickly, leaving behind afterimages. The void distorted, directly leading to the end of the horizon, and then he entered a misty region.


Shi Hao immediately stopped, no longer moving forward even the slightest bit.

Soon after, those behind him also hurried over, seeing the scene before them.

At the limits of the horizon, the mist was extremely thick, surrounding the world ahead. There was a type of mysterious feeling, as if there was a veil cast over this place.

There were mountains, moreover many of them, all of them covered in dense fog.

The terrain just now was a spacious and desolate field, so suddenly arriving in this type of mountain region was hard for many people to adapt to. It seemed to have appeared instantly.

This place made everyone’s hearts shake, extremely terrifying, as if there was a matchless devil king sleeping here, ready to rush out at any time.

Shi Hao opened his heavenly eyes, carefully surveying this place, discovering something wrong. From time to time, symbols surged from the mountain depths, releasing brilliant and multicolored divine radiance.

At this time, the others also hurried over. Dugu Yun in particular looked ahead, his expression extremely overcast. It seemed like he wanted to enter, yet was also hesitating.

Shi Hao rose into the air, looking forward from the high up.

Meanwhile, Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, and the others were all like this as well, all watching closely.

“That is…”

Those with heavenly eyes saw many great peaks in the depths of the mountain region, among them one region that was extremely concentrated, numerous mountains surrounding an ancient land.

There was a precious pitcher there that looked like it was carved from a mountain itself, made of stone and ancient in appearance, resting at the center of these mountains.

All of the symbols and flowing light were released by it, the terrifying aura scattering from this pitcher. They didn’t have to think too much to realize that this was the sealed Emperor Clan.

“There was previously an unmatched expert who appeared and berated us when we entered Realm Tomb through the warship, someone that is most likely a foreign Emperor Clan expert. Could it be that he is here?” Someone said in horror, feeling like rashly entering was a mistake.

“That shouldn’t be the case. This region does not allow those who are too terrifying to enter, just like a large net for catching fish, focusing on the larger fish and allowing the smaller fish to freely pass through.” Someone said, coming to this conclusion. After all, the two academies’ elders couldn’t enter.

The red-haired creature ran in, standing in front of that stone precious pitcher. He turned around, currently looking at everyone with eyes full of hatred. To be more precise, he was looking at Shi Hao.

He returned. Without saying anything, he sat down and began to treat his injuries, removing the symbols full of destruction in his body.

“Dugu Yun disappeared!” Suddenly, someone cried out.

“Why wasn’t he stopped? Weren’t we looking at him this whole time?!” Many people’s expressions changed, all of them having a bad feeling.

“He used a secret method to move through space, abruptly leaving. We couldn’t lock onto him!”

Then, everyone glared out in anger, because they already saw Dugu Yun. He took form not too far in front of the red-haired creature, already entering.

“He wants to break the seal!” Everyone’s expressions changed.

“Dugu Yun, you have to think it through carefully! Once the seal is broken, releasing an undying monster, even you will die! Working with them is no different from asking tigers for their hide!” Shi Hao shouted. The situation looked extremely dangerous. If the seal really was broken, it would be bringing a great disaster to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“I won’t let them out, I only want an answer!” Dugu Yun secretly transmitted sound to Shi Hao.

Dugu Yun cut open his own wrist, golden blood immediately flowing out, scattering on that precious pitcher, causing it to produce a string of dazzling light, immediately illuminating the world.

That precious pitcher was entirely made of stone, its height as tall as a mountain. It towered there, grand and majestic.

It was unexpectedly a precious pitcher, as well as a furnace. It sealed a few terrifying foreign creatures from the foreign world, someone wishing to refine them into great medicine. After endless years had passed, it was unknown what the results were like.

Heh, compared to how massive that precious pitcher is, Dugu Yun’s bit of blood isn’t enough at all. It will be hard to cleanse the pitcher even with if all of his precious blood flows out.” Someone said, feeling a bit relieved.

“Are there still people alive in the pitcher? I’m coming to undo the imprint, but I need you all to tell me a few things!” Dugu Yun spoke to the creatures in the precious pitcher.

“Is the heavenly seed in that precious pitcher?” A young supreme being from Immortal Academy said softly, carrying doubt.

“I reckon that inside, it is both a furnace and a great dao furnace!” Someone believed the rumors, revealing a hopeful look, longing for the heavenly seed.

However, even more people were worried. If the creatures in the vase were refined into pill medicines, then it was one thing, but if they weren’t, once something happened, it really was unknown just what kind of catastrophe might happen.

Perhaps the foreign land’s great army didn’t even need to come, just the foreign Emperor Clan sealed within was already enough to wipe out the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Dugu Yun’s blood was extremely miraculous, but it still wasn’t enough to undo the seal.

“Are you sure your ancestors are all still alive? Why is there no response?” Dugu Yun asked the red-haired creature.

“Some of them died, but there are definitely those who are still alive. Otherwise, how could I have been sent out?!” The red-haired creature said.

“How did you come out?” Dugu Yun continued his questions.

“Naturally sent out through their divine force. The rules of this place are the same, catch the big fish, let out the small fish. My cultivation realm was the lowest, strength the weakest, so I barely managed to escape out alive.” The red-haired creature spoke the reasoning.

“Why didn’t you touch that heavenly seed?” Dugu Yun asked another question.

“Scatter a bit of your golden blood into the pitcher and see for yourself!” The red-haired creature seemed to carry a type of resentment.

When a bit of golden blood scattered down into the pitcher, immortal light surged into the heavens. Thunderous noises sounded, sword energy rushing into the sky, hacking apart the heavens.

The stopper at the top of the pitcher was a small bottle, plugging up the opening of the great dao precious pitcher!

“The heavenly seed is inside of that small bottle, you can use it to get the confirmation you need!” The red-haired creature said.

He didn’t hide anything, purposely loudly transmitting sound so those outside could hear, wishing to borrow everyone’s strength to bring it away.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Just how heaven defying was this heavenly seed, actually the crucial piece of this place’s seal.

“This bit of blood isn’t enough. Not only does it need your golden blood, the blood of others is also needed!” The red-haired creature said to Dugu Yun.

“What does it need?” Dugu Yun asked.

“First, your blood will act as the primer, activate the mountains!” The red-haired creature pointed all around him. Those mountain peaks were extremely large and tall, surrounding this precious pitcher.

Specks of golden light flew down, not that numerous, but it was extremely dazzling, landing on the surrounding mountain peaks.

Ao…” In that instant, it was as if ten thousand ghosts weeped and howled. This type of voice was too mournful, the sound deafening, terrifying one down to their soul.

All of the mountains in this place shook, a type of plant growing on each peak, taking root right at the summit, carrying a thick mist.

Ao…” Those plants grew frantically, one plant per mountain. In the end, they became like giant trees, moreover producing flower buds, on each flower a creature that was roaring about, wishing to struggle free. 

What was going on? What happened?

Outside the mountains, everyone was shocked, all of them quickly withdrawing, feeling their scalps even starting to become numb, their bodies shivering with coldness. That type of aura was too terrifying, while the mournful cries even more so made everyone’s fine hairs stand on end.

It was just a bit of Dugu Yun’s blood that scattered over this place, yet it made each mountain peak produce a plant, within them a person, a terrifying creature. Why was this happening?

Everyone sensed the spiritual essence between heaven and earth erupting, pouring down like a mountain torrent, falling from the heavens above, surging towards those mountains and entering the plants.

At the same time, all of the creatures in the flower stood up, revealing their true bodies. They opened their eyes, roaring towards the skies together.

“I’ve never seen many of these, they are species of the foreign land! Are these the sealed members of the foreign land’s great army? This is bad!” Everyone felt a chill run down their backs, having a really bad feeling.

Immediately afterwards, all of them suddenly moved, all of them jumping out of the flower, some holding war spears, other great halberds… rushing out crazily and murderously, shouts of war shaking the heavens!

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