Chapter 132: Esteemed Expert

Chapter 132: Esteemed Expert

While all the important city officials and warriors within the City started acted, Xu Min was doing nothing else but eating a hearty meal together with his brother beasts, Cao Cao and Ye Ling. 

All three of them were filled with happiness after getting their hands on some delicious home cooked food. Leaving nothing left, they devoured it quickly. 

"I guess we have enough coins to last us for the entire trip. Those idiots from the Immortal Valley were all easy to deal with, and we took all of their property when they died. We have a lot of things we have no use for as well. Maybe we should sell some here in this city." Xu Min mused. Although he had enough gold and silver, he could still use more, especially considering how much Cao Cao and Ye Ling ate every day. 

"Selling items in the major cities is a bad idea. I am quite sure that they will make people aware of who we are since some of the items I will be putting up for sale are family treasures. The families will probably l place a bounty on my head because of this. I am certain. I have killed so many experts. Although the guardians said that what happens in the Immortal Valley stays in the Immortal Valley, no one is likely to do anything to punish the many families if I am to be dead already."

Thinking like this, Xu Min picked up a robe. However, when he looked at Cao Cao and Ye Ling, he quickly packed it away again. "With the two of you with me, disguising myself seems pointless," he finally sighed with a wry smile on his face. He then shook his head before he went down the stairs and out the inn. 

What he confronted outside of the inn completely startled him.. Outside was a whole entourage of thirty experts of the sixth ranking. They were all led by another sixth-ranked expert who was patiently standing at the front. His arms on his back and his black hair tied on top of his head in an elaborate fashion. 

He was wearing some clothes of high quality. It was clear that all the soldiers were here because of him. When Xu Min observed their leader, he noticed an unexplainable arrogance in his eyes; he also saw greed flashing by whenever he looked at Cao Cao and Ye Ling.

Guessing what was going on, Xu Min became hostile in an instant. There was no way that Xu Min was going to sell either Cao Cao nor Ye Ling to this expert, nor would he let go of his two companions. He could only sigh to himself at having to deal with this inconvenience.

"Seems like we have to leave right now," he mumbled to himself so lowly that only Ye Ling and Cao Cao could hear him. He did not want too much trouble, so escaping the city was the most suitable solution. 

"Good day traveler. I am the young master of this city, and I have taken a liking to your two beasts. Sell them to me, and you will have a great future ahead of you!" he said arrogantly, but Xu Min's eyes only narrowed. He shook his head, "They are not for sale," he said as he started to move towards the side. Nevertheless, the thirty experts that had gathered quickly spread out and surrounded Xu Min, Cao Cao, and Ye Ling.  

"Is this how visitors treated d in this city?" Xu Min asked with a low and dangerous voice. His voice was dripping with hostility, and his words made everyone slightly uncomfortable. They were using numbers to bully the weak. 

"We are normally very friendly towards strangers and visitors," the young master said nonchalantly, "but it is different when they do not take our rules seriously."

"And our rules are quite simple; listen to the young master and do as he says," one of the henchmen said arrogantly. He said it so arrogantly that Xu Min almost felt like vomiting blood. It was simply too outrageous.

"So it seems the young master is just a thief who steals what he wants from the visitors and strangers that dare to venture into your city? No wonder it is so remote; your rules are as primitive as the monkeys living in the forests around here. One would almost believe you shared the same heritage."

Xu Min disrespected them and all the lowliness they represented. The fact that he had not started killing them yet was already considering their luck quite good.

The young master was turning livid, but Xu Min just shrugged his shoulders completely carefree. 

When he started cracking his fingers, the audience started understanding that Xu Min was not going to listen to the young master. Nevertheless, all of them were surprised as to why he would have the confidence in confronting so many experts in one go. 

These subservient warriors all assumed that Xu Min was a five-star warrior, not the eight-star warrior that he truly was. They were almost all gloating at his misfortune for losing the beasts.

Every time Xu Min opened his mouth, he made the young master even more furious. The young master was not a complete idiot. He felt slightly apprehensive. Why would a five-star Warrior even dare to resist him and his gang? How could he dare go against this young master and his massive group of experts! Something was not right.

Was he perhaps a young expert who was out training in the wide world and had the protection of a supreme expert? If there were some supreme expert backing him, then this young master would have truly kicked a metal board. 

Although the young master was arrogant beyond belief and had pressured many experts into giving him what exactly he wanted, he was not completely dumb. He was aware that this young expert in front of him needed to have some backing to be able to sneer at him the way he did, but what could he do about it? 

He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount, and this young master was incapable of stopping and turning back now. 

Bracing himself, he took a step forward, "don't think that I have these men here just for show," he growled, "charge!" he ordered. Everyone rushed forward. However, before they had the time to take more than a few steps a loud booming "Stop!" resounded through the entire city. The ones who had been advancing all staggered, fell to their knees, and vomited blood.

The one calling out was not the unknown expert behind Xu Min, but instead the City Lord himself, the father of the young master.

Seeing his father and the fearsome expression on his face, the young master instantly understood that he had made a big mistake by targeting this young man. He had never before seen his father this mad.

The City Lord quickly stepped in front of the young master and gave a slight bow to Xu Min who was frowning slightly. 

"Please excuse this useless son of mine, esteemed guest," he said politely while observing every change in Xu Min's expression. Seeing this City Lord intervene, Xu Min was aware that this City Lord was an eight-star warrior. The leader of the group that led Xu Min, Cao Cao, and Ye Ling to this city was also an eight-star warrior. Suddenly, having two eight-star Warriors close by Xu Min could feel the pressure. 

Although he believed in their ability to flee, he did not wish to leave with a hostile relationship. He quickly flashed a smile at the City Lord and returned a slight bow. 

"How could I take it seriously? I am sure he was just joking," Xu Min laughingly said He knew while speaking that this expert knew the real strength of him and his companions. Therefore, he did not care to hide it any longer.

The moment he released his real cultivation base energy erupted from his body; a heavy pressure was emitted onto everyone present. It was an aura which impressed the City Lord and terrified the Young Master. He instantly swallowed hard as he realized that this young man did not need an esteemed expert to safeguard him. He was simply monstrously strong as he was.

"What is such an esteemed guest such as yourself doing in our humble town?" the City Lord continued. He looked at Xu Min curiously, but Xu Min just shrugged his shoulders, "We are on our way through the Ruins of the Immortals," he stated bluntly. "We are out training, and it is only natural for us to wish to see as much of the world that we can before we return home." 

"Home being where?" the City Lord but Xu Min just smiled and said nothing. He did not tell anyone anything about where he came from. 

 City Lord gently tried to move the three guests towards the City Lord's Mansion, but Xu Min stood still, not moving even the slightest. 

"I am going to leave this city," Xu Min sighed. Although he had planned differently, things had changed. He had been confronted by the City Lord, and even the City Lord's son had tried to rob him in broad daylight. 

Everything within this city made Xu Min feel uncomfortable; he just wanted to leave it as soon as possible. 

Hearing the words spoken by Xu Min, the City Lord also heaved a sigh of relief internally. This youngster had to have a significant background to have reached the eight-star Warrior rank so young. Xu Min was like a bomb that could go off at any point in time, and the City Lord did not want that to happen within his city  

The two experts, the City Lord and Xu Min, both grinned at one another. Even though their expressions were filled with friendliness neither trusted the other even the slightest. As a result, the two of them were on edge, ready to attack at any moment.

"Well, since this is the case, I will not delay any further," Xu Min finally said and turned to leave. No one stopped him, and everyone slowly parted from each other, making room for him to move through. No one dared to stop him. Nonetheless, every time Xu Min took a step he could feel the eyes of the City Lord on his back. He was on high alert, ready to ensure that he was not being attacked when his back was turned. They managed to get further and further away and soon the city walls were within sight.

Slowly they moved out of the city and looked around them. A busy street was moving through the entire valley, and many experts were traveling upon it. 

"Let us return home," Xu Min said. He looked back at the city behind him. "It is time for me to get my vengeance on the ones who killed my sister. To make this as easy as possible, we will avoid as many cities as possible. If we have to enter one, we'll disguise ourselves. I can't be bothered with running into trouble because of the actions we took within the Immortal Valley Rankings."

Cao Cao and Ye Ling nodded their heads. They too knew that he had indeed gone a little too far when he was in the Immortal Valley Rankings. However, what else could he have done? It was a question about being killed or kill. Anyone would rather kill the other than let themselves be killed. 

Sighing, the three knew that their trip through the Ruins of the Immortals would be anything but simple. It would be filled with danger and old foes. Even so, they had no other choice than to travel through it for the sake of returning as soon as possible for Xu Min and his revenge. 

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