Chapter 112: Brothers

Chapter 112: Brothers

As Mu Jianyao and Xu Min walked through the area, she was not bothered by the whispers. Everyone had long since agreed that she was the most beautiful woman at the academy. She even had an unofficial fan club since she was the youngest of all the Immortals at the academy; her beauty would remain breathtaking. 

Unfortunately, Mu Jianyao was not often out of the Medicinal Garden. Many went to the garden to purchase herbs just to see her, but she had always been an ice queen. No one had managed to make her smile. No one had even managed to make her speak more than one or two words to them. Now here she was, walking with Xu Min right behind her.

"What do you think he has done to get such attention from Miss Mu?"

"Do you think he tried to steal her herbs?"

"Maybe he said something inappropriate towards Immortal Miss Mu; He is just a human after all."

While everyone was theorizing why Xu Min was being treated special, they walked past as if no one was talking about them. Mu Jianyao was used to always being stared at and talked about. She grew up with people looking down upon her. 

During her childhood and youth, she had been an ugly duckling. She was often made fun of but as her power grew her beauty increased. Finally, she became the celestial being that everyone loved, but within her heart, she always remembered how the others had treated her. They treated her differently, shunning her from their friendship. 

Back then she had cried alone in her cabin a lot. Now that the same ugly things were being said about Xu Min, she could not help but wonder just how he was dealing with these words. However, when she sneaked a glance at Xu Min, she was shocked. Xu Min was walking with a smirk on his face, looking as if he owned the entire world. He did not seem even the slightest bit worried about the words were spoken about him.

"He's pretty tough, not bad," Mu Jianyao murmured to herself with a smile on her face, a smile which none apart from herself understood. Some assumed that it was a smile of anger; others thought it was a smile of curiosity, but no matter what, where Mu Jianyao and Xu Min walked, a whole group of experts followed.

Xu Min nor Mu Jianyao did nothing to stop these followers behind them. Both of them, unbeknownst to each other, shared the same thought. If these elves or fairies wished to know what their purpose was, then let them know. In the end, the ones who would be suffering would be all the elves and fairies as they would learn that Mu Jianyao had chosen a human as a disciple over them. 

The walk through the academy was long, a little too long Xu Min could not help but wonder if Mu Jianyao was intentionally making the walk longer than usual. In the end, he said nothing, though. Even if she wished to make it longer than usual and attract attention to their movements, he would support her. She was his new master, and he would follow all of her commands as long as she did not order him to throw away his life.

Finally, after walking through the academy for what seemed like ages, they finally arrive at the Mission Tower.

"Xu Min," Mu Jianyao called out, and Xu Min instantly stepped up next to his master. She flicked her hand and a big leaf appeared out of nowhere. The woman stepped onto it before she reached out her hand, gestured for Xu Min to take it. As he did, she pulled him on top of the leaf.

Qi gushed out of her body; it entered the leaf beneath them, making the leaf move up into the air. It first hovered a few centimeters above ground before it rose further and further into the air until it reached the top of the tower.

At the top of the tower, there was a doorway with no door. The leaf went straight for this door. As they reached it, Mu Jianyao entered into the doorway and Xu Min, who was not too comfortable staying on the floating leaf, quickly followed behind. 

"This is the office of our headmaster," Mu Jianyao said with a smile on her face. "He already knows everything happening at the academy, but we still need to come and inform him about our relationship. He needs to give us his blessings."

Hearing this, Xu Min could not help but fear that for some reason this headmaster would go against them. Maybe he disliked humans? Maybe he was a fan of Mu Jianyao. There were so many possibilities. However, to Xu Min who had already acknowledged Mu Jianyao as his master, he was very worried.

"Welcome human and mixed blood bastard" a voice called out casually. The words were not very friendly; in fact, they were down right rude. Even though Xu Min did not mind being called a human, he was seething with anger when he heard how his master being called a mixed blood bastard.

Sensing the rising anger in her apprentice's temper, Mu Jianyao quickly placed a hand on his head. Suddenly Xu Min lost all power over his body. Even his mouth no longer worked. His entire body became that of a puppet. A mere touch of an Immortal had already rendered him completely useless.

"Mu Jianyao greets father," the woman called out. She did not care at all about what she had been called the moment before. On her face was no anger or hostility. When he saw the complete lack of response, a sigh could be heard from within the shadows.

"I saw you smile earlier today. A smile from you is as rare as a crimson moon," the voice from before said. "I thought that perhaps I could see more of your emotions today, but you are truly like your mother. She never let any of your emotions show. She displayed the same expression till the day she died. Will you not give in and allow for emotions to once more become part of your life? Will you not try to live again?" 

Although Xu Min had been filled with anger before he was now filled with curiosity about the life of his Master. However just as he thought he'd hear more, Mu Jianyao's voice cut through the office.

"Father, I came to inform you that I have taken an apprentice. I wish to teach him the arts of spiritual energy and the control of elemental affinities." 

There was truly no emotion within her voice. The excitement Xu Min had sensed in her voice when they had been in the medicinal garden had completely vanished. Even so, Xu Min did not mind. He felt that although this woman was an ice queen but deep within her were raging emotions. One day he would help her say what she truly felt. 

"I have no reason to refuse you, and considering the killing intent your student displayed when I called you a mixed blood bastard, I can tell he already appreciates you. I can accept him as your student. Who knows, one day you might become a gentle soul once more."

Mu Jianyao did not wait for any longer. She touched Xu Min again. His body returned to his control, but he did not speak. He followed behind his master as the two of them once more stepped on board the floating leaf before they landed on the ground. By now the square where the mission tower was located was filled with elves and fairies. The word about Xu Min and Mu Jianyao had long since reached them all, and many were curious as to what was happening.

As they landed on the ground, Mu Jianyao turned around and looked at Xu Min.

"Now that you are my disciple let’s begin. Your first task as my apprentice is simple. I wish for you to take a mission to kill twenty five-star beasts within the Immortal Valley. Bring me all the beast cores. Do not use your snake or your lion. They can tag along, but they are not allowed to attack. Oh, and you are only allowed to use your elemental affinities when you attack them."

Having said that Mu Jianyao started moving away. However, before she got far away, she turned around once more and looked at Xu Min before she threw a vial towards him.

"This is the present you get from taking me as your master. Spend today and tomorrow to consume this pill and leave the day after, as soon as you return, see me. Also, don't die out there. I have never had an apprentice before, and I would prefer not losing you already."

Hearing the words, Xu Min bowed deeply to Mu Jianyao before he turned around and left. The crowd in front of him made way for him to walk through. Although they were filled with jealousy and hate, now no one dared to attack him now. He was the direct apprentice of an Immortal. Only a handful of students at the academy could brag of such results. Those who could were already at the top of the heavenly rankings. 

Not to mention that this was no ordinary immortal; this was immortal Mu Jianyao! She was a goddess amongst the students, but she had always been an ice queen. How had Xu Min managed to become someone that she deemed acceptable? 

Many were filled with a belly full of anger, but what could they do apart from returning to their mansions? Ganging up on Xu Min would cause Mu Jianyao to take revenge. She had already said that she did not want him to die and he was her first apprentice. It was clear that she cared about him to some extent. No one wished to become enemies with an Immortal. 

Seeing everyone bewildered about what just had passed, Xu Min could not help but snicker. He said nothing, though, as he returned to his room. In his hands was the present he had received from Mu Jianyao. On his neck was Cao Cao who was looking around, constantly ensuring that no one sneaked up on them. When they reached the cabin, they found that Ye Ling was awaiting them.

Ye Ling was free to move as he wished. Everyone knew he belonged to Xu Min, and no one wished to fight with such a fierce beast. For some reason, though, Ye Ling decided to stay in the cabin, acting more like a guard dog rather than t walk around unless necessary. 

"What happened today?" He asked curiously as he saw Xu Min's excited face. Xu Min's lips split into a great smile, "I gained a new master," he said seriously as he sat down on his bed, "A new Immortal master who is capable of using both elemental affinities and spiritual energy. She is also very pretty, but of course, she does not compare to my Meilin," Xu Min laughed out loud.

"I am in a hurry. I need to consume this pill and refine the medicinal properties of it, but I also need to sit down and meditate and comprehend the element of fire which I absorbed today. I need to gain some basic understanding of it so that I can use it on the mission I need to undertake." 

Looking at Ye Ling, Xu Min smiled, "Wanna go out with me to the Immortal Valley once more?" He asked excitedly. Ye Ling showed a toothy grin, "Wherever you go, I will follow you. We are brothers and companions, and we will forever experience hardships and joyous occasions together!"

Hearing Ye Ling's words, Xu Min felt warmth in his heart. He gave both Cao Cao and Ye Ling a big hug, "With brothers like the two of you, who needs other friends?" he said emotionally.

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