Chapter 62: Secret Weapon

Chapter 62: Secret Weapon

Xu Min had finished his arduous training and enjoyed his warm bath. He was now sitting on the bed in a lotus position, cultivating his inner energy. He focused fully on everything from his breathing pattern to the streams of energy which entered his body, the golden specks of light that were hanging in the air around him, and the constant swelling of the energy within his dantian.

Because Xu Min was concentrating so intensely, he jolted up when he heard someone knock on the door. The knocks were hard and fast. Clearly, it was someone who was in a rush.

Standing up, Xu Min made sure to have his sword on his back before he opened the door. Even though he was an honorary guest in the house, he knew most likely there would be some trouble. He always seemed to attract trouble to him.

He knew instantly, upon opening the door, which the person in front of him felt hostility towards Xu Min. He also sensed he was not a big threat. He was but a three-star internal expert, and although his demeanor was filled with great arrogance, he was nothing but a stepping stone to Xu Min. Only four-star warriors and above could threaten Xu Min.

"How can I help you?" Xu Min asked calmly while looking into the arrogant eyes of the man in front of him. Xu Min understand he needed to stand his ground; though he was not in any way impolite, he was not humble either. He knew the entry spot into the Immortal Valley was priceless and to get this spot he had to prove his prowess.

"I challenge you to a battle at the guards' outdoor space. If you win, you can have my spot, and I will accept this change. However, if you cannot even defeat me, then I will take my spot back from you!" he said. Although he felt arrogant and great hostility against this foreign upstart, the young man was not impolite either. He knew that as an honorary guest of their patriarch Master Bu Huang he would most definitely be punished if he was impolite to him.

All Xu Min did, was shrugging his shoulders and said one word: "Sure."

He perfectly comprehended many felt insulted by the fact that he, an unknown person from God knows where had suddenly appeared and easily given a spot that was meant for the outstanding geniuses of their family.

He needed to show he was far superior to this person who originally had the spot. He did not wish to be dragged into the internal affairs of the Bu family, but he knew this was necessary for him to keep his position. Many elders would disagree with having some random person taking a spot unless this person was stronger than the other person.

"Follow me then," the young man said. He led Xu Min towards the training grounds outside. "My name is Bu Wei," His eyes filled with pride while stating his name. He was a true heir of the Bu family. A person who would one day become an elder and pillar of support. He was the grandson of the first elder of the Bu family. Most importantly, though, he had always been raised with the belief that he was an outstanding genius.

Reaching the guards' training ground, many experts were already standing there; they were patiently awaiting the two experts and their battle.

Everyone was curious about this new expert from nowhere. Bu Huang had not mentioned why he had chosen him nor had he explained their relationship. All he had done was tell everyone  Xu Min was an honorary guest, and he would take over the tenth spot of the group going to the Immortal Valley Rankings.

They moved to a small battle arena, each stood opposed from each other. Xu Min looked at the guy in front of him and casually unsheathed his sword. Rolling his shoulders, he cracked his neck. He had no intention of showing him any mercy, but he was not going to kill him either.

'I could defeat him instantly,' Cao Cao snickered, but Xu Min only rolled his eyes. Of course, Cao Cao could easily defeat him since anyone bitten by Cao Cao would die instantly.

'If we kill a direct descendant of our host, that would be quite bad for us,' Xu Min warned Cao Cao even though he laughed internally, 'but don't worry, he is but a three-star Warrior. I am going to rely on my devouring sword to increase my strength and to ensure that no one can say deny me this given position.'

Cao Cao sighed and rolled his neck once more. He decided just to observe everything around them. If need be, he would be ready to attack anyone was behaving inappropriately.

"The rules are simple. We are not allowed to kill one another; neither are we allowed to attack with are most sinister attacks. Serious injuries are not acceptable either. This is only a sparring match not a real battle." the young man explained as he took a stance. "Now, let us begin!"

Qi began to float around the young man; it took the shape of a large eagle behind his back, the eagle turned golden before reaching its full height of a four-meter wingspan.  With a loud screech, the eagle soared into the sky towards Xu Min.

Xu Min admitted the eagle was impressive. It emitted a large wave of energy.Xu Min stood completely still with his sword in his hands. A wry smile appeared on his face. It was clear; he planned on meeting it head on.

The young man, when seeing  Xu Min did nothing to avoid the soaring eagle, smiled boastfully. He knew the strength of his eagle contained the full power of a three-star Warrior.

Xu Min kept smiling as well as the eagle reached him. When Xu Min could see the eyes of the eagle, he swiftly sliced the eagle in two.  

After contact with Xu Min’s sword, the eagle turned into an indistinct Qi which the sword greedily absorbed into it and Xu Min. Xu Min could feel the Qi flow into his body; his dantian rapidly being expanded, and all the Qi made his body full of energy.

While Xu Min's face energized more and more, his grip on the sword strengthened. The eagle completely vanished, and the young man who controlled it felt a sucking force. This force devoured all the Qi within him.  He tried to cut it off, but it was no longer possible since the force had already entered his body.

To everyone’s eyes, the battle appeared lackluster. The young man had created a Qi eagle, and Xu Min cut it. This was all, but now, it seemed as though the young man was incapable of creating another stance, and then he abruptly collapsed to the ground. It seemed every drop of his Qi had been drained, but how? No matter what he tried, he was simply incapable of putting up any resistance. What enraged him more was inability of understanding how Xu Min had managed to drain him of all his energy.

Everyone went silent; no one said anything while Xu Min sheathed the sword in the scabbard on his back. Looking down at the young man, Xu Min reached out his hand. He offered it to the young man who had been beaten in one attack.

Xu Min had no idea whether or not his defeated opponent would accept his hand, but he knew he was absolutely no threat to him. Thus, he offered him his hand. He was somewhat shocked when the young man accepted it,  allowing Xu Min to help him stand. His legs were visibly shaking.

Everyone was stunned, but no one dared to say anything. Looking at each other,  they saw all their stunned expressions. Xu Min was only a two-star Warrior; yet, at the same time, this unknown expert had defeated one of their experts and with only one attack.

"I admit my defeat," the young man said. Though he was an arrogant expert of the  Bu family, he was not foolhardy. He understood that this young man in front of him possessed some hidden strength. Xu Min  was absolutely stronger than him. The young man acknowledged this; in turn, the arrogance had vanished from his face.

"Honestly, I don't think any of the young experts here in the Bu family home would be able to easily deal with you. My defeat was not a disgrace." he nodded his head, and on shaking legs, he left the guards' training grounds.

Everyone expected t he would be unable to accept a loss since he was so affronted and adamant about repairing the wrong he suffered in losing he spot in o the Immortal Valley Rankings. Consequently, when they saw his sudden defeat followed by his humble reply, they felt something was completely wrong.

All the audience saw was the Qi dissipating, but what the audience did not know was Xu Min’s sword devoured the Qi. The spectators were unaware this could be possible.

Even Shui Wu was shocked. She had been present because she wanted to ensure that Bu Wei did not act unjustly, injuring or insulting the honored guest. Who would have imagined that Bu Wei lost in less time t it took an incense stick to burn. Then, humbly accept his defeat!

"Apparently, the Master knew what he was doing when he invited this young man," Shui Wu thought.

Before he departed back to his room, Xu Min nodded to the many people present. He had absorbed a massive amount of Qi, and his body was bursting with energy. He knew he needed to train once more, but this he would close his door.

It did not take long before the rumor of the battle started to spread in the Bu family and into the city. Bu Wei was popular among the city’s younger generation. Thus, to be defeated by a newcomer, in such short time no less, was quite some news.

"We should try and see how good he is! If he comes back into the city, make sure not to let him return without examining his strength!" one family said to their young generation.

"He must be a secret weapon t Bu Huang hid somewhere. I wonder if he is stronger than all the other experts.He might even be stronger than Shui Wu as well. Don’t forget! Make sure to test him if you ever get the chance," another family commanded their youngsters. Within no time, every member of the young generation had been told to test his strength while, of course, ensuring that no one got injured.

In the Bu family, many also started to believe  Xu Min was a disciple which Bu Huang had hidden and trained just for the sake of the Immortal Valley Rankings. Nevertheless, no one said anything out loud, and no one else tried to challenge Xu Min to a fight.

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