Chapter 576: Lake of Yin

After Empress Vastspace’s escape, the Deaf Prince and his five friends began to refine the source of the Vastspace Mountain, leaving it temporarily without an owner.

The branch of the Path of Ingress in Lu Yun’s possession could easily navigate around the domain, but his mood plummeted when he returned to the celestial master tomb.

“Yuchi Tianhuang is being pursued!” 

Although he was but an Infernum, he was one of the select few with great potential that Lu Yun had bestowed special attention to after sufficient progression in his own cultivation.

The Scaled-Dragon King, Beigong Yu, Yuchi Tianhuang, Xue Daozi, Bing Ling, Bing Xuan, and the latest addition, Kui, were all a rank beyond regular Infernum.

Regular Infernum couldn’t stray too far from Lu Yun or his Envoys of Samsara, lest their souls be decimated and scattered. On the other hand, the ones Lu Yun had handpicked were granted enormous freedom, even though their names weren’t written in the Tome of Life and Death.

Lu Yun and Yuchi Tianhuang maintained a line of communication, through which Lu Yun could clearly sense the man’s emotions: his despair, anger, and resignation. Yuchi Tianhuang could likewise sense his master’s reappearance. However, his delighted surprise quickly evaporated and was replaced by heavy concern.

Lu Yun then noticed his follower moving swiftly away from him.

Yuchi Tianhuang knows my strength, and he knows someone as powerful as Kui is in hell. Still, he chooses to put more distance between us. He doesn’t want me to cross paths with whatever’s chasing him!

“Can it be the two scarlet apes?” Heart pounding, Lu Yun reached Yuchi Tianhuang with a thought, his voice ringing in the Infernum’s mind. “Yuchi Tianhuang! Who’s after you?”

Yuchi Tianhuang shuddered as he fled. “That bitch of a fur seal!”

Lu Yun paused. “Bitch of a… fur seal?”

“Ge Yanxia from the fur seals of the West Sea!” Yuchi Tianhuang spat out. “Don’t come here, milord. I suspect that their immortal dao is complete!”

“What?!” Lu Yun frowned deeply. “Explain.”

“The West Sea fur seals are a very reclusive race, never showing any interest in the power struggles of the world. But they’re more powerful than the Corpse Refiners or even the Fangyang Nobles! That old bitch Ge Yanxia is just an aether dao immortal, but I’m not her match!”

Lu Yun had etched a formation of heaven and earth into Yuchi Tianhuang, making it so that he could rival a void-ascended peerless immortal, thus ensuring he was much more powerful than regular aether dao immortals.

However, he still wasn’t Ge Yanxia’s match. The only possible explanation was that she was a void-ascended immortal as well, and that the rules of immortal dao were complete within her!

“Their race’s ancestral lands must be a giant ruin from the primordial world of immortals, preserving a complete immortal dao,” concluded Yuchi Tianhuang.

“Oh?” Lu Yun made a mental note. “Return to hell first.”

Though Yuchi Tianhuang wasn’t with Lu Yun, the overlord of hell could still send him back to the netherworld.

“If I do, milord, that old bitch will kill Yu’er!” Yuchi Tianhuang said in a pleading voice.

“Then you may return to hell with her and her corpse divine soldiers.”

Situ Zong and the other Star Demon Sect members had become scapegoats for others. Upon setting foot into hell, they’d turned into beings similar to Infernum.

“Since living ghosts are transformed into Infernum when entering hell, I wonder what corpse divines will turn into?” Lu Yun rose and took the Path of Ingress toward Yuchi Tianhuang.

He could recall Yuchi Tianhuang into hell from afar, but not the people around him. He would have to personally open the Gates of the Abyss in order to bring Yu’er and her soldiers into his domain.

“Make your way to Yuchi Tianhuang first and protect him, Bing Xuan, Bing Ling.” Lu Yun had long come to the realization that there must be places in the world that still nurtured a complete immortal dao from the Primordial Era.

Any primordial herbs growing in ancient tombs now were potent poisons, due to the lack of a complete dao, yet Lu Yun had been given herbs bearing the complete laws of immortal dao when he’d refined a Tribulation Surrogate Pill for the head of the Panorama Pavilion.

If there were ruins in the world of immortals that could properly cultivate primordial herbs, they could nurture immortals like those in primordial times as well!

“So it looks like the little fox is right.” Lu Yun sucked in a breath through his teeth. “A great era of the world is coming, and all kinds of powerful beings are emerging from the corners in response.”

Bing Xuan and Bing Ling, two of his arcane dao immortals, departed for Yuchi Tianhuang’s position as two streaks of light.

Lu Yun couldn’t yet etch arcane dao-grade formations of heaven and earth. Even aether dao-grade formations left him exhausted. The formations in Bing Ling and Bing Xuan were only of the peerless immortal level, which, nonetheless, was still enough for the current world of immortals.

“I wonder what the primordial ruins in the fur seals’ territory are like.” Lu Yun was riding the Path of Ingress forward when suddenly, a pillar of black light shot out of the ground at him.

Caught off guard, Lu Yun fell from the path and rolled when he hit the ground, dodging the black light by a hair.

“Such dense yin energy!” He scowled. There were ugly cracks all over the clearing with terrifying yin energy geysering out of them. He’d also seen various bodies scattered on the ground when he landed.

“Look, the one who fell in just now is Lu Yun!”

“He’s fallen into the Lake of Yin. He’s dead without a doubt!” 

A clamor of voices mocking his misfortune came from afar.

“What are you doing, Zou Longxiu?!”

“Come back!”

“Lu Yun’s doomed after falling into the lake. You’re risking your life for nothing!” The voices grew urgent.

“Ha!” Lu Yun heard a dismissive huff. Zou Longxiu didn’t shrink back at all, but slowly made his way toward Lu Yun, the glacial air radiating from him leaving a trail of frost in his wake and temporarily freezing the yin energy.

However, Lu Yun could clearly see that the frigid aura wasn’t enough to freeze the yin energy for good. After only a few moments, the overwhelmingly thick energy ripped open the protective layer of frost as if it were tangible blades.

“This subordinate will get you out of here, sir!” Zou Longxiu arrived in front of Lu Yun before long. Thick yin energy tinged him, turning the chilly white fog around him black.

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etvolare's Thoughts

And now for a quick biology lesson: Fur seals are the smallest of seals and possess thick fur. They are much more closely related to sea lions than true seals, and share with them external ears, relatively long and muscular foreflippers, and the ability to walk on all fours.

And oh my, nice to see some loyalty not coming from Lu Yun for once!