Chapter 880.1: The Relationship Between Two Ungovernable Delinquents

Many connate demon gods didn’t know what to make of the situation. It seemed that every time they heard the name Lie Shan, it was because he had another bone to pick with one of their kind.

The first time they’d heard the name, the human had resonated with the primitive great dao and drawn an attack from a connate demon god as a result. That demon god had gone mysteriously missing afterwards, and rumors had it that he’d perished.

No one knew who was behind his death, but judging from Lie Shan’s aggressive bearing, it was more than likely that he’d killed that poor demon god. The boy had plainly been a wolf in sheep’s clothing when he attracted the heavenly dao—he’d purposefully attracted attention from the demon gods so he could close in for the kill!

He now stood in the middle of the Sea of Hellfire, battling against two supreme fiends in the great wilderness. This level of charisma was on par with Leize’s!

The combination of three sources of apex battle strength appearing at the same time and pressure from the heavens almost broke the netherworld into pieces.

“Ahhhh—” An anguished wail reverberated through the land. The Blood Sea had suddenly pierced through Darkriver and flooded his internal organs, bursting through his body and nascent spirit.

“Save me, Luo Houluo!” wailed Darkriver.

“You piece of trash!” Luo Houluo’s face sank and he grabbed Darkriver’s soul, then shot for the outside world in a blaze of stark-white flame. He’d lost his support in this fight the moment the Blood Sea suddenly recoiled onto Darkriver; hellfire had also defeated Hadal Bonefire and almost harmed his own body.

There was no possibility of victory if he remained in this fight.

“Master, I finally see an opening on you.” A soft murmuring sounded at his ear.

“Don’t you dare, Ji Du!” Luo Houluo paled with fright.


A black blade flashed through the air, the keen edge of a sickle five hundred kilometers wide! The terrifying light almost sliced the void in half.


Luo Houluo’s body split apart like he was a block of tofu. He shrieked, bursting with a tongue of unnatural black flame that covered his panicked retreat out of the netherdark.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Master may be the lord of all demons, but even he has to go up in smoke when he eats one of my slashes.” Ji Du revealed his true form in the skies over the netherdark and looked smugly in the direction where Luo Houluo had vanished. “But now, the master of the netherdark is me, isn’t it?”

He materialized in human form as he wasn’t an existence that took the form of whoever looked at him. At first glance, Ji Du looked quite handsome with long blackish-green hair straight to his waist and wielding a matte-black sickle with skulls on it. However, the black smoke that drifted around him made him look incomparably sinister.

“Hey, little fellow in the hellfire. You don’t mind if I enter the netherdark as its lord, do you?” He chuckled as he looked at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun had refocused his efforts to wholly fighting against heaven’s judgement. The layer of crimson clouds in the sky had become denser, and the pillars of crimson light blasting into the fiery ocean were shaking all of hell itself.

“It looks like you know what’s good for you and don’t plan on blocking my way.” Ji Du smiled faintly and approached the shore of the Blood Sea.

It was now a third as big as before, but much more viscous than it’d been previously. Every drop of seawater was now five hundred million kilograms heavy; even the most preeminent connate demon god wouldn’t be able to move it.

The Blood Sea had become much purer after being refined by hellfire, which was why it’d backlashed onto Darkriver and broken his body and nascent spirit.

“Well, this is a bit thorny. The Blood Sea is so powerful now that even I can’t refine it. I can only make slow and steady plans for it.” Ji Du paused, deep in thought. “Eh? What’s that?”

He suddenly peered into the depths of the bloody ocean. There laid a translucent egg as white as jade and shaded with red, as well as a hundred-and-eight-ranked white lotus beside it.

“There’s nothing special about the white lotus as it’s just a spirit-grade connate treasure. But that egg… that looks quite delicious.” Ji Du snaked out a long tongue and licked his lips. “A connate demon god in gestation… I’ll become stronger if I eat her!”

He waved his sickle and parted the sea to wade further into it.


A piercing hum rang through the sky as black sword light crackling with fiery sparks arrived behind him.

Startled, Ji Du whirled around and easily destroyed the streak of sword light. However, an ugly expression hung on his face. His strength was far below Luo Houluo and Darkriver, so he wasn’t able to withstand hellfire at all.

“Lie Shan of the human race, others may be afraid of Leize and thus leave your race alone, but I’m not concerned about that!” Ji Du coldly threatened.

Lu Yun sent a hellfire projection of an enormous dragon in the shape of a sword behind the demon god.

“In that case, I’ll have to kill you first,” he sneered.

Want to attack Eternal? Lu Yun wouldn’t let him off the hook for this even though he would eventually swear loyalty to Lu Yun and become a dean of the Dao Academy in the future.


Lu Yun twisted his body, sending the enormous dragon down upon Ji Du like a giant dragon-shaped sword.

“AhhHHHH!!” He couldn’t withstand hellfire! Ji Du had never dreamed that Lie Shan would turn around and attack him for an egg. What a complete lunatic! Did he want to make enemies out of all the chaos realm demon gods in the world??

Lie Shan was just a human, a latter-day descendant that’d grown into a great master of the combat arts. He wasn’t a connate demon god himself! Randomly slaughtering demon gods at will would only arouse their collective fury sooner or later!

But Lu Yun wasn’t concerned about this at all. Vast Dragon Seaturner twisting and churning through an ocean of hellfire, it blasted toward Ji Du in fiery fury. The demon god’s black sickle erupted with black radiance, but it couldn’t halt the human’s tyrannical strength.

“Lie Shan, just you wait for my revenge!” Seeing that the human was out for blood and that he’d never win, Ji Du suddenly exploded, leaving nothing behind and his sickle dropping into Lu Yun’s hands.

“Huh? Self-detonation?” Lu Yun looked blankly at the skull-headed sickle in his hand. That had indeed been Ji Du’s true body just now… and it’d scattered away in the wind after his detonation, leaving nothing behind.

“He must have other bodies at his disposal, no wonder he’s not afraid of Leize…” His projection traveled back on hellfire and delivered the sickle into his hands.

This was a peerless-grade connate treasure that left behind a ghostly presence and lingering howls of countless souls when waved through the air. Ji Du was an evil fiend himself who’d killed numerous beings; his hands dripped with blood.

However, Lu Yun saw no retribution on him. 

“Ah, yes, the wheel of reincarnation hasn’t been established yet and there’s no system of reward and punishment either. Therefore, goodwill and retribution don’t exist yet.” Lu Yun shook his head in pity.


He whirled the sickle through the air and sent every ember of hellfire up into the sky, finally destroying the crimson cloud bank in the firmament.

The great battle was finally over, but there was no more life in the netherdark. All had died in the terrible battle.

This outcome didn’t affect Lu Yun. The netherdark would become hell sooner or later, so all life in here would have to die at a certain point in time. As opposed to dying in the hands of others, they might as well fall to his hands. This way, they would have a chance to return as a denizen of the hell of human dao when it formed.

Standing in front of the torch dragon fetus, he pointed again and imprinted the torch dragon’s mission into the developing form. Lu Yun had helped it endure its tribulation, so when it could successfully take form, the torch dragon had to execute its mission of protecting the human race!

The little fox climbed carefully out of his robes and stood on his head, looking in all directions.

“This isn’t hell yet, so how is hell formed in the future?” She sprawled on his head and dipped her head down to look into his eyes.

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