Chapter 930: Pangu and God

Lu Yun was willing to let bygones be bygones. It was a very good thing that Qi Hai had found himself again in the wheel of reincarnation. After all, the ancient master’s grasp of pill dao was nothing short of magical, and it would be a great boon to the world of immortals if he was willing to come to the Dao Academy and become the dean of pill dao.


The fight raged on.

Humans who’d survived the era of human dao didn’t dare reveal themselves as Lu Yun’s beating of Yu Rang was still fresh on their minds.

However, countless akasha ghosts took shape out of the air. These were the transformations of great emperors who’d died in Emperors Fall. Though they weren’t as dreadful as the big akasha ghost, their strength and uncanny eeriness were superior to the akasha souls.

Lu Yun had almost died a few times in their hands, and they’d breached hell once. They fed off nothingness and he had no idea how many of them like Zhi Guangji there were. Now that they showed themselves, they immediately contaminated the space they came in contact with.

Strange paths extended from the void; the akasha ghosts brandished chains and shackles that had once belonged to hell, seeking to hook Lu Yun and Qing Yu’s soul out of them.

However, Lu Yun was no longer the weak youth of yesteryear. Xing Chen was almost a creator, while the heavenly palace and Scroll of Shepherding Immortals hovered around Qing Yu. He didn’t fear these chains and shackles at all.

“Turn back now and I vow in the name of the Flame Emperor that I will pull you back from this state of nonbeing. I will see to your rebirth in this world!” Lu Yun hectored. He’d considered these akasha ghosts with great sympathy ever since learning of how they were born.

All things in life had the right to choose, but Daoist Yuyu and the others hadn’t been able to do anything other than take that choice from the great emperors so they could establish the immortal dao.

Therefore, Lu Yun pitied them and came to the conclusion long ago that once he possessed sufficient strength, he would retrieve them from the boundary of life and death and facilitate their rebirth into this world. They weren’t irredeemable evils, they just wanted to live.

“Wauuuuuuugh!!” Piercing shrieks echoed through the air; the akasha ghosts were completely crazy and came churning toward Lu Yun.

Each and every one of them was a moving layout of absolute death. Realistic mirages flickered and replicated through the air as they dove down on him.

Lu Yun looked on with slight horror. He didn’t mind one or two of these layouts, but there were ten thousand akasha ghosts in front of him that’d created a jumbled zone of absolute death. He couldn’t make anything out and would certainly get lost here.

“My goal isn’t these akasha ghosts or even that big one… it’s the Dao Tree!” He reminded himself of what was the task at hand.


The Karmic Tree behind him flared with radiant golden light while hellfire roared to life.


A massive man rippling with muscles stepped out of the void. He wielded a large axe in one hand and exuded an incomparably prodigious presence.


Lu Yun ignored the caterwauling akasha ghosts in front of him and the big one posturing threateningly at him, focusing on the nascent spirit observation method instead. He projected Pangu’s true form and even manifested him with Worldcarver in hand.

Pangu’s level of strength was exactly the same as Xing Chen’s, but this projection possessed the unique characteristics of his strength. Wherever he passed, his presence alone was sufficient to decimate the manifold levels of absolute death layouts.

“Pangu!!” snarled the big akasha ghost as fear emanated from the Dao Tree.


A second form walked out of the void.


He cut a handsome figure in a long purple robe, the epitome of all that was perfect in the world. Likewise, he wielded a bronze spear traced by Lu Yun’s mind. God strode through the air and made for the big akasha ghost.

“God!!!” Fear colored the big one’s eyes to see God walking toward him.

God was a creator born of the world and possessed the power to restrain akasha ghosts, and happened to be the only entity that the big one was afraid of.

It hadn’t dared stir up any trouble when God was still alive. The akasha ghost had only shown up after God traveled and died in the future; it’d paid a visit to Pangu’s tomb and attempted to possess the great god’s body.

Lu Yun’s projection of God wasn’t the actual legendary being himself, but his true form and abilities. That enabled it to counter the akasha ghosts all the same.

“Flame Emperor of the human race! Though you manifest Pangu and God’s bodies with combat arts, it’s only their bodies. They can’t do anything to us,” suddenly spoke the Dao Tree as it faced off against Pangu. The grain of wood, branches, and leaves on it swiftly receded into a hulking form—the origin divine!

After absorbing the origin divine’s resentment, the Dao Tree had gained the ability to change form and emerge from the restraints of a tree’s physical body. However, the face it wore was the crying and laughing ghostly face of an akasha ghost.

“Is that so?” An ethereal voice suddenly came from God’s mouth and the look in his eyes, so similar to Lu Yun’s, faded away to become a foreign stare.

The same happened to Pangu’s eyes as two incredible presences billowed out from their bodies—creator realm!

Noting the development, the immortal dao of Mount Xuanhuang greedily soaked up the strength of a creator to improve itself.


Heaven and earth fell silent at this moment. Countless beings around Mount Xuanhuang trembled uncontrollably, including the humans who’d become weapons of other beings.

Pangu and God had materialized in this era through Lu Yun’s projections!

Worldcarver and the bronze spear blossomed with hazy light in their hands, transforming from mental projections to actual divine weapons. Lu Yun’s eyes widened from the unexpected development and he leaned backward in surprise.

After returning to the world of immortals, he moved God’s body from the Tome of Life and Death and placed it in the celestial master tomb in the underworld. It wasn’t until then that he understood the real purpose of the celestial master tomb. It wasn’t to perpetuate the fortunes of the primordial immortal court, but to house God’s soul fragment!

And Fuxi had also said that Pangu was in the future!

Lu Yun had just never imagined the two creators would choose to make use of his projections to make themselves known.

“The origin divine wasn’t part of our realm to begin with. I facilitated its rebirth into the world in a moment of kindness, but to think that not only does it not know gratitude, it dares plot against the living beings of our world!” Colossal killing intent flashed through God's eyes when he looked at the Dao Tree that the origin divine was using for a body.

“It attempts to ruin our world and massacres the realm’s living beings. It dares to resent us after its death. It well deserved its execution!” A ball of scintillating radiance bloomed from the ancient bronze spear in God’s hands and drilled at the Dao Tree. “This spear shall fell the heavens!”

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etvolare's Thoughts

The way I look at it, there's two ways to interpret "fell the heavens". One in which the spear actually did take down the celestial court in the great wilderness, which were a physical heaven back then. The other is how it's going to kill an akasha ghost today. Other than the big one, akasha ghosts are known to be what great emperors transform into upon their deaths. Great emperors are so powerful that they could be seen as the heavens themselves, so the second interpretation would be a metaphorical heavens.