Chapter 894: Slaying Dijiang

Fighting peaked between Lu Yun and Dijiang.

The demon god repeatedly flashed between his true form and human form, deploying all sorts of secret techniques and methods.

The human, however, brought even greater strength to bear. Various combat arts of the immortal dao to come unleashed in full fury from Lu Yun’s body. Now that the human dao had officially been established, he no longer had any reservations about anything.


The void trembled when Lu Yun deployed his nascent spirit observation method, projecting four copies of himself. Joining efforts with his primary body, they stood in the five directions, each of which also corresponded to the five elements.

The heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and spleen of the world imbued the four projections with the power of the five elements, creating a formation of the five elements in the cosmos.

Heaven and earth shook in response as this realm wasn’t just the ground and sky of the great wilderness. It was also space, the chaos, and everything in relation to them!

Power from the five elements surged from their respective orientations and landed in the midst of the formation. At the end of the four cardinal directions, four colossal beings suddenly opened their eyes and looked incredulously at where the disturbance originated from.

“That mythical figure has finally appeared… Human dao has been established, so we should make our return to the mortal world,” the giant beast of the west slowly suggested.

“The origin divine has not yet come into being. We can return to the world only when it does and when the Exalted God creates the divine race,” a soft, female voice from the south objected to the idea.

“No rush, there’s no rush. We can be born only after that person leaves,” gently sighed the beast of the north.

With that, the four colossal beings fell silent at the same time and slowly hid themselves in the depths of the void. The four great pillars supporting Yi’s tomb beneath Suncrows Plain crumbled with abrupt violence, and the blood demon imprisoned in Kuafu’s body soared into the sky.


“Formations!” Dijiang screamed when he saw Lu Yun’s latest creation.

Formations were the basis by which Fuxi protected humanity. His adept skill and ability to directly call upon the power of the land dissuaded other connate demon gods from brashly attacking Mount Buzhou.

Taiyi had been able to construct his celestial court and become the master of the world back in the day because he wielded formations as well!

And now, Lie Shan of the human race had just deployed a terrifying killing formation. He’d melded the power of the five elements into a frightful attack that ripped into the Bell of Chaos.

Blood seeped out of Dijiang’s pores and drenched his body, making it look like he’d just crawled out of the Blood Sea. Cloying fear wrapped around his heart; this formation of the five elements was a harrowing one of absolute slaughter. He didn’t have any room to maneuver or counter attack!

That was only to be expected as Lu Yun had deployed this particular formation with the organs of the world.

“DIE!” Lu Yun detonated his four projections when he saw Dijiang’s current condition. Erupting with rays of lethal force filling the cosmos, energy from the five elements coalesced into five keen blades that stabbed down at Dijiang.

Though the Bell of Chaos could hold off all five blades, the force of impact would still jar Dijiang into heavy injuries.

Being the quick thinker he was, however, he quickly assessed that he couldn’t withstand the attack when it came crashing down on him. He immediately made up his mind and pushed the bell outward to meet the attack head-on.


Blinding brilliance flared from the bell and rammed straight into the five gigantic blades. Dijiang assumed his true form as a scarlet bird at the same time, four wings flapping strenuously to propel him into the far reaches of space.

Lu Yun reached out, grabbed the bell, and brought it under his control.

“Trying to run?” A malicious smile played at the corner of his lips.

A bow of pure black appeared in his hand and fully drew taut in the next second. Energy from the formation of the five elements surged and gathered as a glittering arrow notched on Rearbow.

Lu Yun released the string with confidence, firing an arrow shimmering with pentacolored radiance into space. It quickly vanished into the void.


A hundred million kilometers away.

A twinkling arrow of five colors pierced Dijiang through when he fell out of the void.


Energy crawling over his form and swiftly eating through it, his physical body was no more and even his soul began to fragment.

“Lie Shan!!” the demon god shrieked with anguish. After enduring physical destruction and soul fragmentation, he had only a true spirit in his possession. No matter what, he would have to be reborn into the great wilderness and start anew after this fight.

Demon god true spirits possessed exceedingly high potential and new cultivation methods were starting to circulate after the establishment of human dao. He’d reach his current heights again sooner or later if he cultivated well.


Who knew how long that’d take? He could very likely die during this process and see even his true spirit scattered.

He would never accept this!

“Oh? Dijiang, do you hate Lie Shan as well?” A gentle voice echoed in Dijiang’s true spirit.

“Asura!” Dijiang shrank back in shock when he heard the voice, but he was only a spirit form now and couldn’t put up any resistance against the demon god.

“Become a part of me since you hate Lie Shan so much… I will take revenge for you!” Maw yawning wide open, Asura swallowed Dijiang in one gulp.


When Lu Yun returned from the cosmos, he sped toward Suncrows Plain.

He’d naturally sensed that the formation in Yi’s tomb had shattered and the imprisoned blood demon escaped, so Suncrows Plain was his first stop after destroying Dijiang.

High up in the skies over Suncrows Plain, Kuafu’s resurrected body fought and tore at the blood demon.

“So it turns out you’re just one of Asura’s soul fragments and not the real deal. No wonder, I was wondering how you’d made it out in one piece after encountering Daoist Yuyu!” Lu Yun understood as soon as he saw the blood demon.

In the future, Daoist Yuyu would beat Asura into literal pieces and bury him in separate coffins. Even after somehow escaping from that, he wouldn’t have been in one piece with which to follow Lu Yun back into the past!

Madness dawned in the blood demon’s eyes when he saw Lu Yun, but he still retained one last shred of reason. He couldn’t take on the human, not right now. He tried to shake off Kuafu the moment the human arrived so he could make for the stars, but Kuafu’s reflexes were even faster.

The ancient god threw his staff out and transformed it into a forest maze to trap the blood demon inside, making it easy for Lu Yun to lay hands on his enemy with one step.

“Lie Shan, you can’t kill me!” The blood demon paled when he saw killing intent glitter in the human’s eyes. “You won’t be able to return to your time if I die!”

Lu Yun jerked with shock.

“We came as three, so we must return as three. That’s why I didn’t kill you before!” the blood demon quickly garbled out an explanation when he saw Lie Shan’s expression.

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