Chapter 116 - The Storm Continues (Teaser)

Chapter 116 - The Storm Continues

Broken sky city. The ash brown city gates were grand and lofty, and although it was an ancient city, it radiated with vitality.

In particular, the past few days have become increasingly bustling. Various large schools and ancient families sent out their disciples in preparation of entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

These geniuses that appeared were more and more breathtaking. The ones standing at the very front of their races were destined to become the lords of this land, and wielded power over all under the heavens.

“Come look, there’s a strange snake over there. It only has a single head, yet why does it have two bodies?” The little guy tugged at a senior disciple’s sleeve, and hinted for him to look in that direction.

There was a strange snake, and its entire body was a scarlet red. It was divided below its head, and it had two bodies. It had six legs, four wings, and the dense scales covering its body gave off an eccentric and sinister feeling.

The pedestrians quickly moved out of the way, and were unwilling to come near them.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s geniuses all inhaled a cold breath of air and pulled the little guy to the side. They silently warned him to not spout out random things. The snake was an Archaic descendant, and was known as a Feiyi.

“So this is a Feiyi.” The little guy opened his eyes wide. He had read about the great wastelands from a sacred book that described all types of creatures. He never thought that it would look like this.

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