Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 - Hidden Ancient Land

The ravine was vast, when one stood at the very bottom, their surroundings would be dim, mists pervading the air, as if they arrived at the bottom of an enormous abyss.

The old monsters from Immortal Academy were currently discussing thing with Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder and others on how to open up the pill furnace and obtain the rare great medicine within.

“If not for the Half World Tree descending and taking root in a yin yang eye, providing us with the coordinates to use as reference, we might not be able to find it in this life.” They felt quite fortunate.

This large continent was incredibly vast like a boundless cosmos of its own. Comparatively, when stars fell, they would seem as insignificant as specks of dust. If they searched about here without any clues, they might not find anything even after searching for for several lifetimes and eras.

The two academies’ elders moved together, carefully analyzing this place. It was clear that Immortal Academy’s old monsters were even more formidable, their statuses even a step higher than Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders’!

It could be said that they were the most ancient group of people still alive in this world!

In Heavenly Deity Institution, only the Great Elder and Second Elder could compare to them, not feel afraid when facing them.

After discussing and careful deducing, they gradually understood the layout of this place. They revealed happy expressions, now certain that the great world had changed, this place no longer that dangerous.

“There is a mysterious veil waiting for us to uncover!”

In these individuals’ opinion, the canyon they saw was merely the outermost area, not the true scene in the so-called sealed land at all.

“The real ancient land has been covered. We need to break our way in!”

Even though they understood some of the mysteries, they still proceeded extremely carefully, fearing that they might accidentally stir up something and produce heaven shocking changes.

In the depths of the ravine, there seemed to be no road left. A precipice stood in their way, but the elders didn’t stop, continuing forward.

“Break through this stone wall, and only then can we see the truth!”

Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fifth Elder walked forward, and then he directly smashed into the wall. Dong! The earth shook and mountains trembled, lightning symbols flickering about his body.

With a peng sound, Fifth Elder was smashed back by a streak of lightning. His chest rose and fell, face turning pale, blood flowing out from his mouth.

He was injured, this type of result appearing just from touching this mountain wall!

Ha ha…” An old monster from Immortal Academy chuckled, remaining calm, but his words really were quite harsh. “Youngster really are hot-tempered. This is only a checkpoint, yet instead of searching for a way, you just had to run straight at it.”

The face of Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fifth Elder became both green and white. He was now how old? His age was ancient, if he said it out loud, it might really leave the people here frightened, yet he was actually treated like a youngster. This was a type of mockery, and even more so a type of contempt.

While speaking, that old monster from Immortal Academy already walked forward, arriving before the stone wall. He carefully analyzed it, and then walked towards the mountain wall.


Following a muffled sound, the entire valley and mountain wall shook violently. That old monster began to cough out large amounts of blood, flying out, his injuries not light.

Everyone became stupefied, and then felt a wave of deep chilliness inside. Even an old monster was injured, leaving them all horrified.

“Senior, why did you act even more straightforward than me, your injuries more serious?” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fifth Elder was astonished, asking with an unflinching expression.

That old monster was angered until his face fell ashen. He swung out his sleeve, and then with a wa sound, spat out another mouthful of blood, only then did he stop himself, not wishing to say anything more.

Then, two elders separately walked forward, carefully testing things out. The results were still the same, both of them blasted back.

They discovered that the more powerful the individual, the more serious the injuries they suffered.

“You, give it a try!” Immortal Academy’s old monster pointed at a disciple, having him go up.

“I… elder, even you all failed, if I go, wouldn’t I just be throwing my life away?” That person said with a trembling voice.

“Less nonsense, hurry and go up. This might be a great opportunity for you!” The old monster was extremely domineering, unquestionable and could not be defied.

Even though that youngster felt apprehensive, he couldn’t refuse. In the end, he braced himself and arrived in front of the mountain wall, and then walked forward with his teeth clenched.

He didn’t smash into the mountain wall, instead directly entering, his figure disappearing.

“He succeeded, entering the ancient land that contains the true great opportunities.”

That person disappeared after entering just like that, not coming out again.

“You, come over as well!” The old monster chose another disciple. He watched carefully, wishing to try many times.

The results were the same. That person disappeared, successfully entering the mountain wall, moreover not receiving any obstruction.

“How could it be like this? Even the younger generation could all go in, while we are all blocked outside, difficult for us to enter, what is the reasoning behind this?” Those elders were naturally discontent. For them, this was a type of humiliation.

“It is actually extremely simple. It is like a large web cast in the lake, the large fish cannot go through, stopped by the web, while the little fish can go through the holes in the net, quickly passing through like they are walking through a passage.”

Soon afterwards, after studying this place, they deduced the effects of this ‘stone wall’.

This wasn’t a true stone wall, but rather a type of formation related to the Five Elements Reversal Formation. When it was truly activated, heaven and earth would split, ghosts and gods would howl and weep!

The elders from the two academies were stunned. This place stopped them from advancing, only the ‘small fish’ able to enter. This was difficult for them to accept, making them feel extremely helpless.


Right at this time, the two who went in previously both came back, their expressions extremely excited, faces full of shock. “Elders, there are many precious medicines inside!”

They successfully returned, proving their previous suspicions, the conclusion they came to was true.

Everyone erupted into commotion. The news that these two brought back definitely created quite the stir.

At the same time, they discovered that there were injuries and traces of blood on their bodies, in extremely sorry states, suffering dangers along the way.

“What happened to you two? What kind of world is it inside?” An old monster asked.

“There are many heaven and earth spiritual things, but there are dangers as well. We wanted to pick the divine medicines, but we were injured by symbols as a result!” One of them replied.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have returned so quickly. Even though there were rare medicinal plants and other things, if they couldn’t pick them, going in earlier didn’t have any meaning.

“Who else is willing to go inside and explore, see what the world on the other side is like?” An old monster asked, about to send young experts inside to seize natural luck and opportunities.

On the other side, after Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder discussed with the others, they also asked the academy’s students if anyone wanted to enter.

In the first batch of people, Shi Hao, Yao Yue, Lu Tuo, and the other outstanding individuals were included. They all signed up, wishing to immediately search what it was like on the other side and fight for natural luck.

Similarly, there were powerful experts on Immortal Academy’s side as well, the outstanding individuals among the younger generation.

There were figures everywhere. The two academy’s students were separated from each other, arriving at the mountain wall from different locations, a set distance between each of them.

“You all have to be careful!”

There were elders who warned from behind. However, before his words dropped, the two academies’ students moved quickly, disappearing from that stone wall.

Shi Hao didn’t feel like he ran into any mountain rock, instead as if he passed through a mist, undoing a mysterious veil, directly appearing in an ancient land.

It was a bit dark, the lighting here rather lacking.

The earth was dark red in color, as if a great bloody battle had happened here, dying this place this color. After endless years had passed, even the color of the earth changed.

Soon afterwards, they smelled a fragrance. Up ahead, spiritual light floated about, auspicious energy overflowing, currently wafting out from different areas.

This dark ancient land had many medicinal herbs after all.

In the area closest to Shi Hao was a pool, inside of it a sparkling silver lotus that was about to mature. The fragrance it released wafted out into the distance, drawing many people’s attention.

He wasn’t the only one who saw it, there were others who noticed it as well. Their eyes immediately widened, all of them rushing over.


Immortal energy erupted, several people taking action at the same time. When they clashed, immortal energy immediately erupted.

They were all experts, Shi Hao, Lu Tuo and Wang Xi all took action. Meanwhile, there were people at a similar level from Immortal Academy’s side as well, confronting them here.

“Soul Guiding Lotus!”

When everyone backed up, occupying favorable positions, they immediately prepared to fight again, because this thing was too rare and important.

This was a world shocking divine medicine. It grew in divine liquid, normally difficult to find, a bit unfitting even if one described it as invaluable, because its uses were just too great.

Even if someone had his primordial spirit shattered, just by eating this Soul Guiding Lotus, their primordial spirit could still undergo rebirth, thus regenerate.

For cultivators, how precious was this? Divine medicines had price values, while the Soul Guiding Lotus didn’t!


The second clash began. Even though they were from the same academy, Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, Shi Hao, and the others were still attacking each other. At the same time, Immortal Academy’s people weren’t of one mind either, competing with each other.

Only those who cultivated two strands of immortal energy didn’t interfere. They collapsed from the immortal energy that erupted there, their expressions pale.

The earth here was a dark red color, lacking plant life, vitality not really flourishing. It could be said that there were many places that were completely barren.

“There is Phoenix Grass here!”

In that instant, someone leapt out, charging in another direction, no longer fighting over the Soul Guiding Lotus, instead going to fight over Phoenix Grass.

“You are that Huang, the lunatic who injured my Immortal Academy’s disciples and boasted shamelessly?” A woman spoke coldly. She was extremely beautiful, facial features like something out of a drawing, refined and exceptional. Her body was tall and slender, blue clothes fluttering about, as if she was going to ride the wind. Three strands of immortal energy moved about her as she confronted Shi Hao.

Shi Hao was sure that he had never met her before. When he clashed with those from Immortal Academy, this woman was definitely in the ship, not showing herself all this time.

“Out of the way!” Shi Hao raised his fist, smashing outwards. No matter who stood in his way, he was going to fight them. He needed this Soul Guiding Lotus.

Heng, cultivating the ancient method, yet still treats our Immortal Academy with disrespect, do you not want to become a disciple of Immortal Academy?” Apart from displaying powerful strength, this woman even threatened like this, clearly wishing to make her enemy feel apprehension and seize this Soul Guiding Lotus.

“If your strength isn’t great enough, you won’t be able to subdue me even if you borrow Immortal Academy. I’ve already taken in a male servant with three strands of immortal energy, if you insist on making me your enemy, I don’t mind taking in a female one too.” Shi Hao warned.

Of course, this was similarly a type of provocation that carried serious provocation, causing this powerful woman’s mind to fluctuate wildly.


Another great collision erupted. Not only did Shi Hao and this woman confront each other, there were others who joined in. Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and others from Immortal Academy didn’t leave yet.

A great chaotic battle happened here. Young supreme beings with three strands of immortal energy fought intensely!

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