Chapter 914: Trap

“What do you want our soul force for?” Wahuang asked with surprise when Lu Yun said he wanted a tendril from both her and Fuxi.

Soul force was energy radiated by the soul and not the soul itself. It had nothing to do with the true spirit and it wouldn’t harm living beings to lose a little bit of it. Of course, when it came to shamanic dao in the future, a mere tendril of soul force was enough to take someone’s life. It was all that various curses need to operate on, but that was neither here nor there.

“I haven’t found any traces of you two in the future… I don’t know if you’re still alive, so I want to keep a bit of your soul force, just in case,” Lu Yun responded candidly.

“You can guarantee our survival with just a strand of soul force?” Wahuang handed over her soul force while Lu Yun looked at Fuxi.

The holy emperor shook his head. “There’s no need for mine, I’ve already met the future me. I am not dead then.”

Lu Yun’s eyes shot wide. He’d met himself? Fuxi really was a bold man of great talent. The blood demon hadn’t dared seek out Darkriver or Luo Houluo after returning to the great wilderness, afraid that that would somehow prevent him from returning to his proper time. Fuxi, however, had sought himself out.

“In that case, I’ll make a trip to Pangu’s tomb again.” Lu Yun nodded to the two holy emperors.

“Pangu’s tomb… you’ve seen the Yin Prince?” Wahuang gaped. “You made it out alive after seeing her?” She found this a little too incredible.

The Yin Prince was the great danger in Pangu’s tomb, no one who ever saw her walked out alive. Just a glimpse of her army of yin soldiers had been enough to scare off brother and sister last time. Though the Yin Prince knew Fuxi and Wahuang, they didn’t know her.

“I have indeed seen her, but she’s not the great danger in the tomb. In fact, I think the actual danger’s already left the tomb.” Lu Yun thought of the enormous akasha ghost.

“Left?” Fuxi’s eyes glinted.

“Yes indeed, but I don’t know if it’ll come back,” Lu Yun sighed. “The Yin Prince is a good person, but there are no legends of her in the future world of immortals. I don’t want her to die like this.”

“The Yin Prince is a good person?” Wahuang goggled. “Her eight bearers are refined from the corpses of connate demon gods even stronger than my father Leize. That makes her a good person?”

She laughed uproariously, like she’d heard the greatest joke ever since the beginning of time.

“Those eight bearers probably would’ve transformed into eight unimaginable terrors if she hadn’t refined them into puppets. They would’ve filled the tomb beyond capacity,” Lu Yun responded solemnly. “If it wasn’t for her standing guard in Pangu’s tomb, the great wilderness would’ve become great misery a long time ago.”

“That’s true.” Fuxi nodded. “I didn’t discover traces of the Yin Prince in the future either, so she more than likely perished in one of the disasters to come.”

“In that case, I’m visiting Pangu’s tomb again.” Lu Yun left without hesitation and took the thieves’ tunnel he’d dug last time.

All was the same as had appeared on his first visit. The magnificently grand and creepily gloomy palace still towered in the center, but empty now since all of the creatures that haunted it had been seared to ashes by hellfire. The footprints in the palace had also disappeared with the departure of the akasha ghost.

Six altars still floated silently in the air, throwing off faint halos of light. However, Lu Yun noticed that the Exalted divine corpses lying on them were gone. He also didn’t find any traces of the Yin Prince.

“There was a great battle here after I left!” Lu Yun’s expression changed drastically when he saw a fragment in an out of the way corner. It was a piece of one of the Yin Prince’s bearers.

He’d killed three of them last time, but they’d resurrected in the shadow of her carriage, the pieces coming back together with the rest of the body. This tiny piece almost the size of a dust particle laid quietly on the ground, a sign that the bearer was completely dead.

An ominous premonition developed in Lu Yun’s heart.

“This fragment was purposefully placed here to lure me over.” He stared grimly at it. For someone at his level, though the fragment was almost nonexistent, it wouldn’t escape his senses. It could only be on purpose that it’d been left here.

Perhaps the enemy had counted on Lu Yun coming back and left it here to lure him into a trap.

“How unfortunate for you that while you left some traces on the fragment to lure me to the world of celestials, you don’t know that I have formula dao.” He didn’t move, but was already operating formula dao within his body.

He stood up a moment later and looked to the boundless stars.

“Not the stars of this planet, but the stars of the world of celestials!” He pushed off and shot toward the horizon from the foot of Mount Buzhou, entering the world of celestials.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Fuxi and Wahuang, and they quickly made to catch up with him.

“Don’t come, Holy Emperors!” his voice sounded in their minds. “This is a trap that’s been laid out for me, but I’ve already found the way out of it. Please remain on guard at Mount Buzhou and prevent them from taking advantage of this opening.”

The human sacred land at Mount Buzhou was the foundation of humanity and its spark. If it was breached, then the human race was fated to fall one day, no matter how strong it was.

Fuxi realized this with shock and retreated to the mountain with his sister. The great formation around it rebuffed connate demon gods, but if both Fuxi and Wahuang left at the same time, Ah Zhi herself wouldn’t be able to fend off all the attackers.

Lu Yun didn’t slow down after entering the world of celestials and continued shooting up into the firmament. The stars in the sky here were almost the same as the night sky of the great wilderness below. The arrangement of the stars and the constellations was exactly the same… but the ones here were true stars, and the ones in the great wilderness were formed from countless corpses.

Seeing the identical layouts made Lu Yun realize that the sky of the great wilderness was a projection of the world of celestials!

The great wilderness was the great wilderness—the foundation of this realm and a planet of its own. Vast and boundless, it had no night sky and only endless chaos outside of its boundaries!

When Lu Yun entered the cosmos, he immediately saw a wrecked black carriage that’d been pierced through by an attacker. Two pillars of flame ignited with fury in his eyes.

“Whoever dares injure Her Majesty Houtu of the human race will die!” He flew into a rage.

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