Chapter 920: The Cosmos as a Mausoleum

As the foremost divine mountain of the world of celestials, Kunlun Mountain’s life point was the life point of the celestial court and connected to the fortunes of all of the connate demon gods.

Lu Yun had planned to drive the long bronze spear into the mountain’s life point with the Dragonspike Litany and scatter the fortunes of the celestial court and demon gods. But upon listening to Kaiming’s entreaty, he changed his mind.


“The rise of humanity and domination of this world is written into the great dao. The celestial court must come to an end and chaos realm demon gods must withdraw from the stage,” Lu Yun proclaimed coolly in front of the mountain’s life point. Hefting the spear, he sent the Dragonspike Litany whirling into furious operation.


Black electricity sizzled around him and collected as the dreadful Death Spike of the litany.

When he planted the Death Spike on Mount Exalted, it’d caused the destruction of the Exalted Immortal Sect and Exalted celestial court. At that time, his Dragonspike Litany hadn’t even reached the realm of minor perfection.

Times were different now—he wielded a divine weapon from the chaos and his method was infinitely close to great perfection. This spike would destroy the entire mountain and maybe even render the fleeing celestial palace into dust. Haotian had escaped into the stars with what remained of his court, vacating the world of celestials for the moment.

“I won’t destroy Kunlun Mountain today or extinguish the court’s fortunes… Your destiny will remain in your own hands!”


Boundless black lightning screamed and danced in a mad frenzy as Lu Yun drove the bronze spear into the mountain. However… he missed Kunlun’s life point by roughly three inches.

The action fractured earth and skies, quenching the sun and moon. 

The world of celestials vibrated and quivered while an intangible dragon shadow slowly materialized within the mountain. It keened with anguish and screeched with pain. This was the dragon formed by the mountain’s life point, one that’d started taking physical shape.

Though Lu Yun’s Death Spike had missed its mark by three inches, the spear’s piercing edge still shook the entire mountain and ravaged the dragon. The land beneath Kunlun Mountain suddenly split open from the quaking, slowly pulling down the landmass and sending it into an eventual free fall into the great wilderness.


“The fortunes of the celestial court have been severed, now we cut down the heavens themselves!” roared the Yellow Emperor beneath Mount Buzhou.

Three hundred sixty-five sparkling human figures rose into the air like the stars. These were the geniuses that Lu Yun had selected from the Yan Tribe; they’d all reached empyrean realm after training under Wahuang and Fuxi’s hand.

All of them together signified the major stars of the night sky and bolstered humanity’s fortunes. They represented the prosperity of the human race! Now that they advanced to the world of celestials, they brought human fortune directly into their new territory, along with the presence of the world’s new sovereign race.

When they soared into space, they were swiftly met with three hundred and sixty-five major stars in the cosmos, each of which melded with their respective genius.

Humanity’s three hundred and sixty-five star divinities, city lords of the future three hundred and sixty-five major cities, were thus officially born! [1]

A massive human army and various allied troops followed the star divinities to flood into the world of celestials, occupying the vast planet for their own. The great wilderness was the foundation of this realm and the world of celestials its land of milk and honey!


“Bastards!” Overlooking the world in his slightly tattered celestial palace up in the skies, Haotian glowered at the human allied troops. There were so many of them that they completely blotted out the skies and ground, shifting as one massive entity.

“Haotian, your position hinges on the results of this battle.” A pair of frosty eyes slowly opened next to the demon god. “The Flame Emperor can no longer take to the field, he is not a native of this era. If he dares attack you, he’ll be assimilated by the great dao and lose his sense of self.”

“Not a native of this era?” Haotian shook violently and stared at the frigid eyes with shock. “Rumors say that when the great god Pangu was still alive, he wanted to observe the future and see how the great dao develops. Does this mean that his plan succeeded?!”

The eyes lost themselves in thought for a moment. “The future is a kaleidoscope of change. You may be able to defy the heavens and rewrite your destiny yet.”

Haotian exhaled sharply, a ruthless look rising in his eyes.

“How are your boundless akasha souls?” he asked frostily. “With my current strength, I can’t fight the Yellow Emperor when he’s armed with Worldcarver.”

“Don’t worry, they’re ready.” The wintry eyes belonged to the enormous akasha ghost that’d escaped from Pangu’s tomb.


Humanity’s incursion naturally didn’t go unanswered, the celestial court’s counterattack crashed back into them with the fury of the heavens. Thus, the two sides engaged in war to rewrite the order of the realm.

Lu Yun didn’t participate in this war as he’d done everything he was supposed to do. Instead, he returned to the cosmos of the great wilderness.

“The night sky of the great wilderness isn’t a real sky, but a mausoleum.” He sat on top of the Great Formation of the Nineheavens Gates and surveyed the cosmos.

After the Dragonspike Litany reached great perfection, he’d entered a brand new realm. The Dragonsearch Invocation, Dragonshift Method, and Dragonspike Litany had combined into the Dragonquake Scripture, enabling him to see to the heart of a matter even without operating the Spectral Eye.

Every star in the cosmos was a tomb and they all connected together as an enormous mausoleum. The center of the cosmos wasn’t the center of the mausoleum, however, the middle of the mausoleum was the tremendously huge blue planet of the great wilderness.

“Can it be… that someone set up a layout here… to bury the great wilderness?” Lu Yun suddenly recalled something. Before he’d obtained the spleen of the world, Xuanyuan’s ghost had asked him if he would be willing to die for the ancestor planet. Lu Yun had answered in the affirmative then.

“That’s right, this realm would be destroyed if humanity’s ancestor planet was no more,” he murmured to himself.

Splayed in Lu Yun’s arms, the little fox took in these words with great shock.

“The cosmos of the great wilderness is a projection of what hangs over the world of celestials. What should’ve been outside the great wilderness was sheer nothingness that connected to the chaos. Someone sent this projection here, it didn’t develop naturally.”

The rules of the stars here were projected from the world of celestials, and it was those rules that turned the bodies of the great masters into celestial bodies.

“It’s not Pangu, not Hongjun, and not God… There’s another inexplicably strong existence in the great wilderness who constantly keeps an eye on things. Who is it?” Lu Yun remained where he was, waiting for the right moment to return home and for the path to open.

Instead of bearing witness to the precise moment when the human race overthrew the celestial court and fully settled into their position of masters of the realm, he speculated on many things and theorized over details that people had missed.

This cosmos, for instance.

“Though the Dragonquake Scripture is a connate method, it languished in the chaos. Fuxi isn’t its first owner.” As he mused over the scripture, he also thought of the three fragments that composed it—Dragonsearch, Dragonshift, and Dragonspike. It was obvious that someone had smashed the original scripture to pieces.

1. Remember these guys? They were buried in the tomb where Lu Yun found Kui in chapter 546. The strongest force of the immortal dynasty, the Monster Celestial Master buried them together in a tomb before the cataclysm, thereby ensuring the dynasty’s defeat.

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