Chapter 102: Around the Academy

Chapter 102: Around the Academy

"He doesn't look that different."

"Look at his ears."

"What do you think his clothes are made from?"

"Why do you think they took in a human?"

"Humans completely lacks any majestic aura. Look at him he seems so plain."

The voices resounded all over the places. Many whispered, but some were louder than others; their voices could easily be heard. The words spoken made Xu Min's ears twitch. Human? Were these students not humans?

He started inspecting all of them, and it was true. They seemed very different from any other human he had seen. There were two kinds of experts in front of him. The way the experts stood made it seem like they were split into two groups. 

Neither of these groups was wearing the cloaks that the Guardians wore themselves. Thus it was easier for Xu Min to examine them. The first group had pointy ears. Their eyes were of various colors, and so was their hair. Many had white hair or light blond with blue eyes.One could only describe them as incredibly beautiful and handsome. The women all looked regal; their aura was so majestic that one felt like prostrating themselves in front of them. Men would go to war over this kind of beauty.

The men all resembled heroes. Their aura was also majestic but so imposing that one would think twice before getting in their way. This group of experts was all earthly beauties. It seemed they were connected to the earth in some way as if they were the sovereigns of the earth. 

The other group contained only women. These women were not as regal as the others. However, if it was possible, they were even more, beautiful than the other women. Their faces were so pure, so innocent that just speaking to them would soil their innocence. Xu Min had seen someone with a similar aura once before. A soul which seemed to have the same haughtiness, the same beauty, and the same purity. It was the fairy from within the Blood Pagoda.

It was clear these groups of people were split between being an elf and being a fairy. 

These fairies and elves were both very curious about Xu Min, but Xu Min was more curious about them. It was not everyday that one meet and saw both elves and fairies, creatures that supposedly only lived in legends. 

The elves and fairies were aware that the outside world was filled with humans, but they had never before been allowed to leave the safety of the academy. Because of this, they were extra curious about Xu Min. Xu Min was now the personification of all humans in front of these fairy tale beings. 

Xu Min stood still in front of everyone. He was unsure of what was going to happen, where he was going to go and how he was going to be introduced to this academy. Elder Mu Zi was just standing to the side with his hood covering his head. He was not displaying what he thought about this situation at all.

Xu Min sighed and straightened his back. If he was going to be here for entertainment, then he might as well get a good look at everyone else as well. His eyes made contact with quite a few of the elves. Many of them were filled with excitement and curiosity, but a few were filled with animosity and hate. This hate was directed at all of humanity since Xu Min had appeared, though, it was him that all this hate was thrown on. 

Mu Zi was taking a long time before he finally stepped in front and raised his hands, "Students, students, my dear students. I am glad to see that you all have come to welcome our new student, Xu Min The Guardian Tree has already approved of him. He will be attending both the classes for elves and the classes for the fairies. He controls the Wind element and who knows which other elements he might turn out to gain enlightenment into. He also has a spirit bow and access to the elves spirit power, not to mention, he is both an internal and external cultivator."

"Since he will be participating in both morning and evening classes, it is only natural that he will get to know all of you. I assume that you will all look after him and behave like proper classmates. Although humans are our enemies, this person is neither human nor elf nor fairy; if anything he is a little bit of everything, so treat him like you would treat your friends."

The words spoken by Mu Zi made everyone murmur amongst themselves. He was neither human, elf or fairy? How could one become a mixture of all three races? This was completely inconceivable for them. 

Without waiting to say anything else, Mu Zi started leaving the platform where they had been standing. Xu Min quickly followed suit. Behind him Ye Ling, who had not uttered a single sound since they reached the Guardian Tree. He also quickly scurried after Xu Min. His tail was between his legs, and his eyes were alert and filled with worry. 

Seeing Ye Ling like this, Xu Min was curious as for the reason, but he did not ask. Instead, he just gently rested his hand on the large lion's shoulder and gave it a reaffirming squeeze. As long as Xu Min was around, no one was allowed to touch Ye Ling. 

Mu Zi kept moving further and further into the academy. One building after another was introduced to Xu Min. Some were the residents of the students; others were residents for the teachers. Each student had their residence. They were split into male and female houses; fairies were in one part of the academy while there were elves in another. 

"This is the academy's library. Anyone is welcome to come here and study the history of our races or the current affairs of the world. It is also possible to study cultivation methods and techniques the library. It is free for all students; you can visit it anytime and all the time. It is open every day and night, and we have a librarian looking after it. He is an immortal, so you must always treat him with respect."

"This is the Pill Palace. Here you can trade contribution points for various medicinal pills, or once a year you will be given your pill allowance. There are so many different kinds of pills that it is hard to determine which ones will help you the most. Nevertheless, after a bit of time, you will know what you need the most. We have pills which raise your cultivation base, pills which purify your Qi, and pills which help you control your element better. We even have healing pills for if you are the kind of person who gets into fights all the time. As well, two immortals who looks after the Pill Palace so treat them with the respect they deserve."

"This is our Ability Hall. In here we have various abilities which can be taught to you for the price of contribution points. Some of the abilities can't be made even from contribution points but need specific contributions or reasons to allow one to enter. The Ability hall’s master is also an immortal. Trying to sneak into the parts where the higher ranked abilities are located will be a bad decision, you will regret it later."

"This is the Sparring Field. As you can see, there are multiple arenas, stages, and cages placed all over this field. All of them are for the single purpose of allowing the students within our academy to engage in matches against one another. Some bet their contribution points for these matches, so it is a good way of gaining resources. As a new student, I can imagine that they will be rather harsh against you, trying to skin you alive or take your contribution points away from you."

"This is the Mission Tower. Here you can take on various missions for contribution points. The missions contain anything from sweeping the floor to entering the Immortal Valley to slay beasts or pick up treasures."

"This Academy is located in the heart of the Immortal Valley. It is filled with formations to keep unwanted people and animals away from our location. It is completely impossible to enter unless you have been granted access to the Guardian Tree."

"This academy is educating new guardians for the Immortal Valley. As long as they are students, they are not allowed to leave the academy. Upon graduation, though, they are allowed to become Guardians and can roam our territories here within the Immortal Ruins." 

"You are a special case as you look like a human," Mu Zi continued, talking as they kept walking forward, "you might be given specific tasks outside of our territories as you can mingle in with the humans easily. We will see what the Mission Tower will have in store for you."

"The last place I wish to tell you about is the outlet. This place is rather important," Elder Mu Zi walked to a barn-like building. Unlike the others, this building did not have the prehistoric majestic air to it. It was simply as a small barn, but from elder Mu Zi's words, Xu Min understood that this building was perhaps the most important out of all he had seen so far.

"The outlet is the place where you get your monthly resources. You will be given hundred contribution points a month. The rest you will have to get from the mission tower. You will also be given a small portion of medicinal pills. Some that heal you, others that make it so that you feel no hunger and some to improve your cultivation. Apart from contribution points and medicinal pills, this is also the place where you will acquire your clothes, utensils and other important things. If you are to go on a large mission, provisions will also come from this outlet."

"Come with me," Mu Zi ordered. His arms were crossed on his back. He went into the outlet, closely followed by Xu Min.

Inside the outlet, everything was in the dim light. Not much light shone through the windows, but a small counter could be seen.Behind this counter, an elderly woman was seated. She was in a reclining chair, and her eyes were closed. She looked as if she was asleep. Xu Min prefered not to wake her, but Mu Zi seemed to be of another opinion. He tapped the counter rather forcefully causing the woman to open an eye in dismay. 

 "Mu Zi you beansprout! I was sleeping so soundly. Don't tell me that I need to be woken up at this godforsaken hour?! It is still another half a month before I need to deliver the monthly provisions!" 

The voice was filled with displeasure and unhappiness while a great smile was spreading on Mu Zi's lips. 

"Don't be so grumpy, old hag," he said laughingly, "I brought you our newest student. You should be excited about seeing him!"

"Oh the Guardian Tree approved of him; did it now?" Suddenly the old woman showed some slight interest. She slowly stood up and went to the counter, looking at Xu Min with an interested gaze. "hum, he is truly not bad for a human. To have become one with an elf and a fairy is remarkable. His potential seems not bad. Okay, I will forgive you for waking me up this time. Let me find his items."

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