Chapter 685: Ready Your Blades, Exterminate Fur Seals

The yang energy and evil-countering power within the Nineheavens Pure Yang Talismans instantly dispersed the resentment and malice inside the stone spirit. As a result, thick smoke billowed out of devastating cracks that crawled across the stone body.

Seizing the opportunity, the two scarlet apes charged forward, accompanied by a barrage of a hundred Dusken crystal cannons firing in unison.


A vast, blinding expanse of white encompassed the world, robbing everyone of their sight.

Their vision didn’t return until an indeterminable amount of time later. When it did so, a demon god riddled with cracks and dents came into view. Seven of his eight arms had broken, and two of his four heads had fallen off.

“AHHHHH!!” the demon screamed with sheer misery.

Not only did the Nineheavens Pure Yang Talismans burn his body, but they were also beginning to erode his true spirit. His doom was nigh; these were talismans Lu Yun had spent a hundred and thirty years on, after all!

Drenched in blood, the two scarlet apes landed off to the side and gasped for air.

The cape that Silverlight had taken from Goldenlight had returned to the golden scarlet ape at some point and had shielded him from damage. In contrast, Silverlight’s silver fur was matted with blood, her injuries far heavier than Goldenlight’s. Her dao partner tugged his cape off and draped it over her.

“Lord Demon God!!” Ge Yanxia screamed. “Children, don’t stop killing! Kill these lowly immortals and sacrifice their flesh and blood to the demon god!”


The swarm of fur seals howled and tore into nearby immortals in a berserk frenzy.

“Bastards!” Seething at the sight of their clansmen falling one after another, dao immortals unleashed combat arts with wide areas of effect upon the mass of fur seals.


A bestial snarl reverberated in the sky as a giant five-hundred-kilometer-long fur seal exploded out of the sea and stirred up a surge of stormy waves. Those very waves quickly wiped out countless immortals!

“Father!!” Ge Yanxia’s eyes gleamed.

Indeed, the newcomer was her sire, the very one who’d appeared in Exalted Major’s Divine Sea and destroyed the sea divines. And now he’d come to the North Sea, a harbinger of death, the herald of disaster.

A simple movement of its body mashed numerous dao immortals into pulpy flesh. Moreover, everyone who died here turned into crimson energy that streamed into the giant stone statue hovering in the air. The North Sea had become a giant sacrificial altar.

“Stop him!” Silverlight shouted in her hoarse voice.

“Upon your orders!” The eighteen origin dao immortals from the North Sea took to the air and sped toward the giant fur seal.


Another hundred fur seals appeared from beneath the waves, each of them far stronger than the first wave of fur seals. In fact, all of them were dao immortals, and each of them was an existence that could rival Ge Yanxia!

Barking violently and slavering with bloodlust, they overwhelmed Levitating Island’s origin dao immortals in the blink of an eye.

Seeing that, the celestial emperors were finally stirred to action. If they remained on the sidelines any longer, it was highly likely that all of the immortals present would be killed.

“The demon god’s body is starting to recover… We must break it to pieces before it does!” The two disguised celestial emperors exchanged a glance, then raced toward the demon god’s damaged body.


As soon as they shifted directions, a fur seal shrouded entirely in retribution exploded out of the waters and whipped them back with a violent lash of its tail. Although its strength was artificially enhanced by retribution, it was nevertheless an ancient origin dao immortal!

Caught by surprise, the two celestial emperors flew back like ragdolls.

At the same time, space trembled as three miniature suns shot at the demon god, dragging long trails of sparkling radiance in their wake. Pure terror oozed out of the demon god’s body.

Nineheavens Pure Yang Talismans!

Yet another three Nineheavens Pure Yang Talismans!

If they came in contact with the demon god, his stone body would be well and truly ruined. His true spirit was all that was left of him; he possessed no soul or nascent spirit! Leaving one’s naked true spirit exposed to the world was no different from suicide!


Dusky-gray sword light flashed through the air as the edge of a sword sliced the three scorching suns apart. Hovering in a faraway corner of the sky, Sword Divine Dongfang Hao’s figure materialized into existence.

“The Sword of Chaos!” With great difficulty, the demon god craned a neck toward the divine sword in the man’s hands.

“Sword Divine, to think you’d associate yourself with a demon!” a celestial emperor shouted in anger.

Cold and eerie, Dongfang Hao’s gaze bypassed the celestial emperor and fixed itself upon an empty corner of the sky. From that direction, Lu Yun’s figure gradually came into view.

“I hadn’t expected you’d leave your people cowering in Dusk Province.” Though calm, a tinge of frustration clipped Sword Divine’s words. He’d planned to use the massive slaughter as an opportunity to trim Lu Yun’s wings. Alas, apart from a Yellow Springs emperor presumably allied to Lu Yun, no one from Dusk had come.

Oh, he’d spotted a fox early on, but it’d been surrounded by illusions so pervasive that not even he had been able to catch her.

“Lu Yun isn’t dead?!” Gasps of shock abounded at the discovery, but they had little attention to spare for this, given the more pressing matters at hand. A steady flow of fur seals surging out from below the sea commanded their entire focus.

Even so, to emerge unscathed after being squeezed to death by the demon god… what kind of monster was Lu Yun?!

“Who said my people aren’t here?” Lu Yun smirked at Sword Divine. “Ready your blades!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. “Exterminate fur seals!”

The words “exterminate fur seals” soon found an echo beyond the horizon. Enormous fortress ships sailed forth, flying behemoths from the skyline that shadowed the light of the sun. Spearheading the ships’ formation, a giant Black Tortoise hurtled toward the fur seals with a roar, immense waves of water swelling in its wake. 

The Dusk Phalanx!

The soldiers that Lu Yun had dispatched to Witherdew Major had returned!


Clamoring in response, the fur seals in the North Sea immediately lost interest in the immortals and quickly banded together, their black demonic energy blending into something like an iron curtain.

“Kill!” Though surprised by the turn of events, Ge Yanxia and the giant fur sea didn’t panic. Quickly regrouping, they rammed the fortress ships head-on.

The ships’ firepower came entirely from the arsenal of crystal cannons onboard. In other words, their firepower would be disarmed if the ships were boarded. They had a new goal in mind: breach the defensive formations and board the ships! Take the ships for themselves!

“Ready your blades!!” a clear voice, delicate and melodious, called forth from the ships. “Exterminate fur seals!!”

A second Black Tortoise appeared in the air above: the Dusk Phalanx’s Heavenly Formation of the Black Tortoise!

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