Chapter 944: There’s No Right or Wrong

“There’s other treasures around?” Lu Yun blinked.

Heavenfall and Worldcarver were ultimate chaos treasures of the same level. They’d absorbed a constant stream of energy from the chaos, which put them far beyond even the Bell of Chaos—first of all connate treasures in the world—in terms of might and power. A treasure born of the chaos and filled with the energy of its home was far stronger than a treasure born of nature.

However, Heavenfall and Worldcarver were the only ones known by modern day beings now. Worldcarver was Pangu’s greatest treasure, and Heavenfall came by its fame due to the Flame Emperor of the human race. If there were any other treasures to be found in the general area, then it had to be on the same level as these two.

“Worldcarver appeared here as well,” Fuxi said softly when he looked at Lu Yun. “After the great god Pangu found Worldcarver here, he used it to subdue the great wilderness and destroy all of the realm monsters and akasha ghosts that invaded the world.”

“Just what are akasha ghosts?” Lu Yun asked once again in front of the Gates of the Abyss. “Zhi Guangji said that they’re manifestations of great emperor resentment, but the thing in Mount Buzhou that’s taken your place says that akasha ghosts are beings from the chaos and oppose our realm.”

On their way into hell, Ge Long, Qing Yu, and the little fox paused to look at Fuxi.

“Both explanations are right.” Fuxi nodded. “They’re both correct. Akasha ghosts are indeed the manifestations of lingering great emperor resentment, and they’re also creatures of the chaos. They are opposed to us because it pertains to their survival. If they want to live, they must destroy any world that is born in the chaos.

“They can live only in the chaos—the energy of a world is poison to them. What we mean by a world is the heaven and earth of the realm we operate in. A realm is such a wondrous thing. It grows without pause once it appears and continuously devours the chaos. If nothing changes about this situation, the boundless chaos that we are surrounded by will one day disappear, having been consumed into a vast world that stretches on without end.

“At that point, the creatures of the chaos will vanish completely, lacking even the chance to be reborn into a living being of the world. This is why they wish to destroy our realm. The akasha ghosts aren’t their true form either, just the shape they manifest in due to lingering malice and resentment after the countless wars we have waged throughout history.

“A myriad of worlds was once born in the chaos, and the creatures here employed a variety of methods to ensure that they all died or became their realm monsters to eradicate other burgeoning realms.

“There’s nothing right or wrong about their ways, it’s a simple difference in perspective. They desperately wish to survive, but so do we wish to live,” Fuxi murmured to himself. “There are survivors from the other worlds that once existed—Hongjun is one of them. Though his cultivation level exceeded creator realm, he was unable to preserve his homeland in the end.

“They made their moves when our world was first born. Many chaos realm demon gods flocked to their banner, betraying our realm and becoming cancerous tumors instead. That was why I made up my mind to locate Heavenfall and destroy them.” Here, Fuxi paused to look at Lu Yun. “You were too soft hearted… much of that poison remains.”

Lu Yun fell silent. He hadn’t been able to bear consigning all of the demon gods to oblivion.

“Asura’s extinction isn’t to balance out human dao, is it? He’s there to kill those who have turned traitor and serve the beings of the chaos?” He suddenly thought one of these details through.

“That’s right.” Fuxi nodded. Asura was one of their pieces, and they’d even been the ones to arrange for him stealing Arbiter’s opportunity in the Blood Sea.

The overwhelming obsession with annihilation in his heart didn’t belong to Asura or the Blood Sea, but to Arbiter. Arbiter and Eternal were indeed connate demon gods, but they were the same as Hongjun—survivors of a world that’d once existed in the chaos. However, their cultivation level was far inferior to Hongjun’s, so they could only be reborn as connate demon gods.

Arbiter’s violent tendencies ran too deep. If she’d been reborn in the Blood Sea and drank in the bloodthirst found in its waters, she would’ve immediately erupted with devastating power. Unable to control her urge for a massacre, she would’ve slaughtered every being in the great wilderness down to the last worm.

“Only in transferring Arbiter’s desire for revenge and complete devastation to Asura could we pull the wool over the enemy’s eyes. He could safely develop this way and ultimately possess the strength to excise those cancerous tumors.”

But since Lu Yun hadn’t thoroughly destroyed demon god fortunes, that afforded them some breathing space. Even Asura was gradually corrupted for good during this time, so Daoist Yuyu and the others had had no choice but to quarter and suppress him to slowly wear away his lust for annihilation. Meanwhile, the blood demon became another one of Fuxi’s pawns that brought Lu Yun back to the great wilderness.

Many of Lu Yun’s nagging questions found their respective answers during their discussion.

“However, there are many parties who have made plans in the world of immortals. We’re just one of them,” Fuxi elaborated. “Though our goals are the same, our viewpoints are different. Therefore, some of our plans may conflict with each other. Ergo, you must be careful of them since they won’t mind removing you to make sure their plans come to fruition.”

“Ah, right, where are the creatures that live in the chaos?” Lu Yun asked. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them.”

“We are still within range of our world’s territorial presence. The energy of a world encompasses this part of the chaos, so none of its native inhabitants are willing to come close. Besides, they can enter the world of immortals by manifesting as an akasha ghost.

“Realm monsters were once most numerous in the chaos, but all of them were destroyed after that war. If my guesses are right, there should still be a few connate demon gods lurking around who haven’t died yet.”


Lu Yun didn’t ask further, he already knew everything he should know and stored the tomb inside hell. Though its layout was broken, its core remained and would develop another chaos dao fruit if it were repaired.

This patch of the void returned to the chaos with the departure of the tomb, but Lu Yun adroitly picked up on a bit more hint of life here compared to other areas of the chaos.

“No wonder, no wonder… If I’ve got this right, the chaos here will disperse after our realm is destroyed and give birth to another world!”

Both Heavenfall and Worldcarver had appeared here. According to Fuxi’s speculations, more treasures should reside in the surroundings.

“But… how do I find them?” Lu Yun was at a loss. The chaos wasn’t dirt that could be dug up. Since there was no concept of dimension here and the hazy gray around them shifted and phased in and out of reality, there was no tangible matter that he could work with.

Perhaps the treasures were in the same plane as him, or they were on another dimension entirely. He’d be completely stumped if that were the case.

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