Chapter 61: Training the Sword

Chapter 61: Training the Sword

While Bu Huang was leading Xu Min through the mansion, everyone treated Xu Min with the utmost respect. The maids, servants, and guards all bowed deeply, but not for Xu Mi it was really for Bu Huang in front of him.

"You there!" Bu Huang suddenly called out for one of the maids by his side.  She swiftly stood still, bowed deeply and stayed bowed, awaiting for her master’s orders.

"This is my honorary guest Xu Min. Prepare a room for him close to Shui Wu's room, so that she can assist him with any question he has. I will be busy, but if he wishes to see me, lead him towards my study instantly," Bu Huang ordered. He then turned around and looked at Xu Min.

"You can stay in my mansion for as long as you wish. I will keep a spot open at the Immortal Valley for you. Should you have any more questions or problems you do not understand, speak with Shui Wu. If you have any concerns or apprehensions, find me. I will give you special treatment because of that old fox Wang Li, but even so, you will have to rely on your strength when it comes to the Immortal Valley."

With this said, Bu Huang nodded to Xu Min and left the stunned young man in the hallway with all the attendees staring at him in bewilderment. Xu Min was uncertain of what to do until the maid in front of him cleared her throat.

"Young master, please come with me." the maid requested. The maid led Xu Min through various halls and corridors once more. They finally reached a hallway filled with chambers on both sides. One of these chambers had been quickly prepared for Xu Min while the others belonged to certain members of the Bu family or were disciples taken in by Bu Huang.

Xu Min was an honorary guest; he was treated equally in comparison with the disciples of Bu Huang. The room he had been given was drastically better than the inn he had been staying at. Here, he could at least get all the information he had wanted to know.

Excitingly, Xu Min accepted a key from the maid, a key which only he had a copy of, and stepped into his room. Only the manservant of Bu Huang had a copy of this key, so no one was going to enter his room without permission.

The room was massive.Xu Min had enough space to train, so, always looking for an opportunity to enhance himself, he instantly started training. So focused on improving his skills, he forgot to close his door.  He spent hour after hour on his swordplay.

Unbeknown to Xu Min, at first only one maid noticed his swordsmanship.  She only looked into the room to let the young man know his door was opened. However, after looking for some moments, she was mesmerized by the beauty of his training. It was slow and steady, but at the same time, swift and fierce. It resembled a small stream while other times a strong gust of wind. It was as though she saw a beautiful dance appear in front of her.

As time passed, more and more servants and maids gathered outside Xu Min’s door. His door resembled a black hole once a person walked by they were sucked in by Xu Min’s intense energy. They became completely engrossed in watching this young man train. It is true; they had often watched the guards train or the young generation of the Bu family and the disciples train together, all of them, though, were internal experts. They would never move their body since they relied fully on their internal energy to make various stances and attacks. Xu Min, however, was both an external and internal expert; he needed to train his body. Consequently, the maids saw every move Xu Min, and their jaws dropped down in amazement.

Shui Wu had been seated in her room for some time. She was thinking about her experience earlier that day when the sword had effortlessly cut through her Qi snake; it cut through it like hot knife slices through butter. Secretly, it had shocked her because she knew exactly how dangerous that Qi snake was.  Even more shocking, t her master Bu Huang had taken in this young man to their mansion.

"Why do I keep wasting my time on this young man," she sighed to herself. Standing up, she left her room. "He might be a friend of the master, but he has nothing to do with me."

As she left the room, she was stunned when she saw all the maids and servants congregating. All of them were looking into a room with wide open eyes and dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

Shui Wu came from a humble origin, but her latent talent had managed to make her an outstanding member of the younger generation. Admittedly, she was haughty and hard to approach by most people. However, she would never be rude to commoners, at most she would pretend that they did not exist. But to see them, all standing hypnotized in front of a door, was unnerving. She was already feeling rather dismayed. What could have happened which caused all these maids and servants to forget about their daily chores to look into a room?

Her curiosity had been sparked. As she came closer, she found that it was not only the maids and servants who were standing and looking into the room, a few guards and disciples were also standing there. Fascinated by this odd occurrence, she managed to press her way to the front.

The people who had been pushed by Shui Wu were all seemingly awoken from their trance. Their eyes focused and their mouths closed up. They looked around seeing if anybody noticed them before slowly returning to their previously jobs.

By the time Shui Wu had reached the front of the door, her own eyes had widened in shock, and her mouth opened slightly. Xu Min was training his speed at the same time he was training his sword. It appeared as if four Xu Mins were dancing around together within the room. They never collided, but they were constantly moving themselves and the sword: slashing, stabbing, cutting and thrusting. It was clear that the training method used by Xu Min was incredibly profound. No matter how Shui Wu looked, she was incapable of understanding his type of cultivating style.

She had never paid any attention towards external experts. They were known to be slightly weaker than the internal experts because they needed to come into close quarters before they were capable of doing any danger. Whereas, internal experts could stand at a safe distance and release their attacks.

Shui Wu understood this fact since she was small, and why she had chosen to become an internal expert. However, now looking at Xu Min, she had an epiphany. She had been mistaken; a true external expert was equally dangerous as internal experts, if not even more. Studying him, she feared him. She knew he was dangerous, and all he was just training.

Suddenly three of the four of Xu Min’s shadow experts had vanished, and Xu Min was standing alone in the middle of the room. Sweat was dripping from his forehead; his eyes were closed, and he was gasping for breath. He had forced himself to his absolute limits and had transcended them. He discovered a speed so swift he had never before experienced anything like it. While at the same time, the sword felt as though it was a part of his arm. Where the sword began,  his arm ended.  Everything felt as natural to him as if he had no weapon in his hands.

A smile formed on his lips.  Opening his eyes, he finally saw the commotion outside his doorway.  He was surprised, looking at his door where around twenty maids, guards, and disciples stood. All of them stared at him unabashedly and with admiration; even Shui Wu was filled with reverence. She had not fought him, but she already knew he was stronger than her.

"Master decided rightly by making him join us for the Immortal Valley," she thought to herself.For her, only the strongest could accompany her on this important trip.  She would be ready to accept any skilled and strong person as long as they treated Bu Huang with reverence.

"Everyone go back to your work!" She ordered as she clapped her hands. The trance was broken. Every expert left shaking their heads, completely stunned about what they had seen. The maids and servants felt that they had seen something beautiful.

"Miss Shui," Xu Min said with a bow of his head as he looked at the woman in front of him, "I apologize for the uproar I caused. I thought  I had closed my door."

Waving her hand, Shui Wu turned around, "Master has already told you to find me if you have any questions. My room is four chambers to the left. Find me if you have questions. You ought to take a bath, you stink,"

Hearing the sudden friendliness, Xu Min smiled. He entered his room again, closed the door behind him. Going to the jointed bathroom, he heated up some water and stepped into the bath. Relaxing under the warm, sooth pressure of the water, Xu Min closed his eyes. He enjoyed how the warm water soothed his tired muscles.

His training had been successful. He had managed to make a breakthrough when it came to his speed. The sudden feeling of being one with the sword was also a satisfactory experience. He could not help but smile widely. He needed to be as strong as possible if he wished to dominate the Immortal Valley.

"Where is he?!" a young man yelled out. His eyes red in fury; his voice filled with hatred. "Shui Wu, he is a foreigner! He is not from this city. How could Master give him my spot at the Immortal Valley?! I am far more suited than some traveler who suddenly peaked master's interest! We have prepared for this for ten years!"

"I know it is not what you want but never doubt Master's decision!" Shui Wu answered. Her eyes darkened with her increasing anger. No one should doubt the orders of her master. If he was doubted, then she was willing to fight to the death for him.

"So, you like this new young man too? I bet he is good looking, and you were deceived by his appearance, but I will prove to you that he is just a pretty boy, not capable of fighting at all! Let me battle him, and I will prove that I am stronger!" the red-eyed young man continued shouting. With a sigh, Shui Wu shrugged. If that was what he wanted, then she was certain  Xu Min would win. After witnessing his training, she venerated this new young man who was the student of her master's martial brother.

"If that is what you require," Shui Wu said with a shrug, "he is in the room that is four chambers from mine. Go on an invite him to a battle at the guard's outdoor space. If he says no, respect it. He is here as the honorable guest of our Master." Shui Wu stated., The red-eyed youngster n gritted his teeth and only acknowledged the information he wanted to hear. His anger was still burning within him.  He did not speak back tot Shui Wu, Bu Huang’s favorite disciple.

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