Chapter 840: Hope is in the Future

Shennong looked dumbly at the two, not understanding what they were playing at. He understood even less why Fuxi was calling Lie Shan by the name of Lu Yun, and why Lie Shan seemed to be quite familiar with the holy emperor.

“Shennong, I know everything that’s happened in the Yan Tribe. Since you’ve chosen Lie Shan to be the next Shennong, we can have everything proceed according to his ideas.” Fuxi chose to address the Yan chief instead of responding to Lu Yun.

“I will follow the holy emperor’s decree!” Shennong responded respectfully.

“Alright, you may head to the Heritage Dais and pass on your knowledge. What the sacred land grasps belongs only to the sacred land. You will have to do things yourself if you wish to share something with the entire human race.” Fuxi waved a hand.

“Understood.” Shennong looked at Lu Yun before taking his leave.


“Have a seat.” Fuxi sat cross-legged on the ground and looked at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun took a deep breath and followed suit. “My appearance has indeed changed. I’m much tanner compared to before.”

He rubbed his cheek. After being reborn in the world of immortals, he’d been a fine dandy living in the lap of luxury. He spent every second reveling in a luxurious life, at most entering a few tombs and engaging in a few fights every now and then. Of course he’d been pale and soft-skinned then.

After arriving in this primitive world, he spent his days weathering wind and rain as he studied agriculture and tasted various plants. He looked much more rough around the edges compared to before, and was much stockier.

“You, however, haven’t changed much. You look very much like how you do in the future.” Lu Yun scratched his nose. “Your eyes look brighter though.”

Fuxi smiled and didn’t respond.

“I’d like to know… did you become Fuxi, or did Fuxi become you?” Lu Yun looked curiously at Fuxi’s eyes.

“Is there a difference?” Fuxi grinned brilliantly. “Just like you—do you think you’ve become Lie Shan or has Lie Shan become you?”

Lu Yun remained silent.

“There is no Wayfarer in the future or Celestial Master Zhang. In fact, the celestial masters don’t exist at all, they’re just a dream.” Fuxi rose and looked at the sky.

“Do you mean that… all four of you come from this period of time?!” Lu Yun’s eyes grew wide.

Wayfarer, Celestial Master Zhang! The Fuxi in front of him was Wayfarer, which made him Celestial Master Zhang of the Primordial Era!

Lu Yun would’ve never thought that Wayfarer would be Fuxi. In fact, the Wayfarer he knew wasn’t the real one. It was just his skin. Art Saint, Zither Saint, the Gorb Demon, and some other fellow he hadn’t met yet were all evolved from his senses.

It was also immensely apparent that Fuxi would always exist in the future as Wayfarer, the two saints, and the Gorb Demon. He knew the development and future direction of the world.

“Mm.” Fuxi nodded. “The current world is a chaotic miasma in which a single spark of hope cannot be gleaned. Therefore, Ah Zhi and Tushan built an enormous dream for us to head to the future.

“However, none of us counted on Ah Zhi and Tushan losing themselves in the dream. Thankfully, they all returned safely in the end.”

Lu Yun remained silent. 

So Tushan and Ah Zhi had joined hands to weave an enormous dream that brought them to the future… When Lu Yun first met the little fox, she’d been living in a dream of reality and took Lu Yun and the others to be a figment of her imagination.

As for Ah Zhi… she was Yu Hengluo.

“Do you want to know who the other person is?” Fuxi looked at Lu Yun with a smile.

“You’ve already refined him into the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, haven’t you? He’s the legendary creator, God.” Lu Yun raised his head and looked at Wayfarer’s familiar face.

Fuxi sighed. “The immortal dao needed a treasure to support it and a simple jade creation disk wasn’t enough. It needed a stronger treasure to make it whole…

“The divine race once built an ancient divine court to complete it, but that was still far from enough. Thus, God sacrificed himself and used his core essence to supplement the immortal dao. 

“It was also because of this that immortal dao didn’t shatter to pieces in that war. Our hope lies in the future,” Fuxi sighed softly.

“A god from the past died in the future…” Lu Yun grinned ruefully. “Why the immortal dao?”

“Because it is the dao of all. Take a look at this primitive dao, God created it for divine spirits.” Fuxi raised his hand, looking as if he was holding something up. “What do you think about it?”

“This kind of dao isn’t suitable for humans.” Lu Yun frowned.

“Right, it’s not suitable for humans… or any other races.” Fuxi nodded. “Therefore, you’re here as Lie Shan. Only you can modify the primitive dao, and you’ve succeeded!” He grinned broadly. “The qi refiners among humans now are a spark of hope that will light up the entire great wilderness sooner or later. They will illuminate the great dao!

“I’d always thought that the greatest accomplishment of us four traveling to the future was for God willingly turning himself into a treasure to protect the immortal dao. I hadn’t thought that it’d be to bring you back!

“Our hope is in the future, and you’ve created the future here!”

“I created the future here?” Lu Yun frowned slightly.

“That’s right, you’ve created the future. You are the future world, and you’re unique! That’s why I’ve selected you and pulled you back from the future!” Fuxi nodded.

Lu Yun heaved a long sigh of relief. Fuxi wasn’t looking for him, he was looking for the Tome of Life and Death. What was unique was the book and not him, and it was the book that’d created the future. It’d only made use of his hands to do so.

“I’d thought that the little fox had lost Yu Hengluo. So she actually brought Yu Hengluo back instead.” Lu Yun smiled wryly.

Fuxi shook his head. “Tushan completely lost herself. Ah Zhi and my eyes saw the birth of an enormous demon and were almost corrupted ourselves.”

“An enormous demon? The demon god? Or the demon god’s master?” Lu Yun blinked.

“Demon god? The demon god’s master? Ji Du and Luo Houluo?” Fuxi shook his head. “They’re just minor characters compared to the great demon. The great demon will be born in the future and will become the greatest enemy of immortal dao.”

Lu Yun nodded. “So what happened to Ah Zhi? In my time, I saw two Yu Hengluos and one of them was missing her skin. Does that have something to do with the great demon?”

“Yes.” Fuxi nodded. “One of them is Ah Zhi in a dream, and the other is her actual body. The one missing her skin is her body.”

Lu Yun trembled.

“Would you like to meet God?” Fuxi suddenly asked.

God, the only creator in all of the heavens.

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etvolare's Thoughts

Wth, Wayfarer is a time traveler. So are the little fox and Yu Hengluo. ...can I meet God too? That is a helluva ending statement.

When Fuxi said, "illuminate the great dao", I definitely read it in the tones of Lux from League of Legends.