Chapter 113: Human Magic

Chapter 113: Human Magic

The news about Mu Jianyao becoming Xu Min's master spread like wildfire in the academy.Every elf and fairy were discussing this amazing news. 

Both elves and fairies felt jealous. They all admired Mu Jianyao and looked up to her. Many would visit the medicinal garden for the sake of just seeing her even though she usually wore a cloak that hid her face. Her hands would be seen trading the herbs for contribution points, and her frosty voice could be heard. 

Many of these experts had dreamt about becoming her apprentice. Some had even dreamt of becoming her lover due to her beauty. Nevertheless, no one felt they had the talent to step forward and raise the question of her taking them as apprentices.

Now Xu Min was her apprentice. This fact alone filled the elves and fairies were filled with depression since they wished they had spoken up earlier. Now it was too late. An immortal could teach and train one student at a time. They were to devote all of their attention to this one student. As long as Xu Min was at the academy, no one would be able to take over his spot.

Therefore when the students heard that Xu Min had already been given his first mission, all of them hoped he would die. If he died, all of the elves would battle for the chance of becoming Mu Jianyao's new apprentice.

Although they all hoped for Xu Min to die, none of them would be the bringer of his death. Killing him was even less of a possibility.

Although they disliked Xu Min, he was a student of their academy and killing a fellow student was simply unacceptable. Not only that, he now had the protection of an Immortal. No one knew whether or not this ice queen was willing to take revenge on her student. There was a slight chance. With this chance existing who in the world would be stupid enough to anger an Immortal? 

Xu Min, who was at home in the cabin, was completely unaware of what exactly was happening in the rest of the academy. Xu Min was instead looking at the medicinal pill in his hand and smiled. "I will eat this pill first. Then I will focus on the fire elemental affinity afterward," Xu Min said to himself while sitting down on his bed in a lotus position. Ye Ling placed himself in front of the door while Cao Cao wrapped himself around the neck of Xu Min as always. 

Placing the pill within his mouth, Xu Min felt a foreign energy starting to rush into his body from the world outside. It was as if a whirlwind appeared in the middle of his dantian and with a strong suction force drew every ounce of energy from the surrounding world into his body where it quickly was refined and turned into Qi. 

He felt his dantian constantly expanding. The Qi pool within was flooding; more and more energy filled up the space and cracks which appeared on the dantian. Every time it seemed as though it would burst, the whirlwind would send out golden beams of light which would once more heal the cracks in the dantian. Nonetheless, it allowed the dantian to increase in size which took much time. 

Xu Min's forehead was filled with beads of sweat; his teeth grit hard, and his hands tightened into fists. He was in severe pain. Every time the dantian started cracking he would feel some intense pain. He could not describe this pain; it was so painful, and it would come time and time again. Nevertheless, he endured. Xu Min had long since noticed just how much his rank advanced. When he could see the direct improvements in his strength, Xu Min could do nothing else than to continue with the suction of energy. The pain made him stronger.

The medicinal pill was indeed potent, so potent that Xu Min had completely lost all senses. He only focused on one thing, and that was to get through the painful cultivation as soon as possible with as many benefits as absolutely possible.

The whirlwind had started out with just absorbing the energy within the cabin, but soon all of it had been consumed. It started spinning swifter, dragging in more and more energy from the surrounding areas. It became powerful even the students noticed the suction force which came from within his room.

Many were filled with jealousy. They knew that this sudden display of suction force was due to Mu Jianyao. The fact that Xu Min could benefit from such treatment was only because of the amazing Immortal lady. 

While some experts were busy feeling upset about Xu Min's ability to become Mu Jianyao's student, others found it interesting and were more curious as to what kind of person Xu Min truly was. 

A few of the students who had Immortals as their masters were curious as to whether or not Xu Min would turn into a threat when it came to the Heavenly Ranking. Others were curious as to how he had convinced Mu Jianyao to take him in. Whereas, some were just curious about how much strength he was hiding. 

Everyone knew that Mu Jianyao was the daughter of the headmaster of the academy. She was an elf and a fairy. Being the only child who had been born with the ability to control both spiritual energy and elemental affinities gave her a special place in the hearts of all elves and fairies. She was revered as a goddess, and her beauty made her even more loved by all. 

Xu Min sat in the room the entire day and night. The whirlwind in his dantian slowly diminished in size and absorbed less and less Qi until it completely vanished. By this time, Xu Min could feel that his rank had risen a full level. He had managed to break into a six-star warrior; however, he was at the very beginning of a six-star warrior, having much less Qi than other experts at that level. 

"Congratulations on your breakthrough!" Ye Ling and Cao Cao said simultaneously to Xu Min who was smiling from ear to ear. Although the night had been incredibly painful, he had gone through it, and the rewards he had harvested were amazing. 

Xu Min had wanted to sit down and meditate more on the fire elemental energy he had recently absorbed and made it part of his energy. However, considering the sun was rising in the sky, Xu Min did not have the time to ponder upon the fire element. He had been told to go to the Immortal Valley this day and finish off a mission when he finished consuming the medicinal pill, and thus He stood up, washed, changed his clothes to his personal black robes and moved towards the mission tower.

As he reached the mission tower, he saw that it was filled with people. Some were here to take their missions while others were gathered to see Xu Min. They pointed at him as if he was some celebrity that they wished to get a slight glance of. Xu Min felt rather uncomfortable, but he pretended he did not see any of them. Instead, he strode into the mission tower and went straight to the counter.

There were many kinds of missions at the mission tower, and they were ranked depending on their difficulty.

Some of these missions were always available, such as the one Xu Min needed. These were killing beasts for their beast cores. Then there were the easy missions which were missions which had to be done at the academy. This could be cleaning the stairs or cleaning the sidewalks or painting the houses. These missions had no danger, but considering the lack of participation, their pay in contribution points was not low.

Killing monsters were one of the lower paid missions, but Xu Min understood that he was not here for the sake of gaining contribution points but for the sake of learning how to use his power in battle. 

Nothing enhanced one's performance as much as life and death battles. 

Xu Min quickly obtained his mission. With all eyes upon him, he straightened his back, called for Ye Ling and slowly move towards the academy’s exit. It was time for him to enter Immortal Valley once more and kill beasts. This time he was not allowed to use the sword in his hand; he had to rely solely on his elemental affinity. This was not an easy task.

"Xu Min!" Someone suddenly called out. Looking behind him, Xu Min saw the light fairy coming his way. A sweet smile was on her beautiful face as she looked at him. 

"I need to take a mission as well. Why don't the two of us go together?" she asked with the sweetest smile on her face. Hearing the question, Xu Min was quite stunned. "Together?" he asked to ensure that he had heard her correctly, but the light fairy just nodded her head, "I am going to the Immortal Valley as well to do a mission similar to yours. Why don't we travel together? If we are two, killing more beasts will be easy," her reply was tempting, but Xu Min was not certain. 

"My master told me that I have to kill my beasts," he said hesitantly, "I am not even allowed to have my companions attacking. How can I go with you and let you attack them for me?" Xu Min was unsure of what to do. He was not aware of how to deal with this light fairy. Although she was attractive, Xu Min's heart had already been given to Meilin. No other woman could sway him. He would prefer not being part of any drama. Thus he wished to stay away from the beautiful women around him. 

Seeing that she had been rejected, tears welled up in her eyes. She looked at Xu Min and asked, "Why are you so mean to me?" with a trembling voice.

Although the voice was trembling, it was not low. Everyone could hear what she said. They instantly assumed Xu Min was bullying her and a group of experts stepped forward.

"Hey you, human, what do you think you are doing making our most beautiful fairy cry?" one of the men asked. His body filled with muscles and his eyes blazed with killing intent.

It as not only him, a whole group of people were the same, but Xu Min just sneered as he shrugged his shoulders, "what I do to her has nothing to do with you," he said with a domineering voice that left no room for argument. The answer was incredibly rude but enough for everyone present; the light fairy did not go against his words. If anything, she just looked down at the ground and mumbled something indistinct. 

"Well let us be good friends in the future," Xu Min said to the woman with a smile on his face. He started to move away from the large group of people who had observed the impossible. Had Xu Min done something to all the beautiful women of the academy to make them come up to him? No one knew, but many rumors started to spread. The rumors said he was using some human magic to take over the mind of all beautiful women. 

All this was happening while Xu Min finally reached the Guardian Tree and left the academy grounds.

"I would never have believed I could leave the academy this soon," he mumbled to himself. He gestured for Ye Ling to follow him. Instead of moving towards the outskirts of the Immortal Valley, Xu Min moved into the depths of the forest on the hunt for five and six-star beasts that he could defeat with his elemental affinity alone.

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