Chapter 498: Dragonshift Method

Legend had it that powerful feng shui masters could manipulate earthen veins and use dragon veins to freely set up layouts and manipulate feng shui.

Lu Yun was far from those lofty heights.

However, the heritage of his tomb raider sect was incredibly great. In addition to the Dragonsearch Invocation, used to survey terrain and determine feng shui, there was also the Dragonshift Method, a powerful technique that could change feng shui.

The three-layered luopan disassembled in Lu Yun’s hand and reassembled into a compass of three hundred and sixty-five layers, matching the number of days it took for Earth to orbit the sun. Sixty-four brown dragons clashed and tore into each other with teeth and claws, seeking to devour one another.

Lu Yun was going to reverse yin and yang, as the tombs of yin and yang required to seal the crack were too large to create. Even if Wayfarer had set up the layout for him first, he would have trouble transforming the layout into tombs.

That was why he was using the sixty-four earthen veins transported by Wayfarer to evolve yin and yang after the layout had been arranged. That way, the layout of yin and yang would be completely under his control.

“Grrrrawwwl!” The earthen veins would soon evolve into dragon veins. As they swam through the air, they crooned with piercing dragon howls and unleashed an endless supply of great natural power.

Every scarlet yin spirit near them was shattered by the dragons.

In only a few breaths of time, a vacuum measuring a radius of fifty kilometers formed around Lu Yun. Anything that dared set foot in the area of effect was slaughtered by the power of the dragon veins, including the yin spirits pouring out of the ancient tomb.

Rejuvenated, the dao immortals went on a furious killing spree of the scarlet spirits. The number of yin spirits swarming Azure Province dwindled at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Naturally, this was no small task for Lu Yun.

He’d raised sixty-four soon-to-be dragon veins into the air to reverse yin and yang on his own. Not even the nine celestial emperors could’ve done that. If not for the Dragonshift Method and the protection of the luopan, he would’ve long disintegrated into ashes. Still, the effort had left him completely bathed in blood.

His skin cracked and blood vessels burst, fresh blood dying his clothes red. Blood continuously seeped out of all seven orifices, and his nascent spirit and soul began cracking.

Lu Yun had a set of principles he lived by. As a commandant of tomb raiders, he would not stand by and do nothing while yin spirits from the ancient tomb wreaked havoc in the world, even if he had to pay the price with his life.

More importantly, he’d played an essential part in causing the invasion of yin spirits. If the pair of eyes in the Dusk Tomb hadn’t been released as a result of his actions, it was very likely that Azure Province’s calamity never would’ve happened.

However, he hadn’t had a choice at that time, either.

If he hadn’t released those eyes, then the extinction layout in the Dusk Tomb would activate, resulting in a disaster just as horrific.

Lu Yun felt as if the great power of heaven and earth was tearing his body apart. And injuries inflicted by the grand influence of the world couldn’t be healed by any medicine or pills.


There was an unexpected flash of emerald light around Lu Yun. Wayfarer’s staff had flown out of his hand and turned into a lively shoot of bamboo, sending forth radiant vitality into Lu Yun’s body to offset his injuries.

“Unfortunately, this bamboo stick isn’t the real Embittered Bamboo, despite the trace of bloodline it contains.” Wayfarer spoke in a toneless voice and with an emotionless face, but his words greatly stirred Qing Han. “He’s suffered the counterforce of heaven and earth. Connate-grade spirit roots can heal such injuries.”


Wayfarer’s bamboo stick began cracking ominously.

“Connate spirit roots can help him?” Eyes bright, Qing Han collected the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals and drew upon her power.

Preoccupied with his work, Wayfarer didn’t notice. The layout to entomb immortals had taken shape, but there remained many details to take care of. He followed the extensive blueprint Lu Yun had given him and bent his mind to the finer aspects. It was much easier without the scarlet yin spirits interrupting him.

“Mm, that’s right. The true connate spirit root of Embittered Bamboo will solve his problem,” Wayfarer responded offhandedly. “Embittered Bamboo is unique among the connate spirit roots in that it can help with the comprehension of dao, boosting a living spirit’s cultivation and enlightenment for a short period of time. It’s clear that Lu Yun is using a taboo combat art, which he isn’t powerful enough to… eh?”

Wayfarer paused. He could neither see nor hear, but his consciousness was extremely powerful. He suddenly sensed a bamboo of eighteen meters long by Lu Yun’s side, golden patterns running throughout its length.

Emerald leaves drifted from the bamboo and entered Lu Yun’s body, slowly healing the ugly wounds left all over him by the backlash of heaven and earth.

Lu Yun felt a weight lift from his mind, breaking down the barriers he’d been struggling to overcome. Suddenly, he was able to understand the difficult method that’d been stumping him and master it.

“Embittered Bamboo...” He turned around with difficulty, his expression twisting.

Under the bamboo, Qing Han sat cross-legged with her eyes closed. The starlight surrounding her had dissipated and all her attention was on the Embittered Bamboo, tapping into its power to heal Lu Yun’s injury.

The bamboo had been suppressing the accursed spirit root in her, along with the Moon Osmanthus and Fusang Purewood. However, the Moon Osmanthus had been refined into a replica by Azure Dragon King and Empress Myrtlestar, leaving only the Fusang Purewood and Embittered Bamboo to suppress the poison.

As soon as Qing Han extracted the Embittered Bamboo, her accursed spirit root reared its ugly head. Her face turned a sickly blue, and black energy concentrated between her brows. The Fire and Big Dipper Starstones floated from her body, circling around her and unleashing silver starlight in an attempt to suppress the accursed spirit root.

Lu Yun’s heart burned with concern. Empress Myrtlestar, who’d been hiding in the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, was panicking as well. She hadn’t expected Qing Han would risk her life by extracting the Embittered Bamboo to help Lu Yun.

“I will do all I can to keep her poison under control,” Empress Myrtlestar snapped, noticing Lu Yun’s reaction. “Seal the crack, now!”

Lu Yun hurriedly bit the tip of his tongue open, splattering blood essence on the multi-layered luopan.


The three hundred sixty five layers of the luopan disassembled and formed a minor world while the sixty-four dragons in the sky went into a frenzy.

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etvolare's Thoughts

To clear up some confusion last chapter:

Good Wayfarer = dude we ran into at the bottom of the abyss and lacks his five senses

Bad Wayfarer = Eyefarer, the one at Zhao Changkong's side (then crown prince purposefully freed Eyefarer), was sealed on the Water Alter at the bottom of the abyss. His body has been responsible for a lot of shit in Dusk Province.

Useless Wayfarer = Gorb Demon/Gourmet of the South Sea. Representing the tongue, Eyefarer slapped some mental brand on him and told him to cultivate well so he'll be a tasty meal.

Mysterious Wayfarer = Qin Sheng/Zither Saint. Showed up to help keep back the latest disaster in Dusk. Stronger than Eyefarer.