Chapter 677: Ge Long’s Eyes

Great waves surged across the North Sea and heavy clouds covered a region ten thousand kilometers across. Lu Yun stood below the Dao Flower. Bit by bit, the wound on the flower had mended itself. 

What surprised all was that the flower’s final stop was right above Levitating Island. And to add further to the shocking development, Lu Yun had chosen to face his tribulation beside the Dao Flower!

On Levitating island, two scarlet apes cursed him with every insult they had ever come across, but they didn’t dare make a statement by taking a stand. Evacuating the island’s monster spirits, they withdrew some distance away.

Even without Lu Yun’s tribulation, they wouldn’t have dared stay behind. Any region hosting the Dao Flower projection was sure to become a tragic hot zone. More than likely, Levitating Island would be ground to dust and relegated to history after the oncoming great battle.


“That kid is truly bold, or confident, to face his tribulation here.” Elsewhere in the sky, Lu Feng clucked his tongue in wonder. “I wonder what this ready-made younger brother of mine is really thinking about.

“The recovered Dao Flower will attract everyone’s attention. He could have used it as a distraction and undergone his tribulation somewhere else... Does he think his life has been too easy thus far?” Lu Feng didn’t understand what was going in Lu Yun’s mind.

“He wouldn’t be Lu Yun if he did that.” Mo Yi sat on a patch of rosy clouds, extremely confident in Lu Yun despite the slight worry visible in her eyes.

“What is that?!” Lu Feng suddenly shouted in alarm, his dismay palpable as he stared at the sky and the pair of crimson eyes that’d materialized therein.

The eyes looked exactly like those belonging to the human demon of Dusk Province’s restriction, except they were colder and more heartless. One could see a terrible will pulsating within them.

“The eyes of heavenly judgment …” Mo Yi also paled. She hadn’t expected Lu Yun’s tribulation would turn out to be a judgment from the heavens!


“The legendary eyes of heavenly judgment! Hahaha! He’s really done for now! Lu Yun is deader than dead this time!” Many laughed merrily at the spectacle.

“I wonder what atrocities he’s committed to attract the judgment of the heavens, instead of the usual tribulation he would’ve faced.”

“Last time, it was Witherdew Major facing something of this level. Their chaos tribulation annihilated every immortal in the major, and judging by the black lighting in the tribulation clouds, this one will be similar...”

“Lu Yun can die for all I care, but why does it have to impact our Levitating Island as well!” The golden scarlet ape looked at the eyes with clenched teeth.

Their home base was bound to be destroyed in the wake of the heavenly judgment. The two scarlet apes had already begun brainstorming where to look for a new haven so they could establish another sacred land for monster spirits.

“Alas… the dao weapon is on Lu Yun. It’ll probably be destroyed as well by the heavenly judgment.”

“Lu Yun, there’s no reason for you to cling to your dao weapon in the face of certain death, is there? Hand it over before the heavenly judgment descends, for the sake of all immortals in the world!” someone suddenly shouted.

The speaker in question was a dao immortal from Nephrite Major. But Lu Yun remained stock-still, as though he hadn’t heard the demand at all. The rest of the crowd was biding their time, waiting for the governor to fail and the heavenly judgment to disperse before making their move and capturing the Dao Flower projection.

No matter how formidable the judgment, it would never damage the Dao Flower. Moreover, Lu Yun was known to be a walking treasure chest. Even if he died, those treasures might not be all destroyed. Obtaining even one or two would be an incredible boon for many people.

So everyone was waiting, waiting for the moment the heavenly judgment obliterated him.


Dusk Province.

Her small face full of worry, Wanfeng clutched the front of Qing Yu’s robes with sweaty hands.

“Big sister Qing Yu, do you think the young master can… can survive the heavenly judgment?” She’d been fully confident in Lu Yun before, but almost broke down in tears at the eyes’ appearance.

Qing Yu patted her head with a smile. “Don’t worry. The stronger the tribulation, the more beneficial it will be for your young master.”

“Ah?” Wanfeng couldn’t make sense of the response.

“Don’t you think they look very familiar?” Qing Yu pointed at the giant eyes above.

Immense in size, they spanned from one end of the sky to the other. They were clearly visible even in Dusk Province millions of kilometers away.

“That’s right, they do look somewhat familiar!” Quickly piping in, Zhao Zhicheng bobbed his head like a good little tagalong.

“What are you talking about? You’ve never met him.” Qing Yu looked at him askew.

“Ah?” Zhao Zhicheng wished he could swallow his tongue. He’d quite missed the mark with his would-be flattery.

For their part, everyone else looked at Qing Yu in bewilderment, but she remained blithely unconcerned and even began to hum a little ditty.

“Lady Master…” The doll-like Liu Qingmiao jumped into Qing Yu’s embrace, cutely rubbing her cheek against her master’s wife. “Will master really be fine?”

Qing Yu blushed bright red at being called ‘Lady Master.’

“He’s fine, he’ll be fine. Don’t you worry about a thing,” she replied with a dry cough.

“I see now!” Zhao Wushuang abruptly recalled the sea of thunder that’d suddenly disappeared during her own tribulation. It must have all been thanks to Lu Yun, he possessed no fear of lightning at all! As for what Qing Yu had said about the eyes looking familiar, it must’ve been to soothe the anxieties of the others.


Lu Yun stood beneath tribulation clouds set against a sky of pure black. The sea of clouds was so vast that they enveloped him, the Dao Flower projection next to him, and Levitating Island below.

Those who were calculating the right timing to disrupt his tribulation promptly changed their minds.

The judgment of the heavens was much, much more terrible than the Diabolical Tribulation of World Refinement. The probability of surviving the latter wasn’t completely nil… but the judgment of the heavens never relented until it eradicated all signs of life!

“Um… Ge Long? What are you doing up there?” Lu Yun suddenly called out. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it—why was he seeing Ge Long above the tribulation clouds? Although it was merely a pair of eyes, they indubitably belonged to his old servant.

“Eh?” the familiar voice sounded in Lu Yun’s mind, somewhat dazed. “Milord, you can recognize this old servant?”

“I can’t, but the Tome of Life and Death can. What are you doing up there?” Lu Yun asked with a frown.

“This old servant… this old servant is in charge of the heavenly judgment…”

To everyone’s complete shock, the giant eyes in the sky suddenly blinked innocently. The eyes of heavenly judgment… could blink?

Many people felt their understanding of the world begin to turn upside down.

“In charge of the heavenly judgment? Aren’t I undergoing my immortal tribulation? Why did you run up there to host this judgment or whatever it is?” Lu Yun continued to frown.

“It’s like this!” Ge Long hastened to explain. “Milord, you... you relinquished control over the wheel of reincarnation, so… so this old servant accidentally obtained the power to control heavenly tribulations! Yes, right, so very right, that’s what happened here.”

“Tell. Me. The truth!” Lu Yun grunted, somewhat annoyed.

“This old servant beat up the will of the immortal dao just now and chased it away from the eyes of heavenly judgment… then made use of the opportunity to take control of the judgment itself,” Ge Long answered carefully, as if walking on eggshells.

“You? Beat up the will of the immortal dao?” Lu Yun stared blankly at Ge Long’s eyes.

“To be more exact, the immortal dao has been taken over by someone! So I didn’t really beat up the will of immortal dao, but enacted punishment on that person’s consciousness!” A righteous tone suddenly rang in the old servant’s voice.

“The authority to deliver heavenly tribulations cannot be controlled by any one person. It would be a disaster of devastating proportions for the immortal dao. Therefore, your servant became one with heaven’s judgment to deliver peace and justice to this world!” Ge Long pontificated righteously like a model citizen. 

“Man, I’m here for my heavenly tribulation, not your bullshit.” Lu Yun rubbed his forehead.

“Um... this old servant is here to help milord with your tribulation?” Ge Long finally offered.

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