Chapter 106 - The Sacred Land’s Wanted Criminal (Teaser)

Chapter 106 - The Sacred Land’s Wanted Criminal

“Children, you have to do your best when you enter Heaven Mending Pavilion. Don’t disappoint our clansman who placed their hopes and expectations on you!”

“The ancient sacred land is quite different from what you are used to, since divine saints have graduated from here before. Don’t be naughty or mischievous here, listen to your master’s words, and diligently cultivate.”

The group of elders from a few of the large tribes warned and implored their clan’s children over and over again. The elders wanted the children to learn to the best of their abilities so that they would gain the skills to defend their clans in the future.

The eyes of the 3,000 children were already red as followed beside the elders of their clans. As they listened to the instructions, they constantly wiped their tears, since they were going to be separated. They didn’t know when they were going be reunite again, and perhaps by then, many of the elders would have already passed away.

“Clan elder, take care!”

They were all outstanding disciples selected from within their clans based on their excellent talents. Many of them weren’t even the children of these clan elders, but they were still reluctant to part. It was those clan elders who traveled hundreds of thousands of li of the great wastes to bring them here, presenting them with such a life-changing opportunity.

The little guy stood inside the crowd. Although he missed home, he had no intimate elders around him, and so he could only pretend to shed tears by sobbing into the sleeves of an unknown old man.

What family did this kid come from? The elder was suspicious. He had no memory of this kid being in his clan, but he didn’t care much. All of the children were crying right now, perhaps he was pulling the wrong person...

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