Chapter 103 - Heaven Warping Martial God (Teaser)

Chapter 103 - Heaven Warping Martial God

The little guy quickly felt a sense of loss, and also a sense of bitterness, however, it quickly left. Immediately after turning around, he already began to throw these thoughts out of his mind. The only thing was, leaving like this truly made him feel unreconciled.

In order to leave a trace of his existence, he went and found a large rock. It was not that eye-catching, and was a sturdy boulder. On top of it, he engraved: Heaven Warping Martial God. Just, Open, and Honorable!

He paused, thought for a bit, and added another sentence: Hammer In Hand, Ruler of Land.

Afterwards, he slipped away instantly like a wisp of smoke.

The little guy broke through the symbol barrier to the eighth region and looked left and right like a thief. After seeing that nothing was out of the ordinary, he rapidly charged into the forest.

Hu…” He released a long breath; everything was once again back on track.

“I don’t know when they are going to come. I’ll find a place to rest first.” He walked inside and climbed up an ancient tree. He drove away a fierce bird, and temporarily took control of this huge bird nest. After that, he ripped apart some leaves before sleeping soundly inside.

That fierce bird began to emit its long wretched bird cries into the air. What was going on here? A devilish brat actually seized its nest! If another vicious bird took it, it would not have cared. What is a human brat trying to do by taking control of a bird nest?

The little guy did not notice. He did these things a lot in the past. Compared to lying on the ground, a vicious bird’s nest was softer and more comfortable....

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