Chapter 145: Monster

Chapter 145: Monster

Cao Cao and Ye Ling could not help but gasp loudly when they heard what Xu Min had said. They could feel the smoldering anger in his voice and knew that this was a decision not up for discussion.

Since Xu Min had made up his mind, neither Cao Cao nor Ye Ling could say anything against it. Together the three disappeared into the night, traveling through the empty streets towards the Tang family’s compound.

Strangely, no one was out and about this night. It was as if the city intuitively felt something soon was going to happen. Everyone was in their homes. Not even the drinking places and brothels were filled with their normally large amount of customers; they were all strangely quiet.

Xu Min and Cao Cao were filled with hate. Both of them had experienced the hospitality of the Alluring Treasure Pavilion before. Most importantly, though, Xu Min's beloved was from this family. Seeing Alluring Treasure Pavilion utterly destroyed was merely too shocking for them; emotions surged within him, especially anger.

"I am sure the Alluring Treasure Pavilion has their plans," Xu Min suddenly said to Cao Cao and Ye Ling. "They are a major family in the entire kingdom. even so, I cannot let the Tang family get away with what they have done."

"Their punishment will be the same as their treatment they gave to the Alluring Treasure Pavilion. We will tear down their entire family compound. We will bathe the floor with their blood. There is a chance that Meilin's grandfather is still alive and kept captive somewhere, so we will rescue him."

Cao Cao and Ye Ling nodded their heads solemnly. They could feel the hatred in Xu Min's voice. It was a hatred that made even their blood turn cold whenever it came out and bared its fangs.

They quickly arrived at the Tang family within a short amount of time. It was a big compound, even bigger than the one which had belonged to the Alluring Treasure Pavilion. It had massive gates and guards standing at the entrance. A big wall framed the many buildings inside. Guards were stationed on top of the walls to ensure that no unwanted visitors broke in.

"Wreck havoc!" Xu Min ordered and dashed straight into the guard. He created his spiritual energy bow and started shooting at the guards that came in his way. One guard after another fell to the ground without as much as making a sound.

Cao Cao and Ye Ling followed straight behind Xu Min. They went for the wall itself. While Xu Min was sniping the guards, they were a lot less silent about their attack. They rammed directly into the wall, causing the ground to tremble. The part they rammed into collapsed four meters to both sides from the impact.

"What a weak wall," Cao Cao murmured after which he retreated and collided with the wall, again and again, leaving it in shambles.

By now, everyone in the city could feel the ground shaking, and the sounds of screams as guards were being buried alive under the rubble.

Some of the stronger experts left their quarters to come and observe, but everyone below the fifth star wisely decided to stay away. They knew this was a massacre where they could easily end up dead like all those others.

The entire city was shocked. What was happening to the Tang family? Was it the Alluring Treasure Pavilion which had come for revenge? However, if it was the Alluring Treasure Pavilion, why did they attack in the middle of the night and not in broad daylight to show that they were in the right?

Everyone was confused, but no one was more confused than the Tang family compound themselves.

"Didn't we contact the Alluring Treasure Pavilion and was trying to reach an agreement? It is a waste for them to bring a whole army here to a backwater city like Ri Chu City to deal with us. If we could promise them some rewards and the life of the old man, then they would let us go?!" shouted the shocked head-member of the Tang family. Right now, his mind was in shambles.

He had planned out long ago how to deal with the Alluring Treasure Pavilion. He believed that as long as he had the old leader of Ri Chu City's Alluring Treasure Pavilion was held hostage, then they would not dare to make a move on him.

But now someone had come to his doorstep asking for trouble.

"My lord, it is not the Alluring Treasure Pavilion," a guard finally said with trembling voice. "After examining them closer, we discovered, it is a youngster with two fierce beasts. The youngster is tremendously strong and able to kill all the guards that appear in front of him. We don't know his rank just yet, but even six-star Warriors are no match for neither him nor those beasts."

"One of those fierce beasts is a snake. It keeps swallowing any human that it comes across. The other one is a type of lion which I have never seen before. I don’t think it exists within our kingdom; I am quite sure."

"While the young man is set on killing as many as possible, the two beasts seem to be causing as much havoc as they can. They are leveling any building they come across, even the protective wall around our home has been completely shattered."

The more the guard spoke, the uglier the face of the Tang family leader became. A youngster who could kill all the warriors of his family? Two beasts that wrecked havoc? What in the world was going on?

When had he and his family gained such ferocious enemies? When had they insulted someone with such a strong backing other than the Alluring Treasure Pavilion? Was this youngster perhaps a member of the pavilion which had come for personal vengeance? It seemed unlikely.

"We have to hurry if we want to save anyone," the guard urged. His voice was trembling with fear he tried to hide. He had seen the damage that these two beasts were causing and knew that many family members and servants had been buried already in the rubble, sustaining deep injuries and some even losing their lives.

But that was nothing compared to the massacre that the young man had unleashed. Every guard who had come into reach of his bow had died. Even six-ranked Warriors were unable to survive even one arrow.

"Let us go," the leader said with a dignified yet afraid voice. He had wrapped a robe around his body and took a sword that stood by the side of the bed.

"I fail to believe that this young man will be able to deal with us all, especially the elders of my Tang family. The elders were all seven-star Warriors. This is not a level that some child can reach."

"Yes leader, you know more," the guard said out loud and nodded his head, but in his heart, he had his doubts. Killing six-star Warriors like mere chickens showed that he was at least a seven-star Warrior himself.

Still, he was not too worried. There were quite a few elders, and all of them added together should be able to stop this child and his beasts, even if he was a seven-star Warrior.

Unfortunately, the reality was not as they had expected. The further they went looking for Xu Min the louder the screams became. People were fleeing for their lives as they rushed further and further into the family compound.

Meeting these people who were running infuriated the family leader of the Tang family. Some of them were guards, they were supposed to be out there facing the enemy, but instead, they were fleeing for their lives!

At first, he was furious. He even tried to stop the guards, but he soon found that it was useless. None of the guards stopped even for a moment. All of them were in panic and shock and only thought of saving themselves.

Seeing that this was the case, the leader increased his speed.Soon he was out of the main mansion. He stood there, gaping at what used to be his family's pride.

The many courtyards were utterly destroyed. Nothing was left except a pile of rubble. The intimidating wall that had surrounded the compound was leveled flat, and the ground was filled with pools of blood. Corpses were scattered all over the ground. While he looked at these corpses, his face turned pale. The many guards he had painstakingly trained and paid a fortune for in resources and money had died so quickly.

All of them were members of his family, seeing them die just like this was simply heart wrenching.

It was impossible for him to do anything to save them. His eyes turned red as he stared down the young man who had come to a halt not far from him.

"Long time no see," Xu Min said with a wry smile on his face. The family leader was stumped. Did he know this young man?

He narrowed his eyes as he tried to remember where he had seen this young man before. This young man did seem familiar but from where?.

"It's that youth!" someone finally remembered. "He represented the Alluring Treasure Pavilion in the tournament years back. He was the one always together with Yong Meilin!"

"God what a transformation. Back then he was not that strong, and look at him now! He is a monster who can cause such rampage and carnage!" someone exclaimed.

"So you are here for the sake of the Alluring Treasure Pavilion?" The family leader asked with hostility in his voice. "Don't you think that your actions are too merciless? The old man who treated you so well is doomed to die now as a result of your actions. I will kill him in front of you!"

"How funny!" Xu Min laughed. "Do you think that I will allow you to leave here and go get him? Do you believe that I have not already found him, and I am rescuing him right at this moment?"

"He is guarded by a seven-star Warrior!" the family leader sneered with malice, but his words only caused Xu Min to snort and laugh out loud.

"A mere seven-star Warrior, if you want to put up a fight with, you have to at least be a peak eight-star warrior!"

The words thundered in the ears of everyone present. There were no eight-star Warriors present within the entire Tang family. To ask for one to come forward was simply an impossibility.

"Well, you caused this situation, so learn how to deal with it!" Xu Min sneered, and once more the bow appeared in his hand. Spiritual energy arrows shot forward killing two more guards. The guards collapsed on the ground as their eyes dimmed and the last breath of life left their bodies.

He moved like the wind, shooting constantly and killing one man after another. However, all this time, the family leader could not act. He was struck dumb with shock and fear.

"I fail to believe that a kid like you is an eight-star Warrior!" he finally yelled out breaking his trance. He then started chasing Xu Min, but no matter how much he tried to chase he was constantly behind.

Following behind Xu Min, he tried his very best to capture Xu Min, but he could only follow his trail of death. The leader could only watch as more and more guards died.

Now no one was fighting back anymore; rather, everyone was trying to flee. However, the majority was caught by the arrows and died on the spot.

The more that died, the redder the eyes of the Tang family leader became. His heart cried out, and his intestines turned green with regret.

He knew he could have dealt with the Alluring Treasure Pavilion through enough treasure and persuasion, but who would have thought that this extreme monster would turn up out of nowhere demanding revenge?

If he had known that this would happen, then no matter how much they would have been suppressed by the Alluring Treasure Pavilion, the Tang family would never have had the guts to fight them.

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