Chapter 842: A Leisure Trip

Fuxi shook his head. “The Bell of Chaos is yours after Tushan gave it to you. You alone are able to use it.”

Lu Yun looked down closely at the bell in his hand. The small, unassuming bell constantly jingled on the little fox’s neck, but it was completely silent in his hand no matter what he tried.

“I don’t think I understand it.” Lu Yun sighed after a long pause. “The little fox gave me the bell, but this connate-grade treasure shouldn’t be mine. When we meet again, I’ll return it to her.”

Fuxi gave Lu Yun a silent look.

“As for this creator, I have my ways of resurrecting him. It won’t be necessary for me to visit the celestial master tomb.” Lu Yun looked up at the world around them. It was so familiar, and yet different from what he remembered.

“This is the world of immortals, isn’t it?” he murmured, his gaze fixed upon the sky.

“It’s the world of celestials.” Fuxi nodded. “It was once Taiyi’s dao arena. After his death, it became God’s dao arena. Since he’s passed on as well, connate demon gods will flock to the world of celestials and turn it into the heart of the multiverse—the world of immortals as you know it.”

“You can travel through time and make your way to the future to find out what will happen, so why don’t you try to prevent tragedies from taking place?”

“Well,” Fuxi sighed and shook his head. “Because I can’t. The world is too weak, and so am I. I am helpless facing the incoming disasters. Not even my parents Leize and Huaxu, or God or even Pangu can do anything!

“We’re too weak, all of us are too weak to change anything. The only thing we can do is to set up a foundation for future generations and place our hope in them. No more, no less.”

“Right.” Under Lu Yun’s composed expression raged a turbulence of emotions. He put the Bell of Chaos back on his neck and extended both hands. Hazy black light streamed out of his palms and enveloped God’s body.

The image of the Tome of Life and Death flashed through his eyes, and God’s body disappeared along with it.

The book was resting inside Lu Yun. Although he couldn’t find it, nor could he tap into its power, it wouldn’t go against his will. He wanted the treasure to collect the body, so it appeared and did as he wished.

“What was that?!” Fuxi gaped at Lu Yun in abject shock. Just now, he’d glimpsed a flash of a supreme will that far exceeded even that of a creator’s!

“My secret weapon,” Lu Yun replied. “Though I don’t actually know for sure what it is.”

Chest heaving violently, Fuxi tapped the center of his forehead with his fingertip and removed his memory of what he’d just seen.

“When can I go back?” Lu Yun changed the subject, sensing the shift in the other’s mood.

“You can go back whenever you’d like.” Fuxi cocked his head. “After ten years, the current Shennong will pass down his position and enter the human sacred land. That is when war between the human race will break out.”

“Ten years...” Lu Yun paused thoughtfully. “The qi refinement method should be popularized among all of humanity by then, shouldn’t it?”

“That’s right.” Fuxi nodded. “Nonetheless, it’s best that you minimize your involvement in the coming war. Preserve your strength for the connate demon gods.”

Lu Yun nodded in silent agreement.


Shennong departed with Lu Yun after sharing the qi refinement method, the Myriad Herbs Classic, and a great variety of seeds for crops and produce with the sacred land. Lu Yun didn’t tell him about the coming war; some things should be allowed to develop naturally. 

Once they returned to the tribe, Lu Yun sought the chief out again. “I’m planning to leave the tribe for a bit and journey through the great wilderness.”

“Hmm, I agree that you should go see the world.” Shennong thought for a moment before continuing, “Be careful, though. The great wilderness is vast and dangerous. Where the human race has populated is merely a small corner of it.”

“Worry not.” Lu Yun nodded. “I know how to protect myself.”

“I wanna go! I wanna go with big brother Lieshan!” Ah Bao came out of nowhere and grabbed Lu Yun by his elbow.

She hadn’t grown at all over the past ten years, looking not a day older than thirteen years old. However, she was now much more than a mountain ghost; she was also the river god of the Wei River basin that spanned fifteen thousand kilometers. All of the gremlins and spirits in the river were now under her command.

Over the years, Lu Yun had passed down quite a bit of his battle experience to her, so she’d finally cultivated a level of strength that befit her status.

“Ah Bao is a good girl. The Yan Tribe is my home, will you stay and protect it for me? I’m only leaving to see the world and I’ll be back very soon.” Lu Yun petted her head with visible reluctance in his eyes.

When all was said and done, Lu Yun wasn’t a contemporary of this era. He had to return to his time sooner or later… and Ah Bao… He felt a pang in his heart when he met Ah Bao’s innocent gaze.

In the future, Zhaoqing didn’t remember Ah Bao.

“I will!” Ah Bao nodded earnestly despite her obvious sorrow at Lu Yun’s departure.

After leaving Yan territory, Lu Yun headed east and made his way to Qingqiu Mountain via the same route he’d taken ten years ago. Ning Village hadn’t changed at all, which quite surprised him. He’d expected the village to be destroyed by wild beasts over the past decade.

“You’re back, Lu Yun!” A warm body threw itself into his arms, breaking him out of his reverie. It was a girl who looked about seventeen.

“Little fox?” Lu Yun started when he saw the silver-haired girl in his arms. “You can take human form now?”

“I think so.” The little fox rubbed her head and turned back into a fox, burrowing deep into Lu Yun’s embrace.

“Tushan?” Lu Yun asked probingly.

The little fox stared dumbly at Lu Yun with her big baby blues.

“The Bell of Chaos?” Lu Yun continued.

The little fox still looked blank.

“You’re a pretty good actress!” Lu Yun smiled and dragged the little fox back out by her tail. “You recovered your memory ten years ago, didn’t you?”

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