Chapter 146: Ending the Tang Family

Chapter 146: Ending the Tang Family

Unfortunately, it was not possible to change what had happened. The family leader of the Tang family within Ri Chu City had no power to stop what was happening around him.

Both cultivators and civilians alike were fleeing for their lives. Xu Min released spiritual energy arrows from his bow so quickly that each expert would die with each arrow being released.

The Tang family leader realized he had to step up and fight. He knew he had to see if he could stop this expert that was wantonly killing everyone in his home, but just a glance at Xu Min made him shrink away in fear.

Everyone who looked at the family leader felt their hearts explode with indignation. He was the strongest expert present, yet he just stood there staring at the guards dying one after another! Even the ones who tried to flee cursed him in their hearts.

"Finished." the Tang family leader was listless as he looked at the mayhem that had erupted in what used to be a peaceful family home. "My family is finished! How could this little monster transform so much in such a short time! I cannot believe it!"

Although the Tang family leader had a hard time accepting it, he had to acknowledge the facts that were in front of him. He was now stuck in a problematic situation. Should he flee and stay alive, or should he stay and fight, which would allow others to flee in his stead?

The guard who had followed him before looked at the leader. His face contorted in disgust as he understood the thoughts of his leader. Without wasting any more time, the young guard turned his tail and ran. He was not willing to stay even a moment longer if it meant he would sacrifice his life for a family where even the leader was considering running away.

The Tang family leader finally reached a decision. He turned around and got ready to run. However, the moment he turned he felt an indescribable pain in his chest. When he looked down, he saw a white arrow made from energy sticking through his chest. It had went through his entire chest, from the back to the front, and made a perfect round gaping hole.

As the arrow dissipated into thin air, the lifeforce from the Tang family leader also vanished. His eyes turned dim, and his body collapsed on the ground.

After the family leader died, the battle slowly died out. Cao Cao and Ye Ling were both appearing with the old grandfather from the Alluring Treasure Pavilion. He was wearing fine clothes and seemed to have been treated well. Nevertheless, when he saw the devastation of the Tang family a glint of schadenfreude appeared in his eyes.

"To think that Nephew Min has managed to become such an outstanding character in such a short amount of time. It leaves me speechless." the grandfather smiled gently as he looked at Xu Min. Although he had been treated well by the Tang family, he had after all been a hostage; he could not forget how the Tang family and their allies had killed his guards and friends in the Alluring Treasure Pavilion.

Still, he was a practical man. He understood that it was inconvenient for the Alluring Treasure Pavilion to send an army here to deal with the Tang family. Thus he had expected that they would get away with it, as long as they delivered all the goods they had stolen alongside some wealth and his life to the main capital of the Alluring Treasure Pavilion safely.

Now he saw that the Tang family had been eradicated. The remnant guards and survivors were running around like headless chickens. Their eyes filled with fear and none of them even dared looking at Xu Min.

Seeing that Xu Min had returned and gotten revenge for him, Meilin's Grandfather was thrilled. He felt that justice had been served, and he was finally at peace with what had happened.

The hunter had become the hunted. Everything had ended this night. The Tang family had ended and the resentment between the Alluring Treasure Pavilion and Ri Chu City had also come to an end.

"Here," Xu Min accepted multiple storage treasures from Cao Cao and Ye Ling. He searched through all of them. They contained all the wealth that the Tang family had accumulated throughout the years as well as the loot they had taken from the Alluring Treasure Pavilion.

"I have no use for these things," Xu Min sighed. He handed it all over to the Alluring Treasure Pavilion’s elder. "This originally belonged to you so take it back. Use the silver and gold to hire some guards and rush back to the capital. I think that having this much wealth is dangerous."

"Don't let anyone know you possess the treasures. Just let them think that I have it. If they come to rob me, then don't mind if I rob them instead." Xu Min grinned. The grandfather looked rather confused, but he nodded his head in agreement. He understood that Xu Min was adamant about this.

"There is no reason to linger here in Ri Chu City any longer," Xu Min said with a sigh as he looked at all the dead cultivators. He was going to leave the clean up to the allied families who had attacked the Alluring Treasure Pavilion together with the Tang family.

The grandfather did nothing to delay Xu Min. He had long since understood that this young man had some important matters that could not be delayed and thus he did not ask him to go to the capital with him, even though he knew that his grandchild would be waiting impatiently to see him.

"I have a favor to ask you," Xu Muin finally sighed. "There is a group of children who have been a great help. They told me what happened to the Alluring Treasure Pavilion without them I would not have known where to go or what to do.. Can you bring them with you to the capital and look after them? Give them small jobs as errand boys, so they can earn enough money to sustain themselves."

Xu Min knew that there was a chance that he would say no. Looking after a group of children was a real pain. Furthermore,it was not profitable for him in any way. However, he still felt the need to ask. These children reminded him too much of himself, and he wanted to see them have a better life.

"Sure, I will take them with me," agreed the grandfather. He did not even hesitate a moment. He nodded his head; a serious expression appeared in his eyes. "Let me look after these children and then we will have them running errands for us in the capital."

Usually the grandfather was not a charitable man. However, Xu Min had just gained vengeance for him, and his request had been incredibly fair. He had even given him all the treasures and loot that the Tang family had,which was a show of absolute sincerity. Looking after these children would not be a problem.

Feeling relieved, Xu Min led the elder man towards the inn where the children were sleeping. All of them stayed the night there until the children woke up the following morning.

"I need to leave now," Xu Min informed these children. When he said this, he could see the sadness in their eyes.

"Don't worry. It does not mean that I am saying goodbye forever," he smiled. "Over there is a grandpa. He will be going to the capital. He has offered to take you all with him and give you a job so that you can earn money and live a respectable life."

"I have some things I need to do, but when I finish, then I too, will be going to the capital. Then we can meet again. That being said I do not want to force anyone to leave, if you do not want to leave you do not have to. You can continue living as usual here in Ri Chu City if you wish."

The children looked at one another. The older children gathered and started discussing their options. After a few minutes the oldest boy straightened his back, tidied his clothes to the best of his ability and clenched his fists. "We would like to go to the capital. Although it is a risk, it is also a possibility for us. This opportunity is something we cannot let go."

The older man was astonished to hear a small child speak like this. Instantly,he started to approve of these children. Even though he would have looked after them because Xu Min asked him to, he would just have them run errands only, strictly as he had promised. Nevertheless, now he was wondering if they were worth investing in. He was always on the hunt for talented youths.

Xu Min felt relieved. He was aware that he could not save the entire world's poor unfortunate children, but he felt better knowing that he had helped these children to a better life.

"I need to get going now," Xu Min sighed, "I will return to the Alluring Treasure Pavilion in the capital when I complete with my business."

Xu Min did not mention Meilin. He longed to see her, but he understood that he had to survive the fight with the Zhong family first. Although he had faith in his strength he had a feeling that something was amiss.

Still, he came this far, and he was not going to give up. He was going to slaughter the Zhong family, and anyone who blocked his path would become his enemies.

Xu Min said his farewells. Together with Cao Cao and Ye Ling he vanished from Ri Chu City. He had been in the city for a short time, but during the time, he had caused true havoc. He had slaughtered the biggest family within the city, and he knew that this would cause internal strife amongst the other families.

The ground belonging to the Alluring Treasure Pavilion and the rubbles that had used to be the Tang family compound was likely to be purchased by the remaining major families. This would allow them to attempt to take over the new position as the leader of the city. Nonetheless, it was impossible to say who would actually come out on top.

Xu Min had decided not to worry about Ri Chu City anymore. Meilin was no longer there, neither was the Alluring Treasure Pavilion. Thus this city became a part of his past. He had many memories there, and he might return sometime in the future, but for now, he had more important things to worry about.

Leaving Ri Chu City, Xu Min knew his next stop was the forest where he had met Cao Cao. Cao Cao had wished to meet his parents again to show them how strong he had become. He had been away from home for a long time, and the way he had left was rather hectic and informal.

Now he could return to say hello but also good bye once more,. He was aware that the fight they were going to would not be simple or quick.With just the slightest mistake they could die. Since there was a chance of de,ath he wished to see his family one last time to strengthen his resolve.

As this was the case, no one said anything while they made their way towards the forest in which the dangerous, emerald snake and beautiful tree resided.

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