Chapter 107: Sword

Chapter 107: Sword

Before Xu Min had time to complain, the clattering voices filled the air. Although the Immortal had suggested to the six-star warriors to step up and duel Xu Min, no one wished to be the first. Xu Min had fought so well against the five-star Warriors no one knew what strength he was hiding.

Additionally, winning against Xu Min would not bring any fame to a six-star Warrior. They were supposed to win since they were both older and stronger than Xu Min. If they, on the other hand, lost, then they would be the joke of the academy. Though losing to a younger and weaker expert happened from time to time it was still very embarrassing when it happened. No one wished to be the first person to be tested.

"Are they scared of this human?" someone mumbled. The words embarrassed the seniors. All of them were certain that they could defeat Xu Min, they were just not sure of how much the defeat would cost them. As well, revealing their secrets was enough to make it harder for them to become higher ranked on the heavenly ranking.

"It's not that they are worried about the human; they are worried about displaying their strength so close to the heavenly rankings. It is only half a year left before they are going to go through the rank once more. By then they need to explode with power unseen by any if they wished to rank highly.”

Seeing that these six-star Warriors were not willing to step up, Xu Min heaved a heavy sigh of relief. He had feared that he would have to continue the battle for a longer period. It seemed, though, that this heavenly ranking that everyone was talking about was enough to keep them from challenging him.

The Immortal seemed to have noticed the same thing, but all he could do was sigh and shake his head in disappointment. He had hoped to see Xu Min display his full grasp of the Domain so he could understand how deep this youngster's understanding was. 

Still, he also understood the six-star Warriors worries. When he was about to give up and move away from the sparring match a fairy finally stepped forward. When Xu Min looked at her, he was astonished by her beauty. Although someone like Yong Meilin was considered beautiful, she paled in comparison to this young woman. This woman showed no signs of hostility that the others he had dueled so far had shown. If anything, she expressed a bit of curiosity. 

Behind her was a group of other fairies. These fairies were not as beautiful even though they would be considered peerless beauties in the outside world. Each and every one of them glared at Xu Min without hiding their hostility in their eyes. The immortal who was observing the sparring matches grinned widely.

"If it isn't the fiery fairy. Tell me little miss fairy, are you going to battle against youngster Xu Min? Even though he is around ten years younger than you and a whole star weaker, will you still challenge him?" The Immortal did not hide the rank and age of Xu Min. As soon as he spoke, everyone once more broke out in loud chatter. They were all stunned to hear that Xu Min was that young. To have reached the five-star Warrior rank at such an age was an accomplishment even for the elves and the fairies!

They were, of course, unaware that only a year ago, Xu Min had just broken into the third-star of the Warrior rank due to the assistance of the Blood Pagoda. His strength had soared into the heavens. 

Xu Min, looking at the fairy known as the fiery fairy, was a little uncomfortable. He understood that against a fairy his chances for success were not very high. Although he had understood the domain, he was not likely to be the only one who had understood it. In fact, Xu Min was certain that all fairies understood at least one domain if not more.

Xu Min pondered for a short while on how to do this. However, when he looked at the sword in his hands, he felt a comfortable feeling of reliability. He had still not used his sword yet. Considering that he previously, in the blood pagoda, had managed to rely fully on his sword to defeat a fairy, he felt a lot calmer than he was before.

Suddenly, reminded of the previous battle, a smile slowly spread on Xu Min's face. Yes, there were great risks with what he intended to do, but there were also possibilities. 

Previously Xu Min had absorbed the energy of the wind fairy and had gained control over her element as the energy had entered his body. If he was able to battle another fairy, which had gained insight into another element, would that mean that Xu Min could gain control over yet another element? 

Xu Min was unsure, but the chance was there. Thus, since the chance was there, he was going to give it his all. 

From the name, Xu Min quickly guessed that this woman had to do with the element of fire. Fire was not something completely foreign for Xu Min as he had gained control over the worldly flame from being one with the world. In his mind, he was already excited about the possibility which had offered itself to him.

The Immortal was shocked as he looked at Xu Min. When he had mentioned that the six-star experts could step forward, he had felt the unwillingness in the young man. But now, this reluctance was completely gone and replaced by excitement.

Can he be infatuated by the fairie's beauty? The immortal mused to himself. Looking at Xu Min, though, he felt this reaction was different. It did not feel like infatuation but instead a genuine desire to do battle. 

The sudden change in Xu Min was not noticed not only by the Immortal who was standing on the stage, anyone with a certain strength could sense the change of energy from being resigned to becoming filled with an urge to fight. As to the sudden change in his attitude, no matter how they looked at him, no one was able to sense the cause. 

Even the fairy was surprised. Behind her was the beautiful fairy who earlier had grasped two domains was stunned by the change in attitude. Looking at Xu Min with a pondering expression, her eyes turned serious. Although she was considered one of the higher ranked experts in the academy due to her understanding of two domains, she felt some danger being emitted from this young man on the stage.

As the fairy went on stage, a sea of flames appeared everywhere. It was clear that she had understood the domain of fire.These flames were scorching hot, even hotter than the worldly flames around Xu Min's sword. 

Where the audience expected to see despair in Xu Min's eyes as he was enveloped by flames, they instead saw a small smile on his lips and excitement in his eyes. Was this the expression of someone who was about to be burned to death? 

Closing his eyes for a moment, Xu Min was ecstatic. As long as the fairy kept throwing flame after flame at him, he would manage. With the sword in his hand he could drain the fairy, but if they came to direct confrontations, then Xu Min would likely lose out. He still had not understood how to use the domain to enhance his close quarter's combat other than the fact it could make his movements much swifter.

Opening his eyes, Xu Min pushed all of this behind him. His eyes focused on the flames all around him, and the sword in his hands started swinging it in a circle in front of him like a fan. This fan was also covered by flames, but as soon as the worldly flame came into contact with the flame of the domain, it would burn and vanished. Strangely enough, the red flames also seemed to vanish as soon as they reached Xu Min. They were swallowed up whole by this young man, and as to how he did it, even the Immortals were incapable of knowing. 

Xu Min knew that he could not continue to hide just how much of a treasure the sword in his hands was. He also knew that these elves and fairies seemed to know of his master and somewhat feared him. Due to this, he did not hesitate to use what had been granted him and with a greedy heart did he start to absorb the fire energy that was being thrown at him. 

The fire was hot as it entered his body. It felt as if he had been in a warm bath for too long. His body was going numb, and small prickling sensations appeared on his skin. Still, this flame kept traveling through his body and slowly merged with his inner energy much like the wind energy had done before.

At the start, the fire energy in his body was limited. Although he greedily absorbed one flame after another, not much change could be found in his inner energies. It was clear that the wind fairy from the Blood Pagoda had a deeper understanding of her energy. Thus more elemental energy was within the attack causing it to be more potent when absorbed.

Still, Xu Min relentlessly continued his absorption of the flames. He went out of his way to meet the flames head on. He even absorbed the ones in the perimeter around him. Everyone present was stunned, but no one was as shocked as the fiery fairy. To see her pride and joy, the fire domain being absorbed as easily as it was, she felt powerless and even more intrigued as to how it was even possible for a human being to absorb her flames.

The battle held no suspense. The Fiery Fairy was not going to engage in close quarter's combat as it was not her specialty. All she did was try and squeeze out every single ounce of energy in her body to scorch Xu Min to death. Unfortunately, he just kept absorbing the energies.Soon he started to feel a small change in his inner energies. Entwined with the wind energy, the and fire energy started to rush through the Qi, and soon his internal energies had the traits of both Wind and Fire. The fire was weaker than the wind, but closing his eyes and sensing the world around him, Xu Min could feel how the elements of the world around him was pouring itself into him. The wind and the flame elements within himself were constantly strengthened.

Seeing the end of the battle, no one spoke. The Immortals all looked at Xu Min as if he was some monster. 

Looking at Xu Min, the Immortal who had said he would look after the battles slowly turned to Xu Min. His face had become serious, but the eyes were not on the young man himself but rather his sword.

"Lend me your sword," he said with a voice which did not even offer the slightest chance to decline. Knowing that his sword would get noticed at some point, Xu Min was unsure of what to do. Being able to sense his hesitation the immortal once more looked at Xu Min, "I won't steal it from you," he guaranteed, "I just need to check something." 

Aware that he could not fully trust these immortals, Xu Min also knew he could be killed with just a wave of the hand from one of the Immortals. He had no other option than to hand over his sword. His eyes were blazing with unwillingness, but even so, he did as he was told.

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