Chapter 136: Immortals

Chapter 136: Immortals

"It's him! It is Xu Min!" someone yelled out. Everyone felt their scalps grow numb. Xu Min, on the other hand, could care less about being noticed; his only goal was to force his way through the army in front of him.

Xu Min shot arrow after arrow in front of him, killing one expert after another. Although Xu Min did not personally know these experts, he already knew what he needed to know. They had accepted money to stop him from escaping the Ruins of the Immortals, so they were his enemies.

Anyone standing in his way had to die, and anyone who went against him had to be removed. Xu Min was not in a position where he could afford to be friendly with the enemy, nor was he in a position where he could afford to worry about killing too many.

By this time, Xu Min had already killed quite a few. He felt nothing as he killed expert after expert, forcing a path in front of him where people died one after another.

Although people kept dying like flies, other experts appeared. Everywhere Xu Min moved, new people would replace the dead, and more corpses would fall to the ground.

The eight-star Warrior who was injured hesitated to join the battle. Instead, he took out a whistle. He blew the whistle and instantly Xu Min could feel that other powerful auras were rushing towards his location.

"So they are going to gang up on me, huh. They plan to use these weak idiots as cannon fodder and try to slow me down. Let us see who is fastest then! Them or me!" Xu Min growled as a gust of wind suddenly started blowing.

The gust turned to a gale. Then the gale turned into a type of wind one experienced during hurricanes, a wind so strong that no one could stand against it. This wind collided straight into the body of experts; instantly the bodies were torn apart and dismembered.

Xu Min had hidden a thousand wind blades within his hurricane, and those who came in contact with these blades were sliced up instantly.

The wind roared, and the experts who had poured towards Xu Min looked at him as if he was a monster.

These experts were humans; They did not even believe in fairies and elves, and they certainly never considered or heard about the elemental affinity or spiritual energy.

Since they had never heard about elemental affinity, they were convinced Xu Min was using a stance. They could not comprehend how his stance could be conducted so instantaneously. For them, this was impossible to accomplish; not even Immortals could accomplish such a feat with such a dangerous stance like this.

Xu Min cared nothing for a time wasting explanation, nor did he feel obligated to warn anyone. Thus his wind blades shot forth once more, massacring many.

Together with the wind blades, there was also sword light which merged with the wind. Every expert the sword light touched was brutally murdered, leaving not even a single complete corpse behind.

At the start, they had all rushed towards him. However, after seeing their comrades killed in such a simple fashion, they all started to retreat instead. Soon a path in front of him opened. Xu Min almost made it past the border when he felt an even more terrifying aura coming his way. This was an aura which did not belong to the other eight-star Warriors.

Sensing this aura, Xu Min's expression turned foul. Although the eight-star warriors were rushing towards him, they could not hold a candle to the speed of this new aura which shot out like lightning heading towards its next victim.

From the moment he had felt it, and up until now, Xu Min had only breathed once. Yet the aura was already right where he was! When he looked up, he saw in the sky was an expert hanging. His face flashed a manic smile, and his hands lifted to get ready to attack Xu Min. Nonetheless, he wished to do it properly; consequently, he took a stance.

This was an Immortal! No matter how much Xu Min wished to step into this rank, he was far from being capable of doing so, and even worse, he had no chance of fighting him.

To conduct a stance the energy needs to be poured around a body in the right way. It only takes a moment, but, it was this moment which was all Xu Min needed to dodge out of the way.

"You little piece of shit!" the Immortal yelled, "You killed my son. Now see how I get rid of you!"

The hate in his voice was evident. Xu Min shook his head in annoyance. Of course! It just so happened that one of the people he killed was the son of an Immortal.

Gnashing his teeth, Xu Min kept on dodging one attack after another, but they came closer and closer to him. He could feel how just one attack would be enough to kill him.

After avoiding another three attacks, Xu Min could no longer dodge. His eyes filled with despair the moment he saw his end appear in front of him. This was not how he had wanted to end his life. He had not even managed to get revenge for his sister yet. And he had still to meet up with Yong Meilin. He had to let Cao Cao and Ye Ling out before they would die with him as well!

So many unresolved things continued to bother him; he was unwilling to accept that this was his end.

"Humph," a harrumph sounded out. The end that Xu Min had expected never happened. No pain, no darkness. Not even a light at the end of a tunnel.

"Open your eyes, you stupid disciple!" A familiar voice called out; Xu Min opened his eyes, dumbfounded.

Right in front of him were five cloaked men. These five men were all floating in the air. Their bodies were releasing an aura that was even more frightful than the one given by the Immortal of the United Families.

"You... Are all of you are from the Guardians of the Immortal Valley?" The Immortal asked hesitantly. The five Immortals nodded their heads.

"I thought we all agreed that what happens in the Immortal Valley stays in the Immortal Valley," one of the other immortals casually remarked. His voice was frosty, but he had not taken action as of yet. The Immortal from the United Families was instantly taken aback.

"This has nothing to do with the Immortal valley! He slaughtered a whole village! He killed youth and old alike!" The Immortal continued to explain. The longer he spoke, the more powerful auras appeared out of nowhere. However, his words just caused Xu Min's master to snort.

"We already have investigated the massacre that happened to the village. All the mercenaries were indeed killed by Xu Min. However, every member of the village was killed by the Shen family to frame Xu Min. They wanted to put the blame on this massacre to cover up and gain revenge for what happened in the Immortal Valley."

"If you do not trust me, then just make old man Shen Wang here swear an oath on his cultivation base that it was not done by the Shen family. If it truly was not done by them, then he will lose nothing, but if it was, then he will be forever crippled. If he refuses to swear the oath, then all I can say is that you already have your answer."

The Immortal who was the first to arrive started sweating profusely. Many of the other experts that had arrived later to hear the words started to look at him questioningly.

"What is it?" Once again Xu Min's master spoke, " I guess you don't want to cripple yourself, but your only other option is to admit to your crime

Xu Min was standing at the side completely silent. He was happy that he was not dead, but he had never expected to be given assistance by the Immortals from the academy. He had assumed that they would have just left him for dead. Instead, they had shown up at the most crucial time to save his him.

Because the Immortals saved him from the clutches of death, Xu Min began to feel slightly guilty for the way he had left the academy. On the other hand, he also imagined the anger his master would show him when she was done dealing with the other experts. As a result, Xu Min slowly tried to step away. He hoped he could escape the situation, but the moment he moved a voice resounded in the air.

"Xu Min, you little rascal! Stay where you are, or I will hunt you down to the end of this world and drag you back home with me!"

As to whom this voice belonged to, Xu Min had no doubts. He could do nothing but stand still like an obedient little boy, his head hanging down and his mood dejected.

Every other expert on the field was stunned silly. They had seen Xu Min act like a monster. He had seriously injured an eight-star Warrior with a single attack, and he had killed countless people, leaving no corpse whole. Right now he was obediently listening to someone else and even showing slight fear on his face.

Just how strong were these Immortals? Were they able to subdue such a monster with words alone? They could not understand it. There was only one rank in between eight-star and nine-star Warriors, but only those at the eight star could understand just how much of a difference that rank meant.

Xu Min was not stupid. He knew the personality of his master. If he actually tried to escape now, she would definitely launch an attack at him. Although he would not die, he would suffer some injuries which would leave him in a worse position than before.

"So, does your Shen family dare to make an oath or not?" This time it was not a member of the Guardians of the Immortal Valley that spoke but an Immortal from the Ouyang family. They had nothing against Xu Min from within the Immortal Valley and had only joined the battle because he had slain a village.

"So what if it was us who killed them?! This brat Xu Min has killed far more people throughout his life! Killing him will be a benefit to society!!" the Immortal, named Shen, roared, but the words were not what many of the other Immortals wished to hear.

Currently, a total of thirteen Immortals had gathered in the sky. Two of them were from the other side of the border. Hearing the admission from the Immortal surnamed Shen everyone's faces turned grim.

"This is over. We will be looking to the Shen family to repay us the money we have spent on chasing Xu Min!" One Immortal after another roared, and they flew away in the distance. Soon the mercenaries were uncertain as to what was happening. Would they still get paid? Was this task forgotten? Was it all for nothing?

They did not know, but no one was silly enough to ask an enraged Immortal. Instead, they all just stayed in place. No one was silly enough to try and attack Xu Min as they remembered what had happened the last time they did.

All the eight-star warriors flew after their respective Immortals, and soon only a handful of Immortals were left. Those left were the Immortals that wished Xu Min to die more than anything else. Alongside them were the two Immortals from the opposing side and the Immortals from the Immortal Valley.

"If you wish to kill Xu Min then you have to go through us first," Xu Min's master said. Her eyes were hidden beneath the cloak, but Xu Min could swear he could see them gleam with an urge to fight. He stood back, like a good boy, waiting for the scolding he knew was coming his way once the Immortals will have eliminated the danger that was threatening his life.

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