Chapter 101 - Sledgehammer Knock Out (Teaser)

Chapter 101 - Sledgehammer Knock Out

This area was extremely spacious and empty, and not even a blade of grass grew within this region; otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough room to contain the enormous black tiger. The little guy was walking quietly on the tips of his toes, and headed towards the cave from the side.

The demonic aura became increasingly dense. Strand after strand of black mist wafted out from within the pitch-black cave that the tiger lived in. It was impossible to tell just how terrifying that beast king was. As soon as one approached it, they would feel a bone-chilling demonic aura attacking their body.

“Not good, it’s too dangerous. If I provoke it in the slightest, I’ll most likely lose my life.” The little guy stopped his movements.

Although the Black Demon Lotus was good, it was not as important as his life. He did not want to recklessly take action, but carefully observe and react instead. He had held his breath, and even closed off his pores a while ago in fear of alarming the beast king.

In the end, the little guy backed off. He retreated step by step, and quickly disappeared into the forest.

He only released a long breath after he was quite a distance away. That was an area that made gave people heart palpitations. It induced a stifling feeling, as if an enormous black-colored mountain was crushing down on his heart, and even his blood was almost frozen solid.

“Its age is written beside the Black Demon Lotus. Could it be that this beast king was already tamed by the Heaven Mending Pavilion?” The little guy was muttering to himself, and quickly recalled what he previously saw.

When that ancient alligator went mad, it had chased him all over the mountains, and startled many fierce beasts into frantically escaping. In the end, the alligator’s actions had alarmed the black tiger, and so the tiger had left its lair to stop the crazy vicious alligator; it was as if it kept the order within this mountain range.

“I hope my guess is correct.” The little guy’s eyes shone, and he disappeared into the mountains like a wisp of smoke.

After a short while, he arrived near a waterfall before stopping a few hundred zhang away....

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