Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 - White Clothes Exceptional

There really was someone, someone related to Shi Hao!

She didn’t belong to this world, not belonging to the past. She treaded on the long river of time, bathed in ascension light, endless chaotic energy surrounding her as she overlooked the vast skies of the endless past.

“There really was someone who dares stop my might, haha… hahaha!” In the distance, that large and tall figure that moved the sun, moon, and stars as he moved stood in the primal chaos, releasing a great laughter.

When this laugh sounded, the stars in his surroundings began to tremble and fall, a few great stars even directly blasting apart, releasing light like fireworks. In the end, everything turned to ashes!

This type of power was incomparable. The heavens split apart, great black cracks extended outwards. Black holes appeared one after another, the stars in the sky all becoming dim.

Shi Hao was also quite shocked. There really was this type of person in this world, having an unordinary relationship with him? She actually appeared just like this!

He originally thought that if there really was anyone, it would definitely be the Willow Deity, but now, this didn’t seem to be the case.

This also made him feel a bit cold inside, feeling a wave of chilliness, as well a bit of sadness. Could it be that the scene he foresaw really was going to come true?

When that day came, the universe would be overturned, experiencing the vicissitudes of time, everything no longer existing, he would stand at the very top of this world alone, only accompanied by the divine dao, as well as a lonely and unmatched silence as he faced the withered boundless world.

At that time, he would be the only one left. There was a scorched black willow tree in the backdrop behind him, just how sad and bleak of a scene was this?

What enemies, old friends, loved ones, friends? Love, hate, passion, hatred, none of it would exist.

In a daze, at that moment, he had previously even seen that he had already entered a path he had to take alone, one without a way back, yet the future also unknown.

This woman wasn’t Willow Deity, was it someone he met on that path?

During this moment of imminent death, faced against an unmatched monarch from the endless years ago, someone came to help him. Shi Hao didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. His eyes carried tears, carried  grief. There were no old friends left in the path ahead, it was actually a woman he didn’t recognize.

The laughter and playfulness he displayed now, his frivolous behavior, perhaps might be replaced by solemness. Many things already explained that he was doomed to feel great grief. When the day came that he was no longer as lively as he was now, becoming reserved and serious, facing the great world alone, just how sad would that be? Just what exactly was going to happen?

He felt his mind going cold just from thinking this. He was definitely going to have to face separations of life and death again and again, watch those he was familiar with go on their way one after another, pass away.

There was clearly someone coming to save him, yet right now, Shi Hao felt so broken-hearted. It was because he knew that many things were going to happen, feeling a great pressure inside, feeling like he was going to suffocate.

“I believe that the future can be changed, what I saw wasn’t true!” Shi Hao said quietly.

That woman was extremely quiet, standing on the long river of time, surrounded by primal chaos, her tall and slender body reserved and unmoving. Only the snow-white long dress moved with the astral winds.

Not even the jet-black beautiful hair moved, naturally scattered down on her chest and back. She looked like she was carved from a piece of everlasting jade, incredibly beautiful.

They all wanted to see her true appearance, but they all failed.

That face mask was extremely unusual, even more extraordinary than an immortal artifact. It couldn’t be seen through, not even the Heavenly Eyes enough, completely ineffective against it.

The bronze mask looked quite strange, the expression like it was crying, yet it wasn’t, laughing, yet it wasn’t, leaving others with a deep impression from a single glance. It looked like a smile, yet carried tear stains, within the beauty also sadness.

Immediately afterwards, the mask changed, turning into a ring. It was extremely simple and unadorned, natural and returning to the truth, rising and falling before her, carrying chaotic light and mists.

Despite this being the case, that woman’s appearance still couldn't be seen. Even her body was extremely indistinct, as if she came from beyond the world, not in the past, present, or future.

Then, the ring changed again, turning into an immortal sword, similarly silent, containing restrained killing intent, displaying that this woman wasn’t truly silent and unmoving, but instead had an aura that could engulf mountains and rivers.

Then, the immortal sword changed, turning into a great dao pitcher, taking in and sending out the stars in the heavens, surrounded by endless immortal energy.

Eventually, it returned to being a mask, quietly returning to that woman’s face.

“Using the most ordinary bronze as the artifact of origin, condensing and forming an immortal artifact, and then adding Immortal Gold essence to create an unmatched supreme treasure, are you trying to show off?”

In the distance, that imperial monarch like male whose every movement moved the sun, moon, and stars spoke, exuding a natural might. The stellar seas of the cosmos were trembling and rumbling as well.

He was from endless time ago, a single will able to blast down endless stars!

The woman remained calm, still not saying a word, not expressing anything in response. Her eyes were clear like water, bits of light gradually appearing at this time, looking at Shi Hao.

Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao, the woman sitting with him, or that terrifying male, they all shivered inwardly. What a confident woman, only paying attention to that youth all this time.

Haha…” The male laughed loudly, his might oppressing this world as he said, “It has been so long, eras buried one after the next for so many years, I don’t know how many people there are left who dare face me like this. You are quite an excellent woman, really hope there is a day when I can keep you at my side.”

He was like a monarch who had found a woman to his liking. This can be called confidence, but could also be called a type of impudence. For this woman to be able to appear here, how could she be treated rudely?

Sure enough, the woman shifted her gaze, looking towards him. In addition, resplendent light shone from her eyes, her aura immediately changing, becoming like a female emperor who looked down on this world, her might oppressing the heavens above and earth below.

At this moment, a terrifying aura rushed straight at the male, defying the river of time, stirring up tremendous waves. Stars of history were swept down one after another from the heavens!

This scene was too frightening, leaving one terrified.

Just a wave of aura alone was already like this! The white-clothed woman was peerless and magnificent, able to overlook the heroes of past and present.

“Just how many great eras, how much time has to pass before a woman like you can appear?” In the upper reaches of the long history of time, that woman released a light sigh. Divine light wrapped around him, primal chaos surrounding his figure.

Then, his body suddenly erupted with the most terrifying radiance, as if countless suns were crammed together and then burst, ultimately turning into tens of thousands of streaks of the most dazzling light. These were like sky shocking rainbows, descending along the river of time, rushing towards that woman.

It was clear that he was now taking action. In that instant, he already displayed who knew how many types of great divine abilities. They all burst forth, hacking towards that woman.

Shi Hao’s mind was moved, the woman sitting on the stone table across from him the same. Heavenly Eyes opened, nervous to the extreme. No one understood better than her how frightening the one who was attacking was.

At the lower reaches of the long river, that woman finally moved. Her right hand was raised, spotlessly white like jade, forming a magical imprint before slapping forward.


Just this strike alone made heaven and earth shake, the heavenly dao itself almost bowing down. The void and great dao all trembled greatly.

There were no words spoken, but Shi Hao and the other two heard words through the great dao sound: All Transformations Immortal Art!

They understood now. This woman’s methods were extraordinary beyond imagination, already reaching an inconceivable level, a type of divine ability able to make the great dao yield, oppress heaven and earth, make the universe resonate in response.

Following the tens of thousand of streaks of light were streak after streak of precious techniques, terrifying and beyond compare.

However, at this moment, all of the divine ability natural laws, all of the light collapsed, becoming dim, dissolved before that woman, turning into nothingness.

This was a scene that left other speechless. So many great divine abilities, yet all of them came to a grunting stop in that instant, completely wiped out!

Shi Hao was still comparatively better, because he didn’t understand, unable to comprehend that type of cultivation realm. However, things were different for the woman sitting on the other side of the stone table. Her face revealed an expression of shock. This type of unmatched divine ability was continuously released, yet in the end, all of it completely disappeared under a single slap from the white clad woman? This was like a legend among legends!

“Is there really such an existence, able to match me? Did you create your methods yourself? I have never seen them before, quite stunning.” From the upper reaches of the long river, that male stepped on the sun, moon, and stars, accompanied by primal chaos as he spoke like this.

From the word ‘stunning’ this level of existence spoke, it was already enough to prove everything.

Needless to say, the white-clothed woman was definitely exceptionally stunning. Otherwise, that existence from endless years past who had experienced era after era wouldn’t sigh in admiration like this.


The white clad woman moved. She looked calm from the outside, but when she truly moved, there was an exceptional domineeringness that truly overlooked all creatures of the world, not attaching any importance to anyone, above all of past and present.

She removed the mask, and then with a move of her hand, flung it out. That mask turned into a heaven covering screen, vast and boundless. It moved up the long river of history, rushing at that male.

It was clear that she was now taking the initiative to attack, passiveness and weakness clearly not her style!

En?!” The male was clearly quite startled. Suddenly, he felt like he might suffer a loss, quickly acting in response, no longer appearing as irreverent as before.

This mask arrived too quickly, covering heaven and earth, crushing the stars in the heavens, directly covering the male below, heavily suppressing down towards him!

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