Chapter 607.1: Dao-Establishing Tribulation

Pure white petals blossomed gently in the sky and covered the entire world. In that instant, every single soul in the world of immortals looked up in wonder at the Dao Flower.

It was larger than the one that’d emerged with the appearance of the void realm. It was so large, in fact, that it sprawled across the entire sky and blotted out the sun. Its petals were engraved with profound runes that seemed to depict the deepest truths of the universe, laws that governed the existence of all living things.

Along with the blooming of the Dao Flower, Lu Yun’s voice also reached every corner of the world. The appearance of the flower was a surprise for him as well. He hadn’t imagined that he’d summon it in his quest to establish a sacred land.

What’s engraved on the Dao Flower are the runes of the immortal dao… which means the immortal dao now reigns supreme in this region!

Fresh insight surfaced in his mind. The runes of profound mystery on the Dao Flower belonged to the immortal dao itself!

“During the Primeval Era, the ancient divine court destroyed the immortal dao to establish their divine dao’s ascendency. It follows that the divines must have engraved their runes on a Dao Flower as well.”

Light dimmed and sparkled in Lu Yun’s eyes as the Tome of Life and Death steadily released a strange power inside him to help uncover the truth of what he saw.

This Dao Flower isn’t the Dao Flower’s physical self, it’s only a projection. A sacred land of immortal dao is something of utmost importance… There was a similar sacred land in the primordial world, one that stood on equal footing with the immortal court. However, no Dao Flowers manifested themselves when it was established.

For contemporary immortals, a Sword Lake and an inheritance tower were enough to establish Dusk Province as a sacred land. But for the inscrutable heavenly dao from above, they were nothing but fleeting dross.

Nevertheless, the will of the heavens had responded to his attempt to found a sacred land, and the Dao Flower’s projection had come to acknowledge and approve of his efforts. As long as he integrated the Dao Flower into himself and engraved the immortal dao’s runes into Dusk Province, the great dao would accept Dusk Province as a sacred land.

Light cascaded down from the Dao Flower and poured into Lu Yun.

“Damn it, we can’t let him succeed!” When the Dao Flower materialized, Primus Major’s ninth prince and Ge Yanxia stopped their fighting.

Ge Yanxia had reverted to her fur seal form some time ago. Resembling a tattered cloth bag after their clashes, she cut a sorry figure. Hence, the moment she saw the ninth prince stop his assault, she immediately turned into a streak of dark light and disappeared from sight.

“A sacred land recognized by the Dao Flower… Lu Yun’s standing in the world of immortals will be unshakable. Even establishing an ancient immortal court would be child’s play for him if he so wishes!

“Kill him!!” the ninth prince howled suddenly. The lord-grade ship’s main cannon lit up bright enough to blind the eye as he fueled it with ten billion premium immortal crystals.


The cannon fired at the figure of Lu Yun standing in midair. Dimming mountains and rivers, extinguishing the light from the sun and the moon, the giant pillar of light pierced the heavens.

Gibbering with fear, the crowd stared, dumbfounded. They hadn’t expected the prince to be so decisive that he’d bombard Lu Yun almost as soon as the Dao Flower bloomed.


Before anyone could react, light suddenly flared from the great city below. A hazy hue flashed through the air and dissolved the thick pillar of golden light almost as soon as it barrelled out of the cannon’s mouth.

“There’s a formation inside in this city that, once activated, negates all weapons of war and crystal cannons within its confines,” Qing Yu stated in her melodious voice.

The formation hadn’t been operating earlier when the prince attacked the fur seal; she’d activated it as soon as Lu Yun made his announcement.

This formation was a true formation of heaven and earth, one that could alter the land itself, while the power released by crystal cannons also came from the land. However, the power of the cannons couldn’t contend with the formation, which was why the shot had been instantly dispelled.

The ninth prince flushed red and white.

“Hmph!” After a beat, his expression turned ferocious as he steered the ship around and rammed it at Lu Yun.

He wasn’t the only one to attack; some dao immortals outside Dusk Province also sprang into action. One after another, combat arts streaked across the dome of the sky like a meteor shower in an all-out bombardment on Lu Yun.

Although the Dao Flower floated right above him, it remained indifferent to his plight. This was his dao-establishing tribulation. A genuine sacred land was the equivalent of a grand dao, its every word and action representing the will of the world itself. To establish such a dao, one had to weather such a trial.


A pagoda radiating biting cold sword light appeared above Lu Yun: the Sugato Sword!

Countless immortal crystals combusted inside the pagoda to form rays of silver sword lights that coalesced into a giant curtain that fell around Lu Yun and shielded him within.

The combat arts unleashed by the dao immortals landed ruthlessly on the sword curtain.

The Sugato Sword shook furiously, but held firm. Ripples undulated through the sword curtain as it protected Lu Yun without fail.

He gripped the phantasm-like Violetgrave and turned his gaze to the southern sky with a solemn expression. A thick overhang of heavy clouds now covered the land inside Outré Province.

Bursts of a putrid stench spread from those dark clouds, as through they were spawning a giant, decaying corpse. Suddenly, the clouds were pushed aside as a big black head poked out above Outré Province.

The head was immense in size, perhaps a thousand kilometers wide. When it opened its mouth, it belched a dark beam of light that fired straight at Dusk Province, or more precisely, at Lu Yun.

Terrifying beyond measure, the attack overwhelmed the mind with horror. As if it were made of solid iron, space groaned in the black pillar’s wake and tiny spatial tears formed a smoke-like tail behind it. 


The very world shook as an eerie violet light blasted the terrible beam to pieces on the cusp of entering Dusk.

Violetgrave had shifted outside the province at some point, and was now grasped by a towering figure. Sword atlases radiating with the brilliance of the stars unfurled behind the figure.

One hundred and eight thousand swords: it was none other than Xing Chen, Lu Yun’s replica.

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