Chapter 614: Fighting Over the Weapon of Dao

The Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign, most powerful demon of the Primordial Era, had died of a broken dao heart at the hand of the primordial immortal emperor and been buried in the underworld.

Though the Firmament Palace had chosen him to join their ranks, the demon sovereign had refused and caused a world of mess in doing so, but they couldn’t do anything to him in return.

Seizing the opening when the yin and yang realms of the celestial master tomb came together, the demon sovereign returned to life as a great powerhouse in the world of immortals. He was at least a flawless origin dao immortal, yet someone of his level was being slapped around, unable to fight back!

Those who knew his background were stunned. Why was a newcomer intervening in Dusk’s affairs?

“Moldy skeleton, sad sack of bones! Who do you think you are, calling yourself a demon sovereign?” Lu Feng taunted brazenly as he slapped the demon sovereign silly.

Currently, the demon sovereign had grown flesh and blood and assumed the form of a handsome man. The skeletal foot was a combat art he’d deployed with his Hadal Bone Method.

Snarling with fury, none of his arts or techniques could be brought against the strange young man. There was a strange power in Lu Feng that countered his Hadal Bone Method.

“Grrr!!” With a final snarl, the demon sovereign turned into a ball of surging white fire and vanished into thin air.

Dusk Province’s sky was finally clear again.

Dazzling golden light radiating from three hundred and sixty-five great cities had protected the land from any harm. The enormous desolate willow had retreated back into the Skandha Range, as had the five sovereigns of the Star Demon Sect.

Lu Yun collapsed to the ground, panting heavily. Everyone was exhausted by the month-long battle. A shattered Xing Chen returned to hell to recover, and more than half of the ninety-nine lord-grade fortress ships bore some form of damage from the Great Peng, leaving less than thirty intact.

If not for the ships unleashing fire and brimstone, Dusk might not have survived its tribulation. Up in the air, the Enneawyrm Coffinbearers absorbed the remaining sea of blood while glowing faintly of crimson.

Qing Yu snuggled close to Lu Yun, looking at the coffin up in the air. “Have you noticed that the coffin looks like a sword?

As she intently studied the entity in the skies, she didn’t see nine dragon corpses lifting a coffin, but a sword that shone with tremendous killing intent in all directions.

Lu Yun followed her gaze and took a closer look with the Spectral Eye.

“You’re right...” He frowned. He’d noticed the changes to the coffin, but he hadn’t realized it’d turned into a sword.

“Oh? Dammit!” Suddenly tense, Lu Yun shot to his feet and stumbled away. Some of the immortals who had fled Dusk had returned and were gathered together, looking for something.

“Got” An excited man started rejoicing, but stopped as he held onto the ancient spear, his expression panicked. “My storage treasure isn’t high level enough. I can’t put the dao treasure away!”

He hurriedly jumped onto his sword for a speedy escape, but others had seen his find and killed him as soon as he took flight. The spear—the dao treasure wielded by the crimson monster—clattered back to the ground. It’d dropped there after the monster’s suicide.

Lu Yun hadn’t had time to spare for the spear back then, but the many immortals outside Dusk Province had immediately set their sights on it. Now that the Blood Sea was gone and the battle ended, they poured in to squabble over this powerful treasure.

When Lu Yun arrived, the dao treasure had already changed hands many times. Even a good number of void-ascended immortals had joined in the fight.

“Piss off!!” He snarled at the immortals moving toward the border of Dusk as they fought over the treasure.

“You should stay far, far away if you don’t want to die, Lu Yun,” scoffed a void-ascended immortal. “Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I won’t accidentally kill the master of the future sacred land!”

The projection of the Dao Flower was slowly recovering from its damage. Once the projection was whole again, Lu Yun would be able to establish his dao. With Dusk Province overcoming its tribulation, it would become a true sacred land recognized by the immortal dao, once he did so and incorporated the Dao Flower into himself and the province.

Lu Yun could indeed be considered the master of the future sacred land.

However, the man had spouted off the title more as mockery. Everyone knew that the great factions and clans of the world wouldn’t allow a true sacred land to emerge. It was only a matter of time before they went after Lu Yun.

Not now, not openly, of course. Three great beings, Ghost Phoenix, Ghost Dragon, and the mysterious young man who’d driven away the demon sovereign with simple face slaps, still remained near the great central city of Dusk Province.

Moreover, there were still two battles going on in the outer reaches of the world. Although the human demon had retreated, it could very well reemerge at any time. Every immortal keenly recalled how the giant pair of eyes had disintegrated several dao immortals with a single glance.

Lu Yun had too many powerful allies.

“If you want him dead, just do it,” Lu Feng said with a smirk. “As long as no one attempts to tip the balance of the world, we won’t protect him.”

Mo Yi had left for Ling Province in the southern part of Nephrite Major to acquire the Skyturtle Pearl, while Lu Feng remained in Dusk Province so that the great powers casting covetous glances their way wouldn’t dare draw close.

“Truly?” A void-ascended immortal perked up. Lu Yun had suffered grave injuries and looked ready to collapse at the slightest breeze. It was the perfect time to kill him!

“If you useless trash can kill him, then he can’t be the master of a sacred land.” Lu Feng stopped Qing Yu from going to Lu Yun’s aid with a wave of his hand.

Lu Yun snorted and didn’t dignify his brother’s words with a response. Before the immortals could attack, he charged at the one who’d acquired the ancient spear.

“Come at me then!” After a startled pause, the immortal yelled and activated the dao treasure to launch a time attack. 

A dark cyan spear pierced through the sky toward Lu Yun’s forehead, transcending the restrictions of time. However, the immortal blanched to find that the spear had drained him of all power. His inner energy should’ve been inexhaustible, with its connection to the world, but his reserves were dry!

The spear’s might plateaued.


Black light hit the immortal squarely in the chest and rendered him into dust. Lu Yun took a step back and called the spear to him with a simple grabbing motion. In his other hand was a sharp black axe.

Spatial Reincarnation.

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And this, Lu Yun, is another reminder why you don't just go, "Oh welp! Guess there's nothing I can do here! He's gonna stay safely sealed in another world!" when some scary old dude is breaking out of his tomb. Thank goodness for his brother being conveniently there. But also gee thanks for not protecting me bro, I can't decide if I like this guy or am mildly annoyed by him lol.